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Vote Fraud, Power, and Privilege in Small Town Iowa

I know this is a long post. But if you enjoy small town soap operas and tales of political corruption, please read on.

OK, so it was only three votes.

In a statewide election that was settled by a margin of eight votes, three votes could be important. But I will be honest with you, I'm almost sure none of those votes were cast for the top three contenders.

So why should I care?

Because the people who cheated, did it in MY precinct.

They did it by lying to MY face.

They knew EXACTLY what they were doing and why it was wrong.

Because these people are rich, well-connected, and already enjoy a disproportionate influence over the political process in the United States.

Because their act of petty vote fraud was so gratuitous, so pointless, and yet so symbolic of the contempt that the political insiders have for the "peasants" that comprise We the People.

Let me explain.

As I have described elsewhere, my wife Nancy and I bit off more than we could chew on caucus night. As county chair I was ultimately responsible for seeing that the caucuses for the four precincts in our town were run fairly.

Nancy and I arrived early at the high school where I had reserved four rooms, one for each precinct in our town. A few more Paul supporters showed up and a short time later a lady (I will call her "Roberta"), a middle-aged man ("Gary") and a young man in a blue blazer arrived together carrying campaign material for Bachmann and Gingrich. I recognized "Roberta" as the local socialite who had hosted Bachmann in her home last week, Gingrich at a local restaurant, and a teleconference with Joe Biden and Herman Cain. Her fancy house on a hill is in our precinct so I wasn't surprised that she was at our caucus.

She asked if she had arrived in the "Ron Paul room" by mistake ("Ha Ha"). She started telling anyone who would listen that she thought that "we" should only support the candidates who had come to our town and that she had asked "all of them" to show up.

I asked her if she had invited Ron Paul and she said that she had. "We know him VERY well but he said he was going to Council Bluffs instead".

We had a record turn out in all of our precincts. In Precinct 3 (mine) we were trying to squeeze 80 people into a classroom seating 35. As the secretary, Nancy was being run ragged checking everyone against a registration list, and filling out voter registration forms for the unusually large percentage of new Republicans voting for Ron Paul.

I started the caucus and was elected as the permanent chairman. I invited a representative from each candidate (alphabetically) to speak for a maximum of five minutes, reminding everyone that the secretary (my wife) would be timing everyone and made a joke about how strict she was. Then we began.

"Roberta" spoke for Bachmann gushing about how wonderful it was that a WOMAN was running for president. "Gary" had an official letter from Gingrich and so I let him rant for five minutes about what a great thing the "Contract With America" was and how Newt had single-handedly balanced the budget during the 1990's. After five minutes my wife called "time", and he kept talking. I stepped to the podium and said "Excuse me, but your time is up". He kept talking. "I'm sorry," I said, placing my hand gently on his shoulder, "But we really need to move on." He finally shut up and angrily stepped aside.

"Anyone for Jon Huntsman?" I asked. Gary immediately said, "I'll speak for him!" As chairman I ruled that he could not.

Finally it came time to vote. My wife and I were scrambling to hand out the pre-printed ballots I had prepared. I came to "Blue Blazer" who looked unfamiliar and (thinking he might be a college student registered to vote somewhere else) I asked him if he had checked in and if he was a registered voter in our precinct. He hesitated. "Yes, he's registered," Roberta said almost immediately as she and Gary smiled and accepted their ballots. To save time Nancy and I started handing out the rest of the ballots to be passed down the rows since the standing room only crowd was difficult to navigate.

Noticing this Gary smirked and shouted out, "As they say in Chicago, 'Vote early and often'."

We collected the ballots and my wife (who was the official GOP reporter for all four precincts) left to count and call in the votes with Gary as an observer for Gingrich.

My wife was so busy and flustered, she had forgotten to vote. "Its too late!" Gary insisted, but Dave (our Ron Paul observer) went and fetched her a blank ballot so she could vote.

Ron Paul won easily followed by Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich a distant fourth. Gary seemed surprised.


