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Super Brochure Meeting of the Minds & Next Steps

Hi everyone. We had a meeting of the minds on the Daily Paul about where to mail the Super Brochures to, (between FL & NV) and here are the results:

  • 95% want to get them into Nevada homes as priority (as of today, Jan 7th, we only need to complete 180,000 homes)
  • 5% want Florida first (as of today, Jan 7th, 720,000 homes need to be completed)
  • 50% want to cover Nevada first and then if we have left over time, get them into the Florida homes - into counties that are pro Ron Paul.

So according to 95% of you, Nevada is first to complete.

There is one more solution for Florida.

Can we all contact and post great Florida newspapers, that are in strong Republican areas, that have good insert rates and we can insert the Super Brochures to reach people in Florida. We can all get behind these news papers.

If we get Nevada completed quickly, we can start mailing brochures into Florida Republican homes via direct mailings and/or through news papers. (Can we complete Nevada by Wed the 11th ?)

I am making a video about people that we dropped of the Super Brochure with. (We interviewed them before and then 2 days after they had time to read it) The results are going to really move you. For me, and I am sure for many of you, I get choked up on the goodness of our countrymen, that when people are provided with the truth, brushfires for liberty (and Ron Paul) convert them and their friends and family. I have goosebumps writing this because while watching the clips, I just can not believe all the lives we Ron Paul Constitutionalists are changing in this country.

There may not be a better time to be an American.

It always seems that we read about a time in history, where great men and women changed the course of history, bringing freedom into the lives of fellow citizens.
I just can not believe that we are those men and women. That we are changing history for the better. Can you believe that all of us have shared a message of liberty and Ron Paul to 3.5 million people in roughly 7 weeks, via the brochures, and many of the people that received them have shared the message to others. This is not counting the millions upon millions of lives Ron Paul and all the great and creative ways Ron Paul supporters spread his message, changing the hearts of men and women around the world.

That we are a part of this, wow, how wonderful it is to be an American.

Thank you Founding Fathers,
Thank you Americans,
Thank you Ron Paul.

From one Constitutionalist and Ron Paul supporter - to another,

Let's stoke the fires of Liberty - Full Steam Ahead!



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Newspaper ad is a great idea but also

Why not just focus on high dense counties lile westpalm miami and broward?..jax and

Please follow the link to read my great idea...

I have an idea...

Can we please work on getting the super brochure chopped up into segments by issue, and into a very small .pdf format. The goal is to be able to send these things through text-message via cell-phone, and /or e-mail, so they can go viral. And build on personal networks.

I wrote a post last night describing in the idea in detail. Here's a link.


PS. If you read the post, thanks, but - please know that the idea can be shrunk down to a more manageable format that does not require building an entire new website. (if you read it, you'll understand what that means)

Thanks again!


thanks for the update

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Any word on changing

Any word on changing content?

Let me first off say that the super brochure is amazing and I have donated to the project.

However, I'd like to hear if there is any consideration of the talk to alter its content at all.

There is so much good to say about the brochure that it seems unfair to criticize it, but I strongly feel that it is not as effective with on the fence voters as it could be.

My number one complaint is that it claims that:

"As President, Ron Paul will...End the Income Tax"

To say this when our country is 16 trillion in debt is really reckless and very unfair to Dr. Paul since he has never claimed that he would achieve this or even propose this as President.

You are confusing Ron's ideal and long term vision of America with campaign promises and putting words in his mouth. He'll surely try to reduce the income tax, but fortunately Ron is also a pragmatist. I've heard him multiple times on Cavuto saying that he would realistically be happy with 10-15% income tax. And that is nothing to say about actually getting it done with congress.

Most Americans would laugh at the idea that he would or could eliminate the income tax as president. And rightly so, he won't do it and he won't try. You are making his ideas sound kooky by proclaiming this as the first item of business on a list of what he will accomplish.

I winced when I first read it and I'm already a big fan of Dr. Paul.

Same goes for phasing out the IRS. Don't claim that he claims he will accomplish this if elected. You are damaging his credibility with those that are already unsure of him.

On another note, it would Really be great to add the fact that he was the only congressman to support Israel in 1981 in their conflict with Iraq.

Also, as another user pointed out elsewhere, it would be great to mention that he served his country during the Vietnam years while having a wife and two young children(please verify) .

The brochure is amazing, but it should stick to showing the best parts of Ron without putting words in his mouth that will seriously hurt his credibility.

What do you think?

Show your support for Ron Paul and inspire others at new grassroots site:
( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)

I have a question.

Since the campaign seems to be concentrating on caucuses, wouldn't it make sense for the superbrochure project to instead target primaries ... such as Arizona and Michigan (Feb 28) ... and in particular all those primaries on Super Tuesday?

The reason I ask is that this way we do not risk stepping on the campaign's toes.

Has anyone brought this point up yet? If they have, can someone please direct me to that discussion?


Other Options:

I am somewhat familiar with the Newspaper Business.

One problem: IT IS NOT SPECIFICALLY-TARGETED. It is MASSIVE. I can only wonder how super-expensive that would be.

For less cost and more effectiveness:

It is my understanding that the Super Brochure is being mailed as a PRIORITY to Super-Voters. It is also my understanding that for Florida that is about 700,000 households.

At a little over 50 cents each Directly-Mailed from Ron Paul Products, we are looking at around half a million dollars.

There must be ONE very wealthy person in Florida that can do this on their own - or a group of them.

A Florida Super-Pac Gift from one of the Ron Paul Super-Pacs.

A Radio Commercial on Coast To Coast asking for a group of donors with The Ron Paul Florida Cause?

Something like that would be more DIRECT to where it can have a greater impact for far less money.

ALSO...KNOW THIS: I am told Florida is a Winner-Takes All in regards to DELEGATES. That means it is not split. IF THIS IS TRUE - and I do not know - all can be lost.

Jeb Bush is The Governor of Florida.

Remember the Al Gore re-count disaster?

If one State is rigged...which one, hmmmmm?

Florida is wealthy and THE FLORIDA RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION have to figure this out.

Just my two cents.

Half a million dollars gets a Super Brochure in each Super-Voters' Home.

Contact Florida Ron Paul Meet-Up Groups and forward them a copy of this e-mail.

Wishing us all a truly wonderful 2012:

Wisdom Strategies

Wisdom Strategies

You bring up great

You bring up great points!

But I think one solution was posted by the Original Poster.

We could target the newspapers with the market share that would be most successful.

Debbie's picture

This sounds good!

This sounds good!


looking forward to the video!

awesome Erik and Curt!

News Paper

I like the news paper idea!