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Ron up to 24% in latest New Hampshire Poll

But of course the headline is how Shamtorum is now in double digits.

I watched a segment on CBS about this poll and they completely left Paul out of the segment. Didn't show him on the graphic or mention him at all. It was as if he wasn't included, Unbelievable! I wish I could go back and grab a screen shot of what they showed on TV so I could email it to them.

I had to go online to see if he was even included in the poll and was pleasantly surprised to see he had gain several points from the last New Hampshire poll.



Here is a link to the segment on CBS where they left Ron Paul out of this morning. I guess they were talking about the Suffolk Poll, but they still left out any mention of him and being in 2nd place. Jump to the 1:25 to see them discuss the poll and show the graphic.


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The MOP (Ministry of Propaganda) is petrified of Ron Paul! I guess this part of the strategy - pretend that he doesn't exist.

Uh...I wonder if any New Hampshire residents noticed? I wonder if they felt manipulated? They should have.

Did anyone notice there's no place for comments?

RON PAUL 2012!

WSB TV Atlanta

WSB TV in Atlanta left him out too. They have been skipping over him almost every time.

try this

right click on this link and select "save link as" then hit save.

Awesome! Thanks troy!

It worked




i hope the 10% undecideds jump on the Liberty train and not on some media generated surge !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

we need to get on our facebook/email/etc

and start carpet bombing Santorum and Huntsman.

And we need to remind people that Paul's primary objectives are simple and clear:

1. Fight to balance the budget. He's the only one with real cuts.
2. Fight to bring home as many troops home as possible.
3. Veto unconstitutional bills.

All other items are philosophical positions held by Ron Paul, good to learn, good to understand the history behind these positions, but Ron himself says most need the will of the people and education, before concrete plans made, with options evaluated, on many of these philosophical positions.

I left this in their comment section:

News flash for CBS: This kind of blatantly biased reporting is being circulated ALL OVER THE WORLD by Ron Paul supporters. Your criminal bias will be seen by one and all. Congratulations on being everything that is wrong with the U.S. news media. I wonder how many people, when seeing this disgusting display, will be prompted to dig a little deeper into the candidate that the establishment fears to such an extent that they won't even mention his name when he's running a solid second. I know that I will be circulating it.

Criminal? How is it "criminal

Criminal? How is it "criminal bias"?

Biased, probably. But prove criminal intent or stop leaving hysteria-soaked rants like this on web sites that are connected to Ron again. It just undermines his attempts to break out into wider support.

Just assume that the media is doing their job and you have a disagreement with how they approach the subject matter in their attempt to gain viewers. Rand Paul understands this and is able to navigate those hostile waters.

I think he meant criminal in a figurative sense

I guess it would be hard to find an actual crime they're committing but wow is it crazy that they're not even mentioning him despite him being in 2nd place in the polling. Could you imagine if he somehow wins NH? I know it's probably impossible because the Diebold machines probably won't let it happen (should it actually happen). But how would the media spin that one? Would they ignore Dr. Paul and then say "Romney is surging with a 1st place finish in Iowa and a 2nd place finish in NH"?

Thank you so much for posting this!

This is beyond ridiculous. Beyond a shadow of a doubt proof!

The Main Stream Media is riding a dead horse

Ignoring Ron Paul is no longer working for the Main Stream Media. I would not even be surprised if Ron Paul won NH, and I am as serious as a heart beat about that. I have always said that RP was like a brush fire, it starts out slow and then the wind gets up and it grows by leaps and bounds.

What do others think?

Check out this poll which reads "Who do you hope is going to win the republican primaries?" held by one of the major swedish newspapers yesterday:


Maybe the Paulbots are all over the world spamming these polls? ;)

A new neuropsychiatric disorder.

I have seen this disturbing trend to ignore Dr. Paul and any of his positive accomplishments in the mainstream media. However, it is so pervasive that it stretches the bounds of credulity that this could be orchestrated by the ruling elite. There must be some underlying neuropsychological principle or neuropsychiatric disorder that is causing this phenomena.
In the tradition of modern science I would like to propose a "nosology" for this disorder. That is, to further research and understanding into its nature and cause and hopefully work towards a cure for this disease by giving it a name and a beginning towards classifying it.
As a psychiatrist, I have seen many patients that have had a stroke in a discrete area of the brain and develop what is called an AGNOSIA from the Greek, "a-" meaning "without" and "gnosia" meaning knowledge. A person with, say, prosopagnosia may be able to describe a face but cannot RECOGNIZE it as someone they are very familiar such as their spouse.

I therefore propose, for nosological reasons, the following term: "Ronpaulagnosia, a functional neuropsychiatric disorder that renders the victim completely unable to recognize anything good about Dr. Ron Paul, despite the fact that this disability may result in catastrophic failures in their ability to be fair and balanced. A disorder common among members of the mass media that currently has no known pharmacological or psychotherapeutic treatment. This disorder has in common with the psychoses, a complete lack of insight into anything being wrong with their perceptions and could be considered a 'negative hallucination, i.e., not being able to see things that are there."

We all know that it is there, we just need a word for it!
Ron Paul for the CURE in 2012-the only SANE choice!

A Bucket of Cold Water And A Smack On the Head?


Campaign e-mail

A campaign e-mail just got sent out with this news. Donations requested. :)

Dear Liberty Activist,

Just minutes ago, I read a poll showing my campaign surging in New Hampshire.

If you haven't seen it, I'm firmly in second place with 24%. That's more than double the numbers of my nearest rival.