The following night my wife was going through the stacks of caucus forms and noticed that there were three more votes than the number of caucus attendees.

Then she remembered that "Roberta", "Gary", and "Blue Blazer" had never checked in. On caucus night they had just walked past her registration table without stopping and sat down. She had recognized Roberta and Gary, checked to see if they were in the voter registration list and when they weren't, assumed that they were there as "non-participating observers" (as allowed by the rules).

But she didn't tell ME.

You see, the chairman is responsible for segregating any unregistered attendees (like underage children or news reporters). Only registered caucus members are allowed to speak for candidates or vote in the straw poll.

When Nancy told me about it, everything suddenly fell into place. I know that Roberta has another home in Washington DC and spends most of her time there. It never occurred to me that she would be registered to vote THERE. "Blue Blazer" was probably just a flunky; maybe her son, an intern or employee of her company. Gary? Who knows. All I know is that he is an obnoxious jerk who took advantage of our small town honor system and made a fool of me in the process.

I know what you're thinking. Nancy and I are amateurs, in over our heads, and we blew it.
And you're right.

But I am angry, and not just at myself.

I am angry because what they did was so unnecessary; like a millionaire stealing a penny out of the tin cup of a beggar.

Angry because these are the same people who assume that they should run our country.

Angry because they have the ears of the movers and shakers, that get the hugs from the presidential candidates, who get respect from my friends and neighbors who think I'm a kook.

Angry because they are helping to send our children to be killed and maimed in wars created by their buddies.

Angry because their price for selling out our country, our freedom, is so cheap; their ticket to the next inaugural ball.

Angry because I am the one who is angry; because THEY can sleep at night and I can't.


First of all, I would like to thank all of you for your kind words of encouragement, your understanding of my human fraility, and your dedication to our common cause; individual liberty.

Please understand that I did choose to release my story in its current form for a number of reasons.

While I appreciate your interest in seeing "justice" prevail, and while I sympathize with the feelings expressed in the comments about my story I also want YOU to understand and sympathize with MY position.

When "names are changed to protect the innocent", you need to stop and consider that some of the "innocents" might be my wife and children.

Believe me when I say that I have weighed my options, that I desperately want Ron Paul to prevail, that I want my Republic and liberty restored.

None of you (including any of you who may be from my area) can possibly know the details of my particular situation. Appearances can be deceiving. The bad economy has spilled over into almost every industry and certainly health care and the medical profession are no exceptions.

Politics in a small town can be very complicated, and I am not just speaking of presidential politics.
Physicians are just as vulnerable to economic catastrophe as anyone else. Our careers are just as vulnerable (and maybe even more so) to social pressures, networking, belonging to the right church, country club, or benevolent organization.

I don't belong to the right clubs. I don't belong to the right church. I don't schmooze or party with the right crowd.
And I certainly don't support the "right" presidential candidate.

When I was younger and single I could afford to take risks that I can no longer afford to take.

We all have to make our own decisions about when and where to make a stand.
We all have decide how much we can contribute and what we can risk in the cause of liberty and to support one another and Ron Paul.
We all have to pick our battles.
Trust me when I say that I have already stuck my neck out and risked the financial well-being of my family quite enough.
Thank you for your support and understanding.

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How deeply is the being investigated?

Ron Paul to Loose His Iowa Delegates



Please learn the rules for each state. Iowa delegates will be decided in June.


for real? Good question, any news would be good. (bumping...)

We might as well admit it,

both the Republican and Democratic parties are crooked. Not a hairs difference between the two. They should merge the two parties into one and call it the Crooked Party. Maybe for different reasons but they both have spent us white eyed.


if they were rigging the wide open iowa caucus right in front of everyones eyes... then when it gets around to electronic voting machines WERE F*CKED

Think for yourself......Question authority...

watch the vote

When I checked watchthevote2012.com right now the account was suspended

watchthevote2012.com is

watchthevote2012.com is currently fine for me ....

