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Ron Paul and Hispanics - Campaign strategy, is there one?

Hi, all.

Looking at the numbers on the few polls that break down support by age, ethnicity and such (the main poll I've found that does this is by Insider Advantage) it looks like Ron Paul's support among Hispanics is minimal.

This is an old - but the most recent poll for Florida that I could find:

As I understand it, though, his Congressional District is something like 40 percent minority, being Texas I assume a lot of those are Hispanic - so I assume he has Hispanic supporters.

So, I'm wondering, does the campaign run any ads in Spanish? Are they doing anything to try and attract Hispanic support? Florida is going to be the first state with a big percentage of Hispanics, but they are going to be important elsewhere, too.

I know that Paul doesn't like the idea of changing his message to try to win over specific groups, but I can't see that it would hurt to run ads in Spanish, maybe featuring some of his former patients or constituents - or even just Spanish-language versions of his regular ads.

In Florida, why not talk about his support for normalizing relations with Cuba? That would be a huge plus for Florida - you'd piss off some of the old line anti-Castro refugees, but you'd have a shot at gaining support from the younger generation.

Is the campaign willing to settle for near-zero support from such an important group ? I'm hoping not...

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I got an email from Zaira Valdovinos

for "Hispanics for Ron Paul" on Saturday.

I thought everyone got it.

I think the rising tide lifts all boats.

Pigeon-holing and targeting special interests might not be a very good idea.

As for the Cuba relations, I don't think that is something that should be recommended during a Republican primary campaign, because it looks Communist.

As for Spanish ads, let them learn English. It's about time they gave it a try.

Ads in Spanish (etc.)

Hi, BigT

Dr. Paul wants to normalize relations with Iran (as opposed to starting a war with them) does that mean he's an Islamic fundamentalist?

Most people most places want to learn English - if they didn't I'd be looking for other work. But not everyone has - or I'd be looking for other work.

*But* even people that can function in English on some level may well appreciate being communicated with in a language they, and often their family, workplace, maybe whole neighborhood use on a daily basis. I have some friends here in Japan who are from South America (they can speak English) who went to America as tourists and visiting some relatives in Florida and California and found that they hardly spoke English at all during their whole time there because everybody they were interacting with was using Spanish (or Portuguese). They were a bit shocked by that, but the point is, people in that type
of environment are far more likely to pay attention to the content of, say, a commercial in Spanish than one in English - which is likely to just register as background noise.

As the poster from California said, there is no way to win California without some level of Hispanic support and I'm guessing that's true of Texas, too. If it takes putting Dr. Paul's message into whatever language to reach people, I don't see the downside. Letting their support go to Perry, Obama or whomever by default OTOH seems like a big negative.

I agree

There are a number of Hispanics in my household they all know English but really prefer Spanish. If you want to speak to the heart you really have to go for the native language. Go for the family/church language not the work/school one.

Paul doesn't cater to groups

They don't like his message because he is the only one that deals with the illegal problem by cutting their intensives. I know that sounds cold but the truth is that there is a big illegal problem in Texas and that is why I moved from Houston. When all you mail comes in Spanish and you can't speak to your neighbors then there is a big problem.

I don't see Paul making commercials in German, Chinese, Latin, Greek, Dutch, Check, Hebrew, Korean, Aramaic, Italian, French, etc...


I don't, and I'm sure Dr. Paul doesn't recognize there's a huge problem with illegal immigration (legal immigration is a mess, too) - but I don't think we can say with any certainty that Hispanics don't like Paul's message when there is no certainty that they've ever gotten it in the first place. And if there is no message in Spanish and the campaign has no presence in Hispanic areas it seems like it amounts to just writing off a significant part of the electorate that you can bet other candidates will be after.

Paul has Hispanic constituents, there are lots of Hispanic veterans and active military, and no doubt some of them are Paul supporters. There are many Hispanic entrepeneurs that should be receptive. The campaign ought to be able to use that in some way it seems to me.


I meant to say that I *do* and Ron Paul *does* recognize there are big problems with illegal immigration.. sorry about that.

If there is one, I have not seen it, and I would like to see one

I have wondered this too, and have reached out to Hispanic supporters/ bloggers, asking them, "Have you reached out to your community?". In 08, I saw grassroots efforts, but that was mowed down by other grassroots who seemed to think relating to the Hispanic population in Spanish was weakening Ron Paul as a conservative for U.S.A..

Here in CA, we have cities and areas like East L.A... matter of fact... More flour and corn are sold to the panderias (local Mexican bakery's than any other Mom and Pop businesses) Biggest Flour and corn consumers are mega corporations. So that says allot about why these people are so important.

I took business classes last year from a Small Business Administration group and the majority of people were Hispanic. Seems they prefer to have their own business than be part of a corporation.

Here in CA, Ron Paul or anyone from any party will NOT win without the Hispanic vote.

In my Church, even the English services are more populated with Hispanics than "English", and I've been racking my brain how to talk about Ron Paul. I'm being attacked for Ron Paul being a racist, and I think this is coming from Obama supporters. Some people are protesting my volunteer work saying I'm a racist because I support Ron Paul.

Seriously, the campaign needs to reach out to the Hispanic community. I know they would LOVE Ron Paul, if Ron Paul and his campaign would reach out to them.

Thank you for this post, because this is a very important issue and desperatly needs to be addressed.