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Lack of Paul Support over 45 Years Old; Why and What to Do?

It seems like more often than not when I am listening to a Main Stream Media (MSM) Ron Paul (RP) interview or even MSM Republican Debate the term "enthusiastic supporters" always seems to find its way to RP (oddly enough usually triggered by the interviewer). Whenever I see this happen, I usually sit back and hope RP will NOT say yes, the YOUNG people are backing me .. yadda... yadda...

Put yourself in a person over 45 years old shoes that is watching the interview/debate and doesn't know Ron Paul or has never seen any Ron Paul analysis beyond Fox/CNN/MSNBC.

Shouldn't his answer be more like this (obviously more politically correct):

*We have enthusiasm and support of people from all ages.

*Older people that use the internet know/find out the truth.

*Reference how his budget cuts $1T the first year, balances in 3rd year, AND doesn't touch social security/ medicare UNLIKE his competitors.

The reason the MSM keeps asking him this question is likely because based on his answer, it marginalizes him as a young voter only candidate. We are polling extremely poorly in voters over 45 and I believe this is a major reason why.

If an average human being (non-Ron Paul Supporters) hears the same thing over and over again, like, Mitt Romney has the "best chance to beat Obama" or Mitt Romney "can create the most jobs" the public believes it (as evidenced in polls clearly showing Romney with HUGE support over RP when the top issue is "jobs" or "electability:).

The question must then be how can Ron Paul use interviews/debates to get more significant support from the over 45yo crowd?

Finally, how can he get past the MSM tactic of trying to paint him AND manipulate the public into believing that RP is a Young Vote only candidate, thereby, immediately turning RP off over 45YO people before they even even have a chance to listen to a word that RP has to say in interviews/debates/speeches??

He already has the young support. We need the correct strategy/answer/communication for over 45YO. This is the single reason why Mitt is winning states. Thoughts? Ideas? How do we convert them while staying true and on-message?

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You know WHY Newt won these people?

Newt attacked the media in what were probably carefully staged confrontations (at least the last one).

Want to get the media's attention? Ron Paul should sue Bill O'Reilly and Fox News for ONE BILLION DOLLARS for O'Reilly's statements about Ron Paul regarding Iran after Bill O'Reilly made the SAME arguments to Mitt Romney on "The O'Reilly Factor".

I think it's like Ron Paul

I think it's like Ron Paul alludes to... "My ideas are young."

When we are young we are more intellectually flexible and elastic like a rubber band. As we get older we become intellectually stubborn and inelastic. It takes fundamental enlightenment to change the mind of many older persons set in their ways, while we are young we are still seeking answers and are, hence, more open to different views. Obviously not all older people are stubborn, but it appears the majority are, especially the men.

"A true competitor wants their opponent at their best." Lao Tzu

As a 50+ y.o. I don't get it

The simple financial realities are so plain before the eyes of my generation it astonishes me that the scales have not yet been lifted by the vast majority.

My retirement funds have been whacked twice in recent memory because I wasn't smart enough to have my money diversified - it was in the stock market, which took a major whacking with the dotcom bubble burst, and once again with the real estate bubble ker-pop. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. To top it all off, poised at the jugular of imminent retirees, is Social Security. Anyone with a lick of sense who reads anything remotely objective about the state of SS, will come to same conclusion: one generation or another is going to get hosed. The probability is very high that it will be mine. Either there will be no SSI, or the funds we will be paid out will be inflated to be worthless. The latter is a VERY high probability, IMHO.

Those facts alone were enough for me to take the red pill, RP that is. I was turned on to Ron Paul by a colleague nearly 20 years my junior - while it should have been the other way around. Perhaps my generation is asleep. I don't understand why more Americans of my generation are not in a near panic, as I am nearly every day, scrambling to ensure the future well being of my family and myself. Can they not see the obvious?

I'm not one for using fear as a means of drawing people to the message - but by God, fear is certainly effective, if off-putting. Frankly speaking, you can't sugar coat this stuff.

We keep electing the same dopes expecting a different result. Isn't that the definition of insanity? The really sad part is, folks only a few years older than I were the counterculture generation - the hippies weren't totally clueless. And they sure had the whole 'Down with the Establishment' part right. Where is the Beat Generation now, when we need them most?

You're 50+ years old posting

You're 50+ years old posting in an online forum. Do you get it now?

it's all about tv.


Even the hippies have a hard time overcoming 40+ years of tv brainwashing.

The young people don't have this many years of brainwashing yet. They see the truth that much easier.

