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Florida & Nevada and an update on the Super Brochure mailings

Everyone, lets figure out our next move with the Super Brochure project. But first, here is a recap on what I saw in Iowa:

We received endless phone calls from Iowans who received the Super Brochure who were so moved by what Ron Paul stood for that many of these new converts had us mail cases of brochures to Iowa so they could hand them out.

I cannot list all the names, but there were many, many thanks to all of us who mailed out the Super Brochures to Iowa voters. They said it made a huge difference in getting more people to vote for Ron Paul.

It was a clear from everyone whom I spoke with that the Super Brochure made an immense difference in votes for Ron Paul. I personally met and spoke with many who were not yet a part of the Ron Paul family who received the brochure and it caused them to vote for Ron Paul.

The Super Brochures were also being handed out at every Ron Paul appearance that I went to. (I went to all of them) At one Iowa high school appearance, the students were lined up holding the Super Brochures which Ron Paul was autographing for them.

It became very clear, we have all made a gigantic change for liberty and to help Ron Paul get elected.


We have finished mailing all the Super Brochures to South Carolina. Next up are Florida and Nevada.

Homes left to do in Florida: 728,344
Homes left to do in Nevada: 182,714

Florida is a winner-take-all state in terms of delegates, but here is what may happen: If Ron Paul gets second in Florida, it will remain winner take all. If he were to come in first (seriously doubt this) then the GOP would make it a proportional allocation of delegates to undermine a Paul win.

Is Florida important enough to finish mailing the brochures to...? Yes, but it will be a big challenge unless people with more money come in to help us.

If we want to mail Florida, we have to finish it in 10 days. It would be a big challenge to complete 728,000 households in that period of time. So the question is: Do we try to finish Florida or should we put our focus into Nevada, which has just 182,000 households, which will be easier for us to finish and potentially win.

Since the Super Brochure appeals more to independent minded people, we would like to focus future brochure mailings on independents in upcoming states with open primaries / caucuses.

Would all of you weigh in and so we can all make a wise decision on state priority and how to proceed.

Thank you,

-Super Brochure

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Florida mailing

I'm in South Florida, Martin County - I like the idea of an insert to either the Palm Beach Post or Stuart News (Treasure Coast) which would reach predominantly republican areas including Jupiter Island, Palm Beach, Stuart, etc. Can you better describe "lack of resources" - is it money, time, manpower or all of the above? Am willing to help in any way I can.

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“The original American patriots were those individuals brave enough to resist with force the oppressive power of King George...Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security.”
― Ron Paul

stuff it

nuff said

make Nevada First priority

of course it would be great to get a superbrochure to everybody in the world, but the cost is a factor.. i'd rather send more to nevada, where we have a better chance of a win.. i'd rather send to non-supervoters in nevada than super voters in florida.. i know fla is first but we might really need a win later in the game to show/prove "Ron Paul momentum"

NEVADA all the way. It's good

NEVADA all the way. It's good for us that the RNC took away half of Florida's delegates. This is an amazing program, let's keep going!!


I live in Florida and here is my suggestion. Since it is a closed primary, you should find out all of the registered republicans who have voted in the primaries for the last 3-5 years and send those people a super brochure. That should skim it down...I must say, those brochures are magnificant. I have had many compliments on it. Our group mailed one to all registered libertarians and many independents with a letter asking them to please change their party affiliation long enough to vote for Ron Paul in the primary.

RON PAUL 2008 Jazzloversinc

That's kind of what makes it

That's kind of what makes it a "super" brochure, because it only goes out to "super" voters, meaning those who have voted in the last couple of primaries, lol.

FL 65+ age

I plan on being a first time contributer, we of course need to get all of nevada and florida but if not all of florida let me comment I gave a super brochure to my grandapa who is 85 he loved it and then wanted more to give his early morning coffee buddys. so if we can target some older folks who only watch tv that could help break through

ONLY HALF of FL Delegates Count in 2012

I haven't read all the comments... not sure if this was brought up, but something to consider...

"The 2012 Florida Republican primary will be held on January 31, 2012, on a winner-take-all basis. The Republican National Committee REMOVED HALF of Florida's delegates because the state committee moved its Republican primary before March 6.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florida_Republican_primary,_2012

Here is the source referenced by Wikipedia:


Guys read this threads comments!!!

While we decide our battle plan, check this out!

Go for both!

You have to go for both.
A strategy to ignore a big state like Florida, is not a good idea, if RP comes in 3rd or 4th, it will diminish his momentum, and he will look less electable.

Have trust in the volunteers, and go for it.

It's not about delegates alone, it's about the perception of winning.

You don't have to have Florida all covered, it's not all-or nothing, black or white, if you can get 50% that's also good, because people pass information by word-of mouth too.

So I would focus on Nevada to complete 100%, and Florida at least 50%

Idaho has 32 delegates to the National Convention...

In 2008 Ron Paul received 24% of the Primary vote. Last night at the first ever Idaho GOP Straw Poll we won first with 173 votes out of 399. Idaho has changed from a Primary to a winner take all Caucus. The grass roots has made major inroads as far as gaining political power inside the R party in the last four years. Please consider Idaho.

With that said, talking with local grass roots activists we would like to see a few modifications to the brochure to fit Idaho ideals.

