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Jesse Benton Ends Interview with Belligerent Dana Bash

Hollis NH, January 9, 2012. Ron Paul had a meeting with a packed house. Dana Bash was her typical obnoxious self. Sorry the audio is so low.


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The Look on Her Face

..Says it ALL!
Raised Three Daughters..
..I recognize it....
Can honestly say that Dana had the "Look" on her face.
"The Look" that comes from being...
...........Like a teen shoplifter...who?....Me?

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Great! Shine a light on their corruption!

Unemotionally point out their corruption! People DO SEE IT!

Context re Bash's Alleged "Bashing"...


So who was really out of line here? This from the NYT blog posting cited in the aforementioned article...

> Afterward, Ms Bash could be heard apologizing
> to Mr. Paul’s wife. Mr. Paul then proceeded to
> do a previously scheduled interview with Fox
> News, a CNN rival.

And about the Fox News interview which took place immediately after The Bash Incident....


The Fox reporter (Griff Jenkins) is trying to obtain information. Danna Bash was trying to provoke (citing a single disgruntled voter as her "evidence"? Really??? Really???).

Which approach gives you more usable information?

I'm curious what she's up to

today in NH

deacon's picture

looks to me,

like the news corps didn't get the whole story
i know, i know this isn't their MO, they used a soundbite that came back to bite them, i believe the RP camp set them up Ron Paul has stated he knows how they operate
and i also believe Ron Paul is smarter than the lot of them


If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

OK this was the proper way to handle this.

I also don't know what they all said couldn't make it out quite.... what jesse said. but this is definitely how thi interview should have ended.. the question that she asked him was so loadd and the campaign is tired of these questions meant to assasinate character.. They created that entire story and the media is trying to do a hit job. Thanks jesse you really need to set a precedent.

Paul could have easily answered Bash's question

A likely voter (2008 Obama supporter) will not likely vote for Ron Paul because she was not able to shake his hand because the Media drove him off?

"While I would like this woman's support, I want the support of those who understand and share my positions on Liberty and Limited Government. People who give their support for reasons other than sharing their position is why we are in the mess we're in today . . ."

Great work

Where was Jesse when Gloria Borger was getting belligerent with him?

I understand that they all felt the interview was over, but Jesse yelling "Dr. Paul, stop talking. She is not your friend. Stop talking. This is done Ms. Borger, thank you."

Live And Learn

Jesse's doing great.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

that question was total,

that question was total, agenda driven propaganda. what jesse did was absolutely necessary. this is how you hold the media accountable in the most proactive way possible.

Great To Have Jesse Benton There

This way, if they try to make an attack ad against Dr. Paul, it's JB who cut the interview off, not RP. I would think that would take the "teeth" out of the attack.

"Be Fair"

That was just what Gloria Borger said when Dr. Paul walked away at the end of that interview. Are these reporters are being trained by the same people? Is this some coordinated effort to create a "Ron Paul is not being fair" commercial?

yes they are because they're

yes they are because they're all cia psy-ops operatives.
look it up, CNN hired a sh**load of agents and a dutchman discvered the whole thing in 2002 i think.


How long until...

...this interview ends up in a Jon Huntsman attack ad? I give it less than a week.

re "duff": Ms. Bash _Could_ Be an Individual...

...But, unfortunately for both her audience, and her own personal integrity, she has decided to behave as an MSM hack.

Professionalism in journalism used to mean being intellectually honest and accurate. Now all it means is pleasing your editors, their bosses, and the corporate (and, mostly, corporatist) advertisers who pay the bills. Journalistic Professionalism has devolved into simple careerism.

