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Public Policy Poll Analysis: Only Ron Paul as the GOP Nominee Can Beat Obama

I hope I didn't take too many liberties in analyzing this information, but from what I've been seeing as I've research the emergence of a potential "third-candidate" is that if Romney is the Nominee, Obama Wins. Only Paul can win, because he can maintain the GOP Base, get Independents and Democrats, and keep the frustrated vote from going to a third-candidate:


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America will make a very bad mistake

If RP does not win the GOP nomination then Obama is back in.
Like it or lump it that will happen. The RP support is just to strong and any candidate who looses that support will loose to Obama. Can Romney loose that support? He has never had it in the first place nor has any other candidate had it.
I have seen RP smeared by the MSM. I have went onto web sites and been ridiculed because I support RP. The RP supporters like myself are few up and mad. They will no longer go with status quo or vote for who the MSM says they should vote for. So are we the RP supporters playing right into the MSM hand and putting Obama back into office? No the Republican GOP is.

I love the Paul Bump!!!

Guys and gals, thanks. I just got some mad traffic for this site! Another record breaking month. Seriously, so thankful!

Jack Wagner

Obama will CRUSH Romney in the Fall

cuz Ron Paul ain't gonna be on the ballot


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Superlative article...

and not just because it illustrates what I have been saying all along, "Romney can't win."

I agree but at least Romney will be on the ballot

unlike Ron Paul

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I can not see

how that is going to do you any good, that is unless you are backing Obama. So you get him on the ballot???????????? If he can not win then you are making a useless point.


What I've found is that some people like to read, others like to look. Sometimes to be effective you have to make good visuals. My articles that illustrate my point in a graph or simple visual tend to do the best.

Jack Wagner

Yeah but Will he ever face

Yeah but Will he ever face Obama in an election?? Or just in polls?

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That is up to us!

We got to make it happen!

Jack Wagner

online poll now

scroll down, on right side

All eyes on New Hampshire

Romney is the favorite in the primary, but can he win it all?

Who do you think will win the GOP nomination?

Mitt Romney
Newt Gingrich
Ron Paul
Rick Perry
Rick Santorum
Jon Huntsman
I wouldn't vote for any of them

Just voted

Romney is way ahead, we are at 6%. I'm actually not too interested in Online Polls, I'm sure they have some effect, but legit polls and elections have WAY more effect.

Jack Wagner

Meaningless if he cannot win

Meaningless if he cannot win nomination

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Exactly my point...

If Ron Paul does not win the nomination, no other ticket can beat Obama, not even an independent Ron Paul ticket (according to the Polls, too many GOP voters will stay GOP).

Jack Wagner

Bump for Positive News

that sounds and looks good to me, thanks.

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Yeah, it looks good to me too!

Jack Wagner

I think we all know this

No other candidate will be able to get the independent and disenfranchised democrat voters like Ron Paul would. Any other candidate vs Obama = 4 more years of Obama where as Ron Paul vs Obama = Ron Paul presidency and the over due shift towards freedom, peace and personal responsibility.

I was hoping to get it down to some numbers

If the GOP is serious about beating Obama they need to see it in plain numbers. If they don't take into account a third-party candidate other than Ron Paul, they will think Romney can win.

Jack Wagner