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Urgent - Just Signed NDAA is Bringing Drones to My Hometown! I am furious. Read this news article from Syracuse NY!

I cannot believe that this is happening! We need to get Senator Chuck Schumer OUT!

Washington -- The Air National Guard’s 174th Fighter Wing is a step closer to gaining federal permission to fly unmanned Reaper drones out of its base at Hancock Field, according to U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer.

The National Defense Authorization Act signed into law last week by President Barack Obama allows for the establishment of six national test sites where drones could fly through civil air space.

Schumer, D-N.Y., said Tuesday he pushed for the establishment of six spots, instead of the planned four, to improve the chances that Hancock Field would be included. The 174th Fighter Wing has been trying for almost five years to convince the Federal Aviation Administration to allow flights of the MQ-9 Reaper drones out of Hancock Field.


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No I think Obama said;

"You'll never see it coming" ---Laughter----You think I'm joking?



The Houston and Arlington TX Police Depts are using unmanned drones, are these the same thing? When the local news reported on the secretive test flight of the Houston drone, the HPD spokesperson said "it will tackle privacy and illegal search issues later." Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Of course, these are funded by Homeland Security money. There seems to be no regard for privacy or liberty anymore. Someone's getting very, very rich at the expense of our freedom.

the free market will NOT

the free market will NOT solve this problem

Not right now, but in the long run..

It probably will.

Free market philosophy is not just about the economy or "downsizing" govt, but, as the good Dr holds, about the more fundamental question of what the role of govt ought to be. A society based on individual, natural rights and a genuinely free market would not see these "obamanations" flying around in our airspace.

Kind regs from Amsterdam,


but a gun with a good scope can. If I see a flying saucer in my back yard that sucker is coming down!!

nope but the right commander

Nope but the right commander in chief of the military could solve it

Not true

A real free market would mean we wouldn't have a monopolized central bank that could create money out of thin air to fund these insane and unconstitutional projects.

Private competing currencies would instantly eliminate this problem.

Second that!

Two words: nailed it!

Take care,

Local Background

FWIW the cities of upstate NY (except the capital Albany to some extent) have been absolutely devastated economically and demographically for nearly two generations now.

Folks who live there will gladly accept anything that might provide even a hint of well paying work.

As the economy continues to worsen and folks worry about the money for next months rent or next weeks groceries, it will be easier and easier steal their liberties and violate their rights

Your right, you wouldn't

Your right, you wouldn't believe how bad things have gotten here through the years. My town used to have a thriving industrial field but most of all the businesses are gone. They also have a scam going on here with "temp" work. The temp agency hires you to work at what's left of the industrial jobs at minimum wage or a little higher and you could be a temp for years if they want. It is very, very hard to actually get hired on to one of these companies. They all save a crap load of money on the workers backs in pay and benefits and the worker suffers. Try raising a family on minimum wage.


Grew up in Utica burbs, had relatives who lived a few blocks from Hancock.

Breaks my heart to even pass through there now.

Drones are flown by the

Drones are flown by the military. I fail to see what jobs would be created by this.

Drones are being flown by

Drones are being flown by Police Departments.

I've heard that but in this

I've heard that but in this case they are being flown by the military

Yes, absolutely

but I would bet that the propaganda being peddled by Schmucky Schumer's office portrays this as a guaranteed way to bring the area "well paid high tech jobs" or some such nonsense.

Sadly of course the only jobs likely to be provided outside a military base are for barmaids, tattoo artists, and whores, but when the surrounding cities for hundreds of miles in every direction look like small scale versions of Detroit or East Berlin before the wall fell even those seem pretty good.

It looks like

There could be a increase in Prison guard jobs and people to work in the cafeterias and do maintenance.

So who wants to chuck Schumer

So who wants to chuck Schumer out a window? I'm a resident of Saratoga and most of upstate is simply devastated. The only things left running, it seems, are hospitals, stores, and services. At least Saratoga is getting that Global Foundries fab and the county has been making deals with other semiconductors.

and the military buys stuff from defense contractors

and defense contractors are often well established entities in the political process. Ever notice how the biggest Defense Contractors have operations IN EVERY STATE in order to influence their Congressmen and Senators?

AND said defense contractors often are very lovey-dovey with energy/oil/gas/nuclear interests.

oh and I failed to mention that as soon as you retire

oh and I failed to mention that as soon as you, a ranking member of some branch of the military, retire - the defense contractors will hire you in order to keep its connection to the pentagon in working order.

JOURNALISTS here's some back story


And this is the company that makes the Drone:


General Atomics was the single biggest corporate underwriter of Congressional trips between January 2000 and June 2005, according to a nine-month study of congressional travel disclosure forms. Since 2005, the Center for Responsible Politics reported General Atomics had spent over $1.5 million per year in lobbying efforts from 2005 to 2011.[27]

In April 2002, the company paid for Letitia White, who was then a top aide to Representative Jerry Lewis, and her husband to travel to Italy. White left Lewis' office nine months later, to become a lobbyist at Copeland Lowery. The next day, she began representing General Atomics. Lewis, her former boss, was at the time chairman of the House Defense Appropriations subcommittee.

Spezialtechnik Dresden GmbH - Spezialtechnik Dresden GmbH (STD) stands as holding at the head of the Spezialtechnik-Group Dresden and renders commercially characterized and marketing/sales oriented consulting and support services for the companies and divisions of GA

This company also owns the largest deposit of uranium in the US via its division Rio Grande Resources Corporation - Rio Grande Resources Corporation controls uranium operations and mineral resources acquired by GA from Chevron Resources in 1991. Included in this acquisition were mines in south Texas and New Mexico. In New Mexico, the Mt. Taylor project, a conventional underground mine that contains the largest uranium resource in the United States, is currently on standby.


Does any one really think these drones have not been hovering us? At this stage of their game I find it doubtful. It's sad because the fear, disbelief, and non-trust is a blatant violation.


They started conditioning us with the groping from the TSA. Now they will be stopping us on the Highways and at train stations. They want a permanent fence at the borders. Maybe to keep us from leaving.

Fast and Furious blewup on them. Maybe this was to be used to eliminate the second amendment.

The NDAA just passed should of been front page coverage in the media but, no coverage at all. Knowlege could be harmful to their agenda. Now they can use the FEMA camps.

Next on their itinary is SOPA. No questions in the presidental debates about any of these issues. We are losing our freedoms and what America once stood for.

Those that think this form of activism is effective click the

Link and fill in the info to send an email to both senators and your US congressman:

Two Bills have been introduced and have co-sponsors in both the senate and in the House to put a stop to indefinite detention features of the NDAA.



Debbie's picture

It is effective, thank you for this link! I sent the letters to

my critters. We must do everything we can.


I was misled by this title....

...because of the way I interpreted it, maybe that's my fault.

The article does not say they are being used for anything other than testing, so it's not like they are now ACTIVE and waiting to be used over our heads...

Though we all know that's the slipppery slope...

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They are testing flying these

They are testing flying these in civilian airspace.

It's fairly obvious what this is for.

I stopped believing

I stopped believing everything my government tells me years ago. No offense but you should know better by now.

ah hell

ask the people working the planes.

-quiet engineer

Grim Reaper

They even name them to scare you. The U.S. gov loves to terrorize it's citizens!!! Just loves it!!!

Conspiracy Theory / Fact

Conspiracy Theory

Sent it to Drudge, Napolitano & Ben Swann.

"Give me Liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry