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Pocket Constitutions make good campaign literature

Ron Paul supporters and campaign workers should be passing out POCKET CONSTITUTIONS at every stop while he's campaigning.

The cost is minimal, but the effect would be very large. Pocket Constitutions can be purchased in bulk for as low as twenty cents each, that's cheaper than some of the glossy campaign handouts.

Passing out Pocket Constitutions would tell the voter that Ron Paul really is the "champion of the Constitution" and would set him apart from any other candidate.

Printing (or labeling) Ron Paul's name on the front cover of the Pocket Constitution would really reinforce that message in the minds of the voters, while giving them something to hang onto & read later.

Volunteers could also highlight Articles 1, Section 8 & 10..... and the Preamble to the Bill Of Rights prior to their distribution. That would focus the recipients of the Constitutions on those very important passages, and maybe awaken them to the distance the government has traveled beyond their assigned Constitutional duties, and what exactly their representatives are supposed to be doing to uphold their Oath of Office.

P.S. Make sure that the Pocket Constitutions contain the "PREAMBLE TO THE BILL OF RIGHTS" ..... it is crucial to understanding the framer's (declaratory and restrictive) intentions when they passed those 10 Amendments.

An excellent version of the Pocket Constitutions are available for 20 cents each (when ordered by 1000) with free shipping at http://www.nccs.net/pocket_constitution.html

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