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Did Anyone Catch Doug Wead MSNBC Interview With Alex Witt This Morning?

Of course, she asked about the youtube video. Loved Doug's response. Said they had no idea who made it. Then said to Alex, Why don't you do your job and find out who did it?

Best answer ever.

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msnbc tv: Paul campaign

msnbc tv: Paul campaign upset over supporter's ad


Why don't these talking dolts use the word "alleged" supporter. Since they haven't done their job in finding out who's behind this video and they have no proof/evidence that it had anything to do with Ron Paul, his campaign or his supporters...why aren't they using the "alleged" word?

This is yellow journalism at its best.

Because real journalism....

went out the window a long time ago.
Props to Mr. Wead for throwing it back in their face.

Sounds great!

I like to see it!


I missed it. I look forward to seeing it on yatooob when available.

Wead is awesome, he puts the media in their place just about every time he's being interviewed.