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Ron Paul May Play Kingmaker: Perfect Storm for Brokered Republican Convention

A perfect storm may be headed towards the 2012 Republican Convention in Tampa Bay Florida. A combination of recent Republican Party rule changes combined with a stronger Ron Paul than 2008 may result in a brokered convention on August 27th 2012 to determine the Republican Party nominee for President....

For complete story: http://caffeinatedthoughts.com/2012/01/perfect-storm-for-bro...

Note, I authored the article. Don't take it as a pro-Santorum piece as many have taken it. I think Santorum is weak and will fade resulting in a two way Paul v. Romney race, but... here is a possible scenario where a strong Santorum results in a brokered convention. Not likely but possible and fun to think about.

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I am telling you this right

I am telling you this right now, we must not take Santorum lightly. Do not let him hang around, the longer he sits on top, the harder it will be to bring him down. We need to get the truth out about him before it is too late.

the plan

haven't read it, but I think a brokered convention is the idea. With California, nevada and other large western states Paul pretty much automatically will dominate delegates.

Our numbers always continue growing, and ALL we need is time for the message to reach the masses... at around 14% nationally now, expoential growth is already starting to kick in.

As for Kingmaker, not a chance. Only King. and the GOP would do well to accept that now.


Ron is more like Moses than a Pharoah -

not desiring to be a King, but taking upon himself the duty and responsibility to lead people to freedom.