Edward True And Appanoose County

The final tally hasn't even been certified, but the fur is beginning to fly. * We now strongly suspect that the caucuses were rigged. The discrepancies are numerous and increasing as affidavits with photographic proof are becoming publicized. Iowa's GOP blew it by colluding with the GOP establishment. The cost to Iowa's GOP will be immense even if the outcome isn't impacted significantly. What good is the first in the nation caucus if the results aren't trustworthy? It's clear that Iowa's GOP must look much, much closer at the results reported by the Election Pool. ;) Will we eventually see significantly different results when the vote is finally certified? I suspect that we might. ;) Let the firestorm begin...

* I'm NOT vouching for the specific case of Edward True as I don't know him or the accuracy of his claim. I'm speaking in general terms as more and more discrepancies in the vote materialize.

Speaking of Edward True

..Go here for more "Edward True";The Tragic Tale of Edward True and James False:


There are no coincidences?

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Dont beat yourself up Space.

It sounds like you an your wife did a good job as best you could. Just imagine how much vote fraud would have gone on had you not been on your toes. In my precinct Im the secretary and me and the chair try to give every campaign representative a chance to participate in the vote count.

unable to create new post but this does not add up in Iowa

Can anyone explain this?


82012 163 Scott - Bettendorf City B52 454.0 1.0 1.0 46.0


In the end, the precinct overwhelmingly supported Mitt Romney with 220 votes, which represented nearly half of the votes at the location. Volunteers said 445 people participated, which is up from the 410 who attended the last caucus in the precinct

post just came up

long delay before it showed up

what I witnessed matches public information

My girlfriend is a business manager where accounting is critical, so without thinking she added up the the total votes per candidate. We were location captains and she was filling out the paperwork to help the precinct captain when she noticed this irregularity. The total votes did not match the announced number of registered voters.
I took completely independent information from a precinct count online as well as a newspaper article to support this irregularity.
I cannot figure out where the nine extra votes came from. Can you?
From what I understand, there was also a motion to count the number of ballots before voting but that was denied. I was working a table out of earshot, but this is what I was told.
Did everyone else compare total votes per candidate to the number of voters overall?

I believe someone posted

I believe someone posted about possibly doing a show-that would be a wonderful way to bring it to light, and perhaps give the other state GOPs thought to whether they want to commit more of the same type fraud-I know you would have to have your records lined out to show proof, but well worth considering this-it may be the one thing to save the election.

I Give You a Lot of Credit

for volunteering and doing what you do. Thank you for that. I wish I had more time to volunteer for the campaign, but Ron Paul inspired me to study economics and that led me to pursue an MBA. Now I've just got 5 months left on my MBA and it kills me that I can't go out to the precinct walks and sign wavings. I still write op-eds and donate money when I can. I do have tremendous respect for those, like you and your wife, who do so much more though.

Dear Spacehabits, I think

Dear Spacehabits, I think you would feel some relief if you reported it. People like those three always continue with their lies when unchecked. You never will know what could become of this if you don't try. I always believe in exposure of wrong- doing. Even one person who wakes up still counts. And besides, you can't assume an outcome. God works in mysterious ways.


Thank you.

I appreciate the things that you say.
I hope my update will help you to understand that I will be making any decisions thoughtfully.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Could You Post the Results

Dear Spacehabitats,

It sounds like you did a great job!! You and your wife were there, acted as chair, made up the ballots, worked really hard, etc. What a great RP supporter.

Could you please post the results for your precincts at the following thread, just to make sure the results are the same as the GOP report. We can't check "illegal" votes but at least the number of votes.


Spacehabits you posted early in this thread

in response to someone figuring out who this woman was in your story, that the story was COMPLETE FICTION. You have
the obligation if this is true to edit the main post so people are not mislead.

Also anyone can speak at the Iowa caucuses..a person does
not have to be registered voter or even a resident of Iowa.

You may be right about speaking...

But if more than one person chooses to speak I think the chair SHOULD favor actual residents of the precinct (and I think most would unless there were a celebrity speaker).