The good news is that CNN is widely recognized as being the Establishment tool that it is, and its audience is shrinking because of it. Eventually it will diminish to the point where either it will have to change its ways (hopefully for the better) to survive, or it will just cease to be.

just so you guys know who we're dealing with

Dana Bash (born Dana Ruth Schwartz; June 15, 1971) is a Jewish-American reporter and anchorwoman for CNN who currently covers the Capitol Hill beat alongside Jessica Yellin and her husband John King. Previous to this assignment, she was a White House correspondent for the network.


what a great way to discredit

what a great way to discredit this website. "i wuz just tryin to say she wuz a white house woman, not a jew!" if you're trying that hard to discredit ron paul or this website, or you're that anti semitic, then take your crap somewhere else.


is this the Liberty you're supporting Ron Paul for?
cause besides the fact that you're putting words into my comments, you have a pretty warped vision on the freedom of information, and i'm not exactly sure it's the same one our man is advocating.

alas, i digress. it was a spoiler to make people interested in the background of the marxists @ cnn/msnbc and their agenda.

guess who was interviewing that soldier that got cut off mid-sentence (talking about you know what) at the Iowa straw poll.
yup, it was miss schwartz on the floor with Wolf Blitzer in the studio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TSxm2V8aVQ
the same miss Schwartz who was "worried" about Ron Paul a few days ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keDL9_Pxh20

guess who the first husband of miss Schwartz, mister Jeremy Bash, is chief of staff to. A certain Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense.

but of couse this has nothing to do with Jesse Benson's interview with unbiased MSNBC reporter, and wife of Alan Greenspan, Andrea Mitchell (http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/1617408/posts) who later commented about Iowa and it's (apparently unworthy) inhabitants:

Too White, Too Evangelical, Too Rural

and further on, this surely has nothing to do with Gloria Borger's exploits in her infamous hit job on Ron Paul:

despite the fact that, coincidentally of course, her husband, Lance Morgan is a lobbyist at Powell Tate for the MilIndCom who:

Prior to joining the firm, Lance served as spokesman for the U.S. Senate Iran-Contra investigating committee and press secretary to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY).

Am i good enough for this forum now, mister truth-phobic?


Her Jewish religion/ethnicity

is not a relevant material in THIS particular incident, 7mai.

You could have made the same point (about her connections, conflict of interest, etc) by just highlighting her maiden name (family background) and her husband being a high powered employee of Obama's defense secretary

of course

i should have known freedom of information ends where someone else's feelings (might) get hurt.

Freedom 2012, Founding Fathers approved!


I'm Jewish Too

But I think what she did was disgusting. Great job by Jesse Benton cutting off that interview and telling off that reporter.

She is an individual. An

She is an individual. An individual who is not an honest journalist. Doesn't everyone have an agenda? Ours is the cause of liberty.

Dana Bash's Problem is Neither Religion, Nor Ethnicity...

...Dana Bash's problem is that she is simply an MSM hack doing what MSM hack's do: Seeking to shape public opinion in support of a self-evident Establishment agenda of trying to discredit and derail Ron Paul's candidacy.

By resorting to jew-baiting, "7mai"'s comments serve this agenda. That race-baiting anti-Huntsman video attributed to a Ron Paul supporter -- and denounced by Dr. Paul -- was bad enough. "7mai"'s biographical "research" here is no better.

It has been said that anti-semitism is the socialism of fools. It would be good if "7mai" would stop expressing his foolishness while affirming Ron Paul, for it does our candidate no good. It would be better still if "7mai" could stop being foolish, for this does him no good.

John Burke
Vancouver, WA

With bullies it's very important to draw the line.

I think that was necessary.

This may sound bad

But am I the only who heard her say "I wanna ask about a boner" at the end?...


yes you are. she said voter.

Her Final Report


Of course she made sure to include his position on cutting of all foreign aid, but it seems she gave a (grudgingly) positive report.

I think CNN learned something about blowback from the Gloria Borger hatchet job.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard


what do you wreckon those 2 presstitutes had in common, besides their loathing for everything American and Ron Paul.



Dana Bash is certifying herself as a presstitute. Not only she is nasty and unfair to Ron Paul in her line of questioning but she is really pushing Ron Paul because of her whole demeanor (can you believe she is a journalist?). She is really obnoxious. SHE SHOULD BE FIRED! Clearly this woman is trained as attack dog by the lame stream media!!! Do you think it's very weird this line of questioning doesn't show on Mitt, Santorum (don't google it please) and ChickenHawk Gingrich? I hope many people will see how dark this kind of media reporting interview really is and starts to wake up. A lot of young people already know this let's spread the message and end this.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."