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Glenn Beck: "Rodeo Clown"

This was an old (somewhat joking) suggestion of mine to a lady that was going to get up in front of a "9/12" group and speak. I thought it was appropriate to bring up, since he seems to be on the attack lately with the "Soros" nonsense. (why it kind of reads like a speech)

Glenn Beck describes himself as a "rodeo clown". I have always wondered what he meant by that.

“I’m a rodeo clown,” he said in a New York Times interview, adding with a coy smile, “It takes great skill."

After a few years of watching him and doing my OWN research, I NOW realize that he TRULY IS a rodeo clown.

Here's the analogy..... Our current situation is like a giant rodeo.

The American public represents the 2000lb BULL that has a PAINFUL STRAP cinching up his genitals. The bull has been kept in a pen, poked, prodded, and RIDDEN all of its life.

The bull is angry, scared, and confused. It keeps thrashing around trying to BUCK THE MAN, (which is represented by the international central banking cartel, foreign interests, corrupt politicians and their elite handlers) OFF OF HIS BACK....
The more the bull thrashes, the more the man digs his spurs into the bull's sides.
Once the bull, (American public) finally BUCKS the MAN off of his back, he is briefly able to focus on who has been riding and tormenting him for so long.


Just as soon as the bull goes after the man, HERE COMES THE RODEO CLOWN to save the man's life.

The rodeo clown, with his funny shoes, crocodile tears, and colorful clothes, jumps OUT IN FRONT of the bull to distract him JUST LONG ENOUGH for the man to get up, dust himself off, and escape out of the arena.

The bull is then corralled, and put back into a chute when it is needed again.

The rodeo clown is QUICK, agile, and able to think on his feet. He has been WELL trained in the art of distraction, or in Glenn Beck's case.... Disinformation. As Glenn Beck says, "It takes great skill".

I ask YOU TO QUESTION BOLDLY!!! Just as Glenn Beck requests for you to DO YOUR HOMEWORK--I ask YOU to BOLDLY

Or.....Has he merely provided distractions for the REAL villains RIDING ON YOUR BACK, to escape without harm.

I think he has shown where his allegiance is.

Feel free to cut and paste this on "The Blaze" (his website)

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Beautiful metaphor, absolutely

Beautiful metaphor, absolutely spot on!

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Can we please stop mentioning

Can we please stop mentioning Glen Beck? He is not on our side.

This guy is so bi-polar. one day he talks positively about Ron Paul. The next day he throws him out in traffic.



you read the article, or just knee jerk on the headline?

That was the whole point. He's NOT "on our side."
It's by design.

He's not "bi-polar." He's a polarize er.

He's ripped off alex Jones, and Ron Paul and is using it for a particular agenda.
He's quite dangerous, and needs to be exposed.

He's setting people up to accept another war with Iran in defense of Israel. There is already US troop buildup in Israel happening now.
I respectfully don't think that should be ignored.

Agreed. Glenn Beck hated Ron Paul from the beginning

It amuses me that this is still not already clear to Paulites of all people (segment of the population I normally expect to have above average intelligence). The only reason why Beck sounds superficially positive on some occasions is to lure and dupe easily-manipulatable suckers/fools. That's it.