And I'm closing in rapidly on Governor Romney.

Liberty Activist, after my incredible finish in Iowa, events are playing out exactly as I hoped.

My campaign is quickly emerging as the true constitutional conservative alternative to Mitt Romney.

Now, I need your support to ensure I have the funds to stand toe-to-toe with the establishment's darling - and to fend off the smears coming from other campaigns.

Can I count on you for a generous contribution right away?

With the New Hampshire Primary just five days away, every dollar is critical.

You may have seen some of the nasty attacks some of my opponents have launched on me.

It's only going to get worse.

They know unless they can take me down, New Hampshire will be their last stand.

So I need to be able to stand up to their assaults and continue EXPOSING who Mitt Romney is - a Big Government establishment flip-flopper.

After all, if you and I are going to DEFEAT President Obama in November, our Republican Party can't afford to nominate a candidate who is going to have to spend all his time apologizing for agreeing with him!

But when it comes to the $700 BILLION TARP bailout, so-called "global warming" baloney, and the individual mandate central to RomneyCare and ObamaCare, that's exactly what Mitt Romney will be doing.

With over $15 TRILLION in national debt and outrageously high unemployment, nominating Mitt Romney is a sure recipe for defeat.

And I'm the one candidate who can make that case. But I need your help to continue my momentum.

So please agree to your most generous contribution IMMEDIATELY.

Together, you and I will Restore America Now.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. Polls are showing a huge bump for my campaign in New Hampshire after my strong showing in Iowa.

Events are proving I'm emerging as the one true conservative alternative to Mitt Romney.

So please agree to make your most generous contribution to my campaign IMMEDIATELY.

Howard Stern..........

Howard Stern has been killing Ron Paul over the last few days...calling him wacky and way out there. It sucks, because he has previously complimented Ron over the years. I think he has been watching a lot of Rachael Maddow over the last few weeks. I know Ron would never go on his show, but if he called in and confronted Howard and explained his ideas. Howard would definitely back down.....he is a libertarian at heart.


That's so disappointing

What was he criticizing Dr. Paul on?

Easy on Maddow, she actually gives Paul his fair shake.

I watched most of the Iowa Caucus coverage on MSNBC. It was Maddow surrounded by a bunch of guys not saying anything about Paul. She actually stood up and reminded them that this was a 3-person race and that Romney and Santorum were not the only ones with shots at winning. That Paul has a strong following and could win...only to be berated by those same guys because "Ron Paul isn't mainstream Republican." She also kept bringing up Paul throughout the evening because no one else would.

While she isn't my favorite person in the world, I gained a tremendous amount of respect for her by trying to keep things balanced.

next Debate

Ok Mr. Paul,

Please have a great debate this next time. Be prepared for the foreign policy questions and to explain things in detail even if they do not ask. You cannot just say bring ALL troops home. You say that you do not talk in absolutes yet you talk in an absolute about that without even fully being briefed about the strategic locations and why some bases may indeed be a good idea. (For things like missile defense and such) We are able to get past this because we care so deeply for your cause and we have heard your town meetings where you say "If they are not justified and such about closing the bases." To others on the edge this is a sticking point. You need to take the time to address this fully no matter what questions are thrown at you. People need to know that security will never be compromised and that troops will always be ready for justified defense and action. Also, please remain calm and do not get angry as it can make you look a little crazy to those not aware of why you are so mad. Not trying to bring you down, just critical advice and I hope someone near you can bring these ideas to your attention.

We have no need

for any of those foreign military bases. None of the bases are a good idea. We need to completely stay out of foreign countries. I know your intention are good and I thank you for that. But we all need to get it in our heads that we to completely and 100% get our of foreign countries. If something does come unglued we can be there in short order. Ron Paul is for a strong national defense and he needs to hammer that home.

if ron is to win nh this debate is beyond words crucial.

I remember doug wead was a debate shill for george bush and any moron can predict the kinds of questions hell be asked. Grill the good doctor, give him the one liners that make soundbytes and pull at the heart. I still say he should shift to saying "the golden rule," all the time. This is literally what his entire message is about amd everybody understands it and christians will begin to realize that they are not just disagreeing with ron paul but their Lord and savior.

Re: The Golden Rule

Similar minds think alike!

Yes, details details details!

That's what we need from RP on foreign policy at this point - I really think a document ala "Plan to Restore America Now," but concerning foreign policy, should be released shortly before the debate. If it could be coordinated with an endorsement from the sympathetic academics/professionals, such as Michael Scheuer, that would be AWESOME!

Notice that after "Plan to..." came out, the MSM pretty much gave up attacking Paul for being "radical" on fiscal/spending issues, because the document laid out very clearly Paul's very modest (relative the scope of the problem) and reasonable plan for cuts. A "Plan to Defend America Now" would do the same thing. But as long as details are lacking, and Paul speaks on FP only in the abstract, the MSM can and will attribute whatever they want to Paul, making him look far more "radical" than he actually is.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

I do not think

the man is radical at all. He just uses down to earth good old fashioned horse sense which is something that we have no seen in this country for a very long time. So long that any one who dares to use it they get called radical.

Despicable omission from the video graphic

CBS Scores again in Hell.

Just tweeted this


Is that THE Not Sure?



Hear, O Israel: YHUH our God YHUH one. And thou shalt love YHUH thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

Be Wary of NH...

Last time we thought Dr. Paul would do VERY well in the Live Free or Die State but we were set up for a disappointment.

Here's the NH results from 2008.


We've got some work to do.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.