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Confirmed! Iowa GOP Rigged Caucus Vote Count

In a call made on 12/29/11 @ 11:58 AM to Patrick Stewart, Data Director for the Iowa Republican party, he confirms the potential for voter fraud, and also refuses to answer the question regarding whether or not the chain of human custody between the precincts and central headquarters is ever broken. Listen very carefully to the call, then watch the CNN videos below which clearly expose proof of Iowa Caucus vote count irregularities.



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What's the latest from Ben Swann?

Anybody? He mentioned that he would look into it. I love this guy. Even more than Cafferty, he is a warrior for liberty.

John F

Off Topic but thanks

The newsletters are pretty much dead, they're just a launching point to try to pin down Ron Paul on other issues.

A few weeks ago on the radio they were claiming Ron Paul and his supporters were 'Bilderberg nuts' and that's code for anti-Semitic and jews run the world.

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Yeah, what's the latest?

What's the latest news?

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This could turn out to be a good thing.

We knew going into the Iowa Caucus that there was going to be vote fraud...I mean it was telegraphed to us long before the voting took place. Actually, the people of Iowa ought to be ashamed of their government there for allowing the crooks for Romney to buy them off like they were, in my opinion, of course. I believe and accept that belief that Ron Paul WON the Iowa Caucus (period)

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

If true it's deplorable but

it serves no purpose cept fueling the fire of the perceived notion that Paul supporters are paranoid conspiracy theorists without hard proof I would suggest keeping these opinions to oneself and instead focus efforts on the tangible.

Sleep, those little slices of death; Oh how I loathe them.

no Alex Jones makes us look crazy but...

I've been wondering myself if mittens will make it past round 1. Sure he's got the support but Bain lost him to McCain last time. Still if Santorum got the late boost that means Ron Paul should probably be targeting Mittens as well.

It is true number 1 & number 2: counting votes doesn't matter?

What are you talking about?

This is real politics. Ballot stuffing and computerized vote fraud are the norm.

You think a country that kills and robs people for money and power--including their own military and police (Fast and Furious, USS Liberty, etc)-- doesn't do vote fraud?

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Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy. -Ron Paul 7/10/03


BUMP. Lets get Ben Swann to take a look for us, he got skills.

"you're a funny dude, but who gives a fuck about that? I don't care about someone's wit, I care about the courage of their heart and the honesty of their mind."

There were discrepancies with

There were discrepancies with both Santorum and Romney votes at varying locations. Someone suggested that the way they stole the election was that in various precincts they would alternate between stuffing Romney and Santorum votes. So toss in 20 votes for romney here and then 20 in for santorum there. Across the whole state this added-up to thousands of votes. The whole neck and neck thing just spells like a giant shit pile to me.

Here is the post from AJ:

“there was one county where there was a 20-vote mistake in my favor, but there was a 21-vote mistake vote in Romney’s favor.” Santorum

There it is. There’s the fraud. They were stuffing the boxes with BOTH names alternately across the state and wherever they got found out is were there were people keeping an eye out. So how many other precincts did they stuff? This is not the end of this.

I think this whole Romney/Santorum thing is about making the focus on this "close" race and suggesting that this vote count has been so investigated that there is no way that any rigging took place. I mean, CNN is calling people at 1:30 AM to find out exactly why the votes are not reported.

I'm glad you mentioned that

"20 vote mistake in my favor, but there was a 21 vote mistake in Romney's favor"

How convenient. A Paul support finds a 20 vote mistake meaning Santorum won. Low and behold they just happen to find a 21 vote mistake in Romney's favor?

Come on people, they are laughing at us.

B Bibity




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If we shove it down their

If we shove it down their FUCKING THROATS, it WILL get big media attention. ATTACK WITH THIS INFORMATION.

Front page! Lets do this!

Take our country BACK!

I don't doubt this for a minute..