As you get older, you are beaten into conformity. You might get excited about Paul at first... then mention it to a friend... and they say, "Yeah, but he'll never win." OR, "He's crazy." and that's all it takes. You forget about what you were all excited about.

I agree with the cable t.v.

I agree with the cable t.v. comment. I'm 26 and I don't even have cable anymore. My parents, on the other hand, watch it everyday and it's where they get all their news.

I just stream Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc... and pay for internet. I'm not going to give money to that corrupt garbage especially when I have to watch commercials when paying a massive monthly fee anyway. Yay Free Market ... thanks for Netflix!

"A true competitor wants their opponent at their best." Lao Tzu

All the young people have PARENTS... and GRANDPARENTS...

And aunts and uncles, and co-workers, etc.

This is how we get to the older people. TALK TO THEM.

Explain it to them like this...

"If we don't elect Dr. Paul, I'm not going to have a future. The debt load is so great, and we're the ones who are going to have to pay it back. Here, just look at these videos for me......."

I convinced all of my

I convinced all of my immediate family to vote for Ron Paul in 08' and they are going to again this time.

"A true competitor wants their opponent at their best." Lao Tzu

Laws of Economics

I think they will finish up any loose ends regarding this issue within the next 5 years imo.


This Facebook Poll Shows a Different Story...

I realize that there are not a ton of responses to the poll about the age of Ron Paul supporters yet, but it does show that there this revolution is not just for the young but for anyone who loves Freedom, Liberty and the Constitution. Please take part take part in the Facebook poll, there are quite a few supporters in the 36-45 year old range:

Ron Paul Supporter? How Old Are You?

Attracting over 45 Voters........

The older generation, that is, those who grew up with Walter Cronkite (sp?) etc. grew to TRUST the news. They still do. They were also raised to believe that Doctors were some kind of demigod. SO.....

How about, "If you could trust Ron Paul to deliver your child, You could trust him to deliver the State of the Union Address".... or something to that effect.

..trust him to deliver us from Obama, or whatever....?

Evil flourishes where the righteous do nothing.

I don't agree

There are a lot of ex-hippies out there. So ok, a lot of them were in it for the drugs and sex, but a lot of them 'got it'. They lived thru the Cold War, JFK, but especially Vietnam and Watergate. For a lot of older folks, trust in goverment and the MSM got thrown out the door long ago. Unfortunatly many of them became Democrats and borderline socialists, but that's because the philosophy of liberty - libertarianism - had not yet evolved and spread to the extent it has now. There are some good common threads, if you dig deep and look close, between the message of the 60's and the message of liberty.

If anything, make a careful appeal to those who never gave up the ghost of the 60's. Not so much difference, IMHO, between some of those who were in Chicago in '68 and those who will be in Tampa in 2012.

The Intention

The intention of this thread is not to discount the over 45 support that Ron Paul (RP) does have. The intention was to ask the question WHY he has a tiny percentage of support in over 45 and to discuss WHAT we can do to bring that % up. To say that every poll is a lie is a very bold statement.


1. Threads intention IS NOT a stab to current supporters over 45. Nor is it to suggest over 45 support is not just as passionate, enthusiastic, powerful, and valuable.

2. Thread intention IS about WHY RP polls poorly in over 45 vote and, most importantly, WHAT is the solution.

I don't think it is accurate to say

that there is a lack of support from 45 and up. I know many middle-aged people who support Ron Paul - they tend to be engaged in ativities that take up more of their time - working, raising a family, taking care of the home -so you don't often see them at rallies in the middle of the day.

I know Ron Paul is enthusiastic about the support from the younger people and he should be - it is a positive sign but I would not discount the 30, 40, 50, etc. crowds.

I personally don't trust the polls that show a demographic majority of under 25. I can see that kind of skewed info being used to discourage older voters.

Don't buy it.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

This is important and......

DP'ers must understand why it is.

The older generations dislike computers more than the younger generation. Thus they don't get as much internet information. They just get FOX, CNN, etc.

How sad. What to do?

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

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We are getting a lot of support from people of ALL ages, the YOUNG People seem to be the most vocal though! (big grin)

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

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I'm a 58 year old. female, Republican before I was born, voter,

and I agree with you completely!!!!! I hope that somehow Ron Paul gets your message! It has always bothered me when Ron Paul brags so much about the young people supporting him. I finally calmed myself down by realizing that Ron Paul is 76, so I guess 58 is "Young People" to him. Not to slam his age, he is a young 76, and has inspired me to start riding my bike again. (with a Ron Paul bumper sticker on it) My meet up group in 2007 was mostly older people, typical of Florida. We were the ones that got the college groups started around here! I really support your post, Ron Paul PLEASE start acknowledging that your enthusiastic supporters come in all ages! all colors, all political persuasions, from all countries, military and civilian, male or female, blue collar, white collar, rich or poor,....The only thing in common about Ron Paul supporters is that they support Ron Paul!

