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7 Minutes what is it with FAUX !!!!!

Again 7 minutes on FAUX for Rep. Paul, I see this as the truth being limited on the Un-Fair & Un- Balanced news network, Bill O'Really tried to intimidate Rep. Paul but again the Doctor remained cool and stuck with the real problems we are facing in Iraq.

O'Really is so neo-con he could care less about the loss of life, if Iraq falls so does FAUX news.

Rep. Paul should only except time of 30 minutes or more with this network because he only had 3 minutes or less to explain his views.


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o'reilly = liar

i disagree about the o'reilly cool factor. the concerted effort underway by this and similar fox shows, where rudy, mitt, or fred are the annointed ones, is to ask RP questions by misrepresenting his position and then talk over the response.

o'reilly, the liar says:

"you didn't even want to go into afganistan to punish those people, did you?"

the dr. shoots back:

"you're wrong. bill, you're wrong on that. i voted for that [troops to afganistan]. so you be careful in your quotes..."

o'reilly, the liar says:

"well, in a debate you said you don't want to be there [now]..."

now, isn't that the face of an evil empire?
o'reilly = fox = liar.


I was surprised to see Billy Boy keep his cool for the most part, with one or two exceptions. But the headline here is that Ron Paul's willingness to enter the lair of the dragon shows the courage that he has and the faith that he has in the message, and I think it was a great move for him to make this appearance. The Fox audience is one that has been tough for him to reach to this point because of the company's neoconservative agenda and the censorship that they so blatantly employ, so for Dr Paul to be able to get his message across here was big. And to the point Jim Carter was concerned about, the 7 minute appearance- that is about average for guests on these kinds of shows because they tend to keep things moving from one topic to another, so there is really nothing to that concern.

He didn't look right

I thought Dr. Paul looked either scared or tired. He certainly didn't want to be there and seemed relieved when Billy stated that this was the last question. I don't blame him a bit, but I'm not Ron Paul. I'm a mere mouse by comparison. :)

With regard to Iran, I thought for sure he would smack Billy with the Constitution, but he didn't. Oh well. Maybe next time?

Billy was much nicer than I thought we would be. I'm glad of that.

ron steady

i was going to give your first comment a tongue lashing, then i saw your followup reply.

i thought his appearance and color choice was perfect. at some point, perhaps if the RP machine keeps rolling, i believe Dr. Know will have to assert himself better by bitch slapping those who want to misrepresent his voting history and position. o'reilly is a buffoon.

My apologies

I just watched it again on YouTube and realize I was wrong in my last message. I recant my previous statement. Maybe it was my own fear of Dr. Paul being badgered by Billy that caused me to think that he was scared. Dr. Paul did real good. :)

And I still think Billy was nicer than I thought he would be.