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Romney campaigner defects to Ron Paul

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She looks alot

like the girl that defected from Romney to Paul in 2008 in a video. Just sayin.

Yes. She is just an attention seeker. :( Nothing new here.

is she

is she in this video too
when did she "wake up" ?

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Good Example

Here is a good example of YOUTUBE censorship...
http://youtu.be/CcQefgFExlw (yes, the associated 'link' to this post)

I opened the link at 19:24 hours MDT, 09-01-12 (01:24, 09-10-12, for you people who deal in GMT, or UT, and you know who you are!).
It shows 303 'views'...
BUT, 373 likes, 3 dislikes, 96 comments...and 303 'views'...AMAZING!

It is good to see a MITTENS 'supporter' come around to reality! I liked her comparison of the 'supporters' of Romney, versus the SUPPORTERS of the CONSTITUTION, and President Paul!

A COUPLE of good examples, actually...


Youtube is slow sometimes

It takes awhile for the actual views to populate sometimes, one of my videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrZtlnsBq_Y
was 'stuck' at 60,000 views for 2 days then suddenly it was over 250,000 Its Santorum on Fox bashing gays.

The 303 views happens to all videos... not just Ron Paul videos

It may be a way for them to prevent view spamming in the first 24 hours. After 24 hours or so, perhaps after they have confirmed that views are coming through in a non-suspicious manner, eg. not just one site link, then the real views are released.

This isn't censorship of Ron Paul, it's an across the board system they have at youtube.


Whenever I watch a linked youtube video from DP, the view counter is always just above 300. It pretty much happens every time and I'm not sure why...
I've read here that it's because there is a lag with the counter and that I catch it between updates, but then why is it always just above 300? I'm starting to doubt this explanation...
Plus, Youtube's Politics page doesn't seem to give Paul his fair chance. In the last 5 days, Ron Paul only had ONE "Hot Political video" (5 per day). We all know that Ron is the runaway winner when it comes to Youtube videos.


...nevermind. Thanks Don't Tread!



It looks like there were three of us all typing the answer to Mintgomery's query at the same time Optimist!

YouTube Counter

Hey Mintgomery...Just to let you know, YouTube has a built in "pause" in their counter that stops new videos from counting at around the 300 view mark. What they look for is the various I.P. addresses and some other details of where the views are coming from. It's kind of a "sanitization" for new vids. to make sure there's not a "bot" or some other method of falsifying the counts upward. The reason they do this is because of their program that pays contibutors based on the traffic and number of views on the video. It continues to count new views in the background and once it's finished reviewing those first 300 views it then releases the counter and adds all of the counts that were temporarily suspended.

I see this same question or concern from a lot of people. I've been loading vids on my site for a couple of years now so that's how I became initiated as to what was happening.

sharkhearted's picture

Another good reason to support Ron Paul: She does! :-)

Nuff said!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Yes indeed! ~Chris Suffolk,

Yes indeed!

Suffolk, VA

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

so hot

so hot

Look how much hotter she is

Look how much hotter she is without all that makeup:


Good looking women flock to Ron Paul...it must be his

Liberty & Freedom appeal...a turn on.

He's been married for a long

He's been married for a long time, raised two daughters and delivered thousands of babies.

The man must know everything there is to know about women.

(A certain and current 42nd president would be very jealous!)

OKAY....BOYS! Now, I know WHY this has gotten so many BUMPS!


Oh, yeh, I'm SURE it took several RP supporters to convince this pretty girl. Uh-huh. LOL!

All kidding aside, make sure you "educate" her a little more on the foreign policy rationale & even more recently the horrendous NDAAct.

Ron Paul chicks ROCK....

Ron Paul chicks ROCK....

Yeah, but she is probably

Yeah, but she is probably just a pot smoker who realized Paul is against the drug war.


She reminds me of another supporter from '08

There was another young lady in '08 named Savannah that I used to be "friends" with on facebook. I think she was from Minnesota. What ever happened to her? She seemed to have similar media aspirations.

Do you remember Rachel from '07?

Another hottie for Ron. Didn't she end up working for the campaign?

"Confessions of a Junkie"

She's a Republican

A Ron Paul Republican.

She's a Ron Paul supporter and,

if she defected from Romney to Ron Paul to get noticed to better her own career in the future; then, I see nothing wrong with that. She's still supporting Ron Paul and making that news known to the country.
Every Ron Paul supporter has a life of their own and if we can use our support work to better our lives then, it's a win-win situation.

One more thing about Romney some might not know . . .

Two People Who Can Tell You All You Need To Know About Mitt Romney

I found this comment on RevPAC site:

Dan says:
January 9, 2012 at 7:49 pm
This girl must have had a hard time deciding because you can find videos of her “formerly” supporting Cain and Gingrich. This is a shameless, reprehensible trick by ron paul’s footsoldiers. Anyone ever think of checking her youtube channel? You can find libertarian videos all over the place, including when she was supposed to have been a romney campaigner. Shame on you. If Huntsman all the sudden does well, will she have discovered she was a Huntsman volunteer too? What if, in an alternate reality, ron paul gets the nomination? Will you whore her out again for your own purposes? You claim to support the most high road candidate and you do cheap tricks like this. You can bet I’ll be spreading this around and have everyone see what a lie Ron Paul is. (and there’s more than just one reason…or one thousand for instance)

Same woman, she's gorgeous and she's right...

A win for liberty and freedom.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

This is really weird...

So, shes on Frank Luntz thing, then shes on a vid from 4 years ago...What the hell? Weird stuff...Paid actor or is this all a sham? Wag the dog type of deal?

I think she's just...

...a nice young woman with her sights on a media career. Obvious great looks, very good vocal tonality/depth, and articulate. So it looks to me like she does have a shot at a successful future in that industry. Even better if she is REALLY convinced deep-down on the LIBERTY philosophy. Sometimes things are simply what they "appear" to be, and I hope this is one of them. Until we see/hear/smell otherwise all I can say is good for her and best wishes going forward...

she finally met someone who knew something

She was a Romney supporter until she met people who knew something. Guess she won't be doing any more focus groups with Mr. Luntz.

she could be a

Ron Paul Girl! ;)

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"


Romney supporters are easily swayed to RP.

I was going to say the same thing...

The woman in the Luntz vid.