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

Visiting Senior Centers

I'm 58. Yesterday I went to my RP meet up and MOST of the ppl there are Over 45...so we have a little different demographic here in San Diego but that will most likely change as the primary gets nearer in June. I and another RP supporter, who happens to be 64, discussed getting together and visiting senior centers with Dr. Paul's message. We decided to start with Ron Paul's positions on the top three motivational issues for seniors:

Strong National Defense (highlighting on his service along with vets and active military support)
Social Security and Medicare
Constitution Principles

And then expand to his other positions if we can and they are open to the first three. We hope, if the message comes from us older supporters, it will be better received.

Also, there is Tom Wood's program "Operation Grandma" this is very powerful for young ppl.

For Liberty!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Give Them "Economic Hit Man

Give them a copy of John Perkins' "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man." Shocks a person out of a lifetime of programming , conditioning, and propaganda. If that doesn't wake them up move on. Believe me it woke me up and others I've informed about it. It knocks your socks off!

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

I believe that the lack of support from 45+ is due to

the public having been lied to by politicians for 40 or 50 years. Suddenly, someone comes along and says "I'll support the constitution" and they say "we herd that one before".

Why do we support Ron Paul? To me he has credibility. I've watched the videos, I've watched him on c-span, I've herd other people talk about him and believe and agree with what he says.

There are a lot of non-political websites I go to, and some of them have the Mitt ad with his family. I don't know if people click on it or not, but it does enforce the image that he is presidential.

I believe an internet campaign would be effective. Here is a link to the top websites for this demographic:
I sure they all have facebook counterparts.

The ad should show that he is credible, the country has major financial problems, and he is the only one that can put the country on the right path.

I agree with dlind's post below...

that those of us in the "older set" are stuck in the Red vs. Blue crap. I do see that, in general, folks in their 40's -50's-60's have completely different views of the world...most likely based on how they were raised.
I have neighbors (60 and 62) who are unappologetic Democrats....the wife even campaigned for Barry in 07. Do the math and count backwards to thier year of birth...then go forward to the turbulent late-1960s...they were around 18-19!!!! They're left-over hippies!!!..and their kids are the same way...the son is in some religeous cult in Idaho, the daughter married an illegal mexican....and they're not stupid people...they're educated and intelligent! They just have that "hippy" mind-set and are stuck in the Democratic brainwashing paradigm...everything is Bush's fault!!
I talk Ron Paul with them...they see my points, they agree with the conclusions in principle..but just can't leave their Party.
In conclusion, dlind's comments below are accurate: folks that are older (like me) have spent much longer being conditioned by the thought police and have a tough time with any new ideas. They vote not for ideas or a particular person...they vote for Party.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

My father is

67 and loves Elvis. I'm sure most older folks love Elvis. Maybe if we can some how associate Elvis with Ron Paul, that would be a good thing?

I think older people have

I think older people have just not noticed the conservatism that they knew slowly slip away from under their feet. It happened so gradually and coercively that most don't realize that the Republican party they support now is NOT the same party they once supported when they made the decision to join decades ago. It's not really their fault since they get their information from a more and more dishonest media.

It's like that old story about a frog in boiling water who doesn't notice the temperature rising until it's too late.

Young people have less experience in the world, but at least they are looking at things without a deep rooted bias and get their information from a variety of sources.


* Talk to older people and fill in the details that they have not been told. For example, most people have no idea we have been bombing Iraq all through the nineties.

* Get more leaders and public figures to speak out. Unfortunately, a lot of people are "ditto heads" because they once bought into a political personality and remain loyal. There needs to be more alternatives out there to tune in to.

* Keep on the media. Keep them as straight as possible.

* Stay visible and audible.

Show your support for Ron Paul and inspire others at new grassroots site:
( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)

Its the internet, stupid!

As one of the founders of the Internet born in 1954, I can tell you exactly what liberated the younger cohort while leaving those of my cohort handicapped:

Its the Internet, stupid!