" You have the obligation if this is true to edit the main post so people are not mislead." Says who? You? Roberta's hypothetical lawyers?

The Virtual Conspiracy


I think that Spacehabitats is playing it smart. He has a local reputation to uphold, and it was a very smart move on his part to play the cards the way he did. Bravo!

I, on the other hand, have no reputation to uphold in that community, and felt it would be my obligation to put a face to a "name" since "Roberta" the snake could slither into any future caucus or primary as she did this one. I am simply filling in the blanks that he did not (and should not, smart move). This information shall fall on me, not Spacehabitats. It is in his best interest to deny any correlation between what he said and what I said.

My objective of the "reveal" was for each and every one of you to get a good look at that face, and if you see it in the future, be on guard!

I wondered if that was the case

but wanted confirmation...thank you !!!!!

Yeah this may be a good ttime to report

especially sense it has already been put out that they messed up. They are basically admitting to fraud anyway, by calling it an oops moment.

I Love It That All The Ron Paul Supporters Are Honest

I love the fact that all (most anyway) are very honest when it comes to the voting. I worked on the WatchTheVote team and everyone was very honest when it came to tally of votes for ALL candidates. Thanks everyone for being the truly honest people that you are. I am proud to be associated with Ron Paul and all his supporters.

Ron Paul is a great example of integrity.

Is it any surprise that he attracts this caliber of supporter?

The Virtual Conspiracy

I am too!

I love RP people. They are, overall, the most kindest, compassionate, caring, and honest folks I have ever met! I wish I got involved earlier than I did. I would have had plenty of friends to share in the joys and sorrows of daily living. RP folks are also extremely intelligent, although we vary on our abilities to articulate information. On average, (like military donations), we are more intelligent than all other candidates combined!!! Three times as intelligent, in fact! =)

A report about a Ron Paul supporter who noticed a possible fraud

Hey Spacehabitats!

Did you try to report it?
Here's a Ron Paul supporter who saw mistakes made, that gave Romney 20 votes extra by "mistake".

This means that Santorum could have been first.

Oddly enough Santorum doesn't think it's a big deal..
Makes you wonder why? Perhaps he's afraid that when there is more investigation, that more "irregularities" might show up.


Santorum's reaction ("It no big deal):


Mainly because of Santorum's reaction.
But not surprising.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Responsibilty is ours...results are God's.

With that subject line, you would think I was an evangelical member of the religious right...and I am. Begin such, there is only candidate who is my dream candidate...only one for who I can vote...and that is Ron Paul. You see, at its most basic level, I can only vote for someone who is honest. Honest enough to vote to uphold the constitution he has sworn to uphold. It isn't about voting against or in spite of the constitution when it suits what you like and voting with it when it suits you. It isn't about compromising sometimes or in some ways. It is about an oath, a vow.

That said, every other person in the GOP field has proven they are dishonest. Just off the top of my head, the issue of foreign policy proves this. Even if one WERE for war with iraq, IRan, Libya or anywhere else, that one ought to be saying, "Look, we need to do what we can to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, but for me as president, my hands are tied by what the Congress decides to do." Did Michelle BAchmann do that? Did Rick Santorum do that? Anyone else? Of course not. They run circles around the constitution and the oath they would take because they are (whether they realize it or not) dishonest. Of course, guys like Santorum have a long track record of being dishonest and voting against the constitution whenever they vote for big govt programs like Santorum has.

All that is said so that you have to think that of course there will be many of their followers which are dishonest as well. I mean, all the candidates but PAul and Romney made the VA primary ballot legally and honestly. Now every other one wants to go all Al Gore and circumvent the rule of law and integrity. So don't be surprised when many try to do likewise which are their disciples.

What we need to do is follow the example of Dr Paul and not ever fall into the temptation of being dishonest ourselves, even if it suits our desires. For if we do, we are really no better than "Roberta" or "Gary" or the "Blue blazer man."