Idaho can be won. Idaho precincts can be covered with the brochure easily.

PM me if you would like to discuss this more. Thanks.

I reiterate my earlier

I reiterate my earlier comment to bypass Florida and to concentrate on the western states and Minnesota.

But is there a way to ask the campaign what they think? Assuming that's legal. They know how much effort Florida is worth.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” William Pitt

Nevada is Easy - Do BOTH Florida and Nevada

We need to do both states. You can't ignore Florida. It was Florida that propelled John McCain to the nomination. It was Florida that gave Herman Cain immediate front runner status. Ron has to show up in Florida so that he is not embarrassed. He needs at least 20% not to be embarrassed. This accomplishes several things:
1. It prevents other anti-Romney candidates from emerging
2. Engergizes Floridas thousands of active phone-calling Ron Paul supporters
3. Gets other people interested and volunteering for Ron Paul so that they can donate and so they can call phone from hom
4. Sets up the organization throughout the state for when Ron runs during the general election if he wins the nomination.
5. Helps Florida volunteers network with eachother if we know we are being backed up

there are so many good reasons to support Florida! Also, I say we cut Florida off a little early so we can ensure we have an entire week to finish up Nevada. That way we make sure we do Nevada and we do as much of Florida as possible!

My understanding is we aren't bypassing it

we are selecting some of the bigger counties and ones we stand to do well in and than all of NV.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". - Sir Edmund Burke

Florida and Phone from Home Program

I would rather the focus on some Florida Counties and all of Nevada. I would suggest doing the Phone from Home Program in FL in overdrive rather than mailing all the super brochures.

South Carolina is

South Carolina is winner-take-all too. But we mailed the whole State.

Prof. William Greene


It's awarded by congressional district. Still unlikely to win delegates unless you're a close second, though.

Focus on Nevada.

FL is too close. Many in FL are already sending in mail-ballots.

Also, since FL has half the amount of delegates because they moved their primary up, it would be better to focus more attention on another big state like California, which is winner take all. It will have a bigger impact. California is in June... we should hit the state hard in the near future.

Focus On NV Independents and Republicans

If the superbrochure is actually helping and not hindering in voters then I support mailing to Nevada Independents and Republican households. Florida is winner take all and a lost cause in 2012, but may not be when Rand Paul runs for President next time.

Nevada has a closed caucus.

Nevada has a closed caucus. Registration deadline (must be republican) is Jan 21.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” William Pitt


We're not being realistic to think we have any chance to win Florida. Florida's has a huge 65+ population and Ron Paul's appeal is by far the weakest for that group.

Nevada all the way.

AND PLEASE ADD TO THE NEVADA BROCHURE THE FACT THAT ROMNEY TRIED TO MAKE A $10,000 BET ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!! Nevada has a large Mormon population and all forms of gambling are banned in Mormonism. Romney will lose Mormon votes because of his bet offer to Perry...

NIA Supports Ron Paul for GOP Nomination

NIA Supports Ron Paul for GOP Nomination


NIA's co-founders will be donating tonight to Ron Paul's campaign for the GOP Presidential Nomination. To submit your donation go to: http://www.ronpaul2012.com/

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National Inflation Association

The NIA is a scam. Watch

The NIA is a scam. Watch this video from Peter Schiff...

I just flagged the video

we need to flag this as spam under scams/fraud

It would seem prudent to me

It would seem prudent to me to stay out of this dumb feud between Peter Schiff and NIA.

That's all it is: "You're a scam!" "No, YOU'RE a fraud!" "No, YOU are!" "Your momma is!" "YOUR momma is, and so's your DADDY!"

Whatever. Focus, people.

Prof. William Greene

Ummm.. can somebody simply ask the campaign?

They might indicate which they'd rather hit.

Florida is bigger, but Florida's primary is before Nevada's.

So a better showing in FL may boost performance going in to NH.

I don't think we can coordinate with the campaign

But I might be wrong

If SuperBrochure printer is Florida-based..

then can we apply NH strategy to FL?
Meaning...we allow supporters to buy FLORIDA-specific case-loads (that way 1000 brochures for approx 80 bucks.) and then once those are either mailed or trucked to the meetup groups, campaign offices, leverage supporters to distribute superBrochures to Florida.

Flood IOWA, Saturate Iowa, WIN Iowa with superBrochures: http://superbrochure.com/

In my view

I would promote both chipins. You never know who may come around to chipping into Florida. Just mention the deadline to get out the super brochures like you have been doing with the other states. Nevada and Florida dates are relatively close to each other so the timing isn't very significant. It is best to give people the maximum option because there will always be disagreement in strategy, but it's also up to you guys if you think doing two states is impractical logistically since you are the ones running the press.

If there's minimal conflict in running two ads at the same time I would do it. If I had to choose one I would look at the cash flow of what you're generally raking in and see whether that average significantly would impact Florida (at least 40%). If not, it's difficult to say 'write off Florida' but in my opinion after South Carolina is when we will really see who has momentum and it will be a 2 or 3 man race. If you have to choose one state I would do Nevada because I think a larger majority would be receptive to the message and we only have to reach a small number of people to make an impact. Around 2,000,000 people voted in the Republican primary last election in Florida vs. 44,000 in Nevada.