...but the vote isn't even that important. It's basically a straw poll and it's not like it is some binding and official tally of anything. Its a dog and pony show. The delegatges are what is important and the vote has a small influence on the delegates, but nothing official. Even if the voter fraud was widespread, these aren't federal elections. These are party cuacuses. They aren't bound by any legal rules. They are just the way the political party does things, and to my knowledge, they can cheat if they want, it would just make them look bad. However, because nothing illegal was done, and this isnt' official voting, I don't think it will gather much moss. The thing that would probably get the most coverage from Iowa is when Ron Paul gets the most delegates from Iowa even though he finished 3rd in the vote. Our people stayed after the vote to actually become delegates and we should stand a great chance of having more delegates than Mitt or Rick, so people who don't understand the caucus will think we cheated. The press will cover that, but they'll have no reason to cover the voter fraud thing becuase they don't like Ron, and the votes are unofficial anyway.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

What are you talking about? This Business Insider fantasy again?

Sorry, you can't win without momentum. No recent US President loses everything and then magically gets all of the delegates.

Maybe you should go back and review 2008 Convention footage on CSPAN. The GOP ignored Ron Paul delegates right on the spot and our 'non-stealth' delegates sold out and moved over to McCain to 'back the nominee' in some BS deal.

Sorry, but this whole 'stealth delegates' stuff is the same nonsense they rumor milled around in 2008.

Santorum delegates will be allocated to Romney. This is how the system works. Just look at what happened to Huckabee and Romney's delegates in 2008.

If you're afraid of making waves you might as well hang up the bat and go home, because this is a revolution. The Gov and parties need to be cut and gut--corruption is everywhere.

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Didn't the campaign say they had every precinct covered?

It's not rocket science to take a picture or record audio of the final vote count, then post it online for everyone's reference. But we've seen nothing. The campaign failed the supporters who are faithfully supporting it. It's unacceptable that we're all supposed to be racking our brains, spinning our wheels wondering just what happened when we could be looking right at the facts right now. Who's asking why or how? Who's answering? Anyone?


The Campaign did not say they had someone at every precinct. It was US that was supposed to volunteer to be there and watch. 1000 plus precincts...there was no way the campaign could have manned them all. It was "watchthevote.com" that was trying to coordinate this monitoring.

So if you want to blame someone...look in the mirror first.

What happened!

What happened to Watch the vote???


it looks like some places didn't get supporters to cover the voting...or for one reason or another they didn't turn in their results.

I'm not from Iowa...but from what I read it appears we had some very dedicated and hard working supporters there and they did cover things as best they could...but we missed a few places and didn't turn in results from others.

Unfortunately most of us (not all...but most) are new to this whole process so even though we are putting out great effort we are falling short because we really don't have "established" folks showing us the ropes.

Another reason why even after this election cycle it is so important for any of us that can..to get IN the process..so that when it comes around each cycle we already know the drill. Even after Dr. Paul becomes our President..we still need to learn the ropes so we can get the next "Ron Paul" in the White House too!

Whaddya mean nothing! This

Whaddya mean nothing! This guy said something..geeze. He knows how many voted and for whom.


What does that have to do with what the campaign reassured us of? I think True's intentions are great, but honestly one man scribbling results on a piece of paper is hardly having all precincts covered.

NO, this has to be done at a grassroots level or RP is a spoiler

Just like the super brochures we need to get support behind this.

If we can get a big enough stink the Campaign will fall in line and so will the media.

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This is Local Iowa TV & Has a GOP Chairman Supporting it

This deserves frontpage status.

If We the People do not demand a recount and expose this bogus election we have no chance of victory.

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Just search you tube for

Just search you tube for romney ballot stuffing.

His people did it in 2008.

They have a track record of doing it. On record. On record. On record. On record.

Wow, this just proves the

Wow, this just proves the entire caucus was a sham. But who would have know Patrick Stewart would be involved in all this?

Edward True is a hero

for exposing the Romney Machine. This must get BIG MEDIA attention!

John F

"This must get BIG MEDIA attention!"

That's exactly why it won't.

They said the same thing about everything RP ever did

The media can be bent to the will of the marketplace, just like the banksters.

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