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Mitt Romney, Study the Mormon View of the Constitution!

Mitt Romney's church recommends that he support candidates truly dedicated to the Constitution, like Ron Paul. Could someone give him the message?



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Good and all

Yet, I don't think the younger Mormons will be voting for RP imo. I heard that they cannot read papers etc. while they are on their duty.

This may be incorrect but may someone either confirm or verify this?


That would be strange

Besides, you don't learn about Ron Paul reading the newspaper anyway.

Mitt Romney doesn't . . .

care what *his* religion thinks; he is a MINO (Mormon in name only)--

he is using his religion; he always has--to get ahead, to look 'decent' while he plunders and misleads--

This is strong language, but the man honestly doesn't care--

certainly not about the constitution; he cares about his bottom line, and his bottom line looks good when he pleases those who own him.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

True by his actions.

This is for his "supporters" more than anyone else.

Anyone have Mitt's email?