As I wrote in 1982 while an architect of the first electronic newspaper in the US:

The central importance of this new market is that it brings the capital cost of establishing a publication with nation-wide distribution to within the reach of the mass-market as well. This means that anyone who is a "consumer" of information on this new technology can also be a "producer" of information. The distinction between editorial staff and readership need no longer be a function of who has how much money, but rather, who has the greatest consumer appeal. The last time an event of this magnitude took place was the invention of the offset printer which brought the cost of publication to within the reach of small businesses. That democratization of cultural evolution was protected in our constitution under freedom of the press. Freedom of speech was intended for the masses. In this new technology, the distinction between press and speech is beginning to blur. Some individuals and institutions see this as removing the new media from either of the constitutional protections rather than giving it both. They see a great danger in allowing the uncensored ideas of individuals to spread across the entire nation within seconds at a cost of only a few cents. A direct quote from a person with authority in the management of this new technology: "We view videotex as 'we the institutions' providing 'you the people' with information." I wonder what our founding fathers would have thought of a statement like that.

If you read nothing else, read this: A Contract Between Americans


As I suggested to the Ron Paul campaign FOUR YEARS AGO:

Leverage your Internet power by setting up a direct competitor to freerepublic.com -- the dominant "conservative" website whose patron, Jim Robinson, is openly hostile to Ron Paul.

Those few elders who do get onto the internet regularly end up being sucked into freerepublic.com by the network effect. The Ron Paul revolution has the Internet mass to stomp that network effect if only a site that targeted general news stories submitted by readers were to be set up.

NOTE: "DailyPaul.com" does NOT fulfill this role.

If my advice had been heeded four years ago Ron Paul's support among older voters for this election (and possibly even that one) could easily have been increased by 5 to 10 percentage points.

If you read nothing else, read this: A Contract Between Americans

As to "What to do..."

Tom Woods is correct as far as he goes, but I'd add this suggestion:

When showing your grand parents (or parents!) information from the Internet, don't interact with the computer. Guide your elders through the process of getting to the truth. If their computer is set up incorrectly for this (for example, their home page is something other than a good search engine), remediate.

If you read nothing else, read this: A Contract Between Americans

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Yeah I am 46 too

Us 46ers are at the old end of the Gen X generation and we tend to think more like the Millennials than we do the Boomers.

I always said that the next president I elect was not going to be a Boomer, and, voila, being 76 he's from my parent's generation, and I feel that I have more in common with Dr. Paul in ethos and outlook than I do with the last 20 years of Boomer president excesses.

So I don't think the over 45 stat category works in this case.

In general, generational categories don't work either when it comes to Dr. Paul, and, be we Millennials, Boomers, or Silents, his youthful ideas make us all youthful.

It just so happens though that the young people are carrying this forward (and this makes it great) as youth, just by their energy level alone and their natural love for liberty, always inspire and motivate.

I credit somebody 16 years my junior (Adam Kokesh) was the one that got me to pay attention to Dr. Paul...and so, just like we need to listen to these people, and listen to our troops...and they have already cast their vote.

After all they will be bearing the burden the longest of future generations....a point Dr. Paul always points out.

I really love being a part of this and hope I can drive down to my native Palmetto state to stir things up for Dr. Paul, later on this week!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

My guess would be

that after 9/11 the media went on for years doing terror attacks against the American people. I finally broke free from the fear when they they came on and told us to have plenty of duct tape and plastic for our doors and windows.


I quit watching the news at that point. I believe that is also why the media is so prone to be hawkish, if you had to sit and report over and over again for years the propaganda they were putting on tv ... If you aren't doing real research and just reporting things they put in front of you, I don't doubt they are scared to death.

My ex-congressman Bart Gordon was scared to death when he was a child about the cold war and most of his legislation and votes were due to this fear.

My guess is the younger generation did not sit and watch national news, The older generation that reads also do not believe all the propaganda.

If our country survives what the Fed and Goldman Sachs have done, I do have faith in the future generation to restore it to greatness. The GOP is a dying breed and they refuse to admit it

BTW I am a 48 yrs old female I have supported RP since Dec 2007

hey Iam 46

thinking about it the 15 to 20 year people older then me there are a lot that didn't want war, hated government and loved peace so with the right message they would be in.

people over 45

are more likely to be stuck in the 'red vs blue' paradigm.

Most of them have spent their entire lives endorsing (at least tacitly) the policies that led us to where we are now.

Basically Ron Paul points out to a lot of people just how stupid some of the things they believed in are... that's not popular.

Its like he's telling them there is no Santa-- it was a bummer finding that out when I was 7... I couldn't imagine how devastated I'd be everyone had kept the facade going for 45 years.