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WARNING: NH Secretary of State: "Citizen Election Observers Threaten Election Integrity"

January 7, 2012 at 09:15:37
By Nancy Tobi


Prior to the 2010 midterm elections New Hampshire citizens, concerned that the optical scanning machines used in their towns concealed the vote count from the public, asked their local election officials to instead conduct public hand counts.

It is perfectly legal in New Hampshire to do public hand counts of ballots instead of running them through the concealed computerized count. After all, the NH Constitution clearly states that votes shall be sorted and counted in open meeting, in public.

The local election officials turned to the New Hampshire Secretary of State for guidance in how to respond to the request made by voters in their community.

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thanks for the post Bob.

thanks for the post Bob.

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this stuff should be our priority. All the work we do and all the money we donate could potentially mean absolutely nothing at the end of the day. We have some of the smartest people in this movement, let's use them!!



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"Citizen Election Observers

"Citizen Election Observers Threaten Election Integrity"
This is an incorrect statement. Citizen Election Observers are there to help ensure "Election Integrity" remains intact.
The only integrity threatened here, is that of an unscrupulous official who might mistakenly "miscount"...
These citizens will help such an official to not make such an error.

Every American needs to

Every American needs to become empowered to think they CAN do something about this, and DO it. State governments are supposed to be RUN by the people in that state--not corrupt politicians being paid off. One thing I LOVE about the Tea Party movement is that they SAY they will watch all elected officials. If they can stick to that and get rid of the bad ones they will be doing more for this country than has been done lately, at all.



What can be done by grassroots R3V PAULers..

What has been done to think through, prepare for and eventually expose the to be expected fraud with the NH EVM's?

Kind regs from Amsterdam, Holland,

How ironic that in some states convicted felons cannot vote and

yet the votes in NH are counted by a convicted felon.


From the article:

In New Hampshire (and all of New England) these computers are programmed by a sole source vendor by the name of LHS Associates. Ken Hajjar, LHS Associates vice president, is a convicted felon, a former cocaine trafficker.

In its second line of business, LHS does data mining, collecting demographic information about the very same voters and communities for whom LHS is programming election results. Combining its two areas of business, LHS Associates data mining might help identify community voting trends.

It's common knowledge by now that voting machines can easily be programmed to flip election results so votes for Candidate A are counted instead for Candidate B. If I want to rig an election, I might be interested in the demographic data collected by LHS Associates and I might be very interested in the programming of voting machines in those neighborhoods not particularly friendly to my candidate.

Yet, for some reason,

the state insists that this shady company and its methods will be used in its elections.

And what reason do you suppose that is?