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Message From Ron Paul: South Carolina Moneybomb January 14th!

"""Message From The Campaign"""

South Carolina Money Bomb

You and I are only a little over 24 hours away from finding out New Hampshire's choice for the next Republican presidential nominee.

I've been fortunate during my visits to the Granite State to meet so many people who are ready to throw off the shackles of Big Government and return to our founding principles of individual liberty, free markets, and sound money.

And I'm excited about our chances to follow up on our incredible top-tier finish in Iowa with a strong showing tomorrow night.

The simple truth is, none of our campaign's hard work in New Hampshire would have been possible without you and the thousands of other grassroots patriots who have rallied to our cause.

Installing experienced staff on the ground, running top-notch ads, sending thousands of pieces of hard-hitting mail, spending countless hours making phone calls, and doing everything else it takes to run a winning campaign doesn't come cheap.

So as we look ahead to the next primary, South Carolina, I hope I can count on you to rise to the challenge once again.

My campaign is holding a Money Bomb this Saturday, January 14th, to help me make the final push in South Carolina.

Dedicated staff and volunteers in South Carolina have been working around the clock for victory, but they'll need all the reinforcement I can give them in these final days before voters head to the polls, so it's crucial you pledge to make your most generous contribution.

Frank, other candidates have to depend on big checks from fat cats, special interests, and establishment insiders.

Our campaign is fueled by active duty military, small business owners, stay-at-home moms, students fighting to keep their dreams alive, workers who long to finally get out from under Big Labor's thumb, and other everyday Americans who just want a government that sticks to the Constitution.

And what we've achieved together so far is nothing short of historic.

But my opponents are doing everything they can in South Carolina to distort my record and scare the voters.

They know I'm the only candidate with a detailed plan to end the reckless spending, balance the budget in three years, and get our country back on track.

Their taxpayer-funded gravy train comes to an end with a Paul presidency, so they're pulling out all the stops in a desperate last-minute panic.

Only your continued support will enable me to capitalize on my momentum from Iowa and New Hampshire and finish implementing our strategy in South Carolina.

So please, mark January 14th on your calendar right away and pledge to contribute as generously as you can to our Money Bomb to ensure we can make a strong final push in South Carolina.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

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Dear HQ: $100 Dollar Moneybomb x 200,000 supporters = $20 mi

If the Campaign knows how many donors Ron Paul has...
I heard Doug Wead say on fox or cnn that Ron Paul has 500,000 supporters.And we are not going away.Sure some may have


But if you know how many there are....say 200,000 supporters!
Make an honest request for Everyone to donate $100 Dollars.

Just tell it to our people PLAIN AND SIMPLE. THEY WILL HELP as much as they can.

"If all 200,000 supporters donate $100 = 20 million Dollars."

That anticipation alone will energize people to participate.

(That will definitely make the news)

Tell the people what is the potential. How if everyone donated $100 which is not that huge, but together, it could be very

huge and very powerful.

But the trouble with current Money Bombs is that there is a lot of ambiguity and anxiety right now about the what will

happen next and most of the supporters do not have prevy to the Campaign strategy etc.

So we/people dont know what is going on. So it is rightly so that people are holding back a little b/c of the economy etc.

Last time we raised over 6 million (i think) on Tea Party Money Bomb than this time (but with less supporters)

So please consider this.

I think if you let the people know - they will respond.

Besides, the more the base grows, the more moneybombs like this you could have, and perhaps even make it to $ 50 donations

from 400,000 people!
The beauty is -> Affordable amount + None maxs out + Comfortable war chest + Campaign can be confident the there will be

money there when you ask for it! = BECAUSE IT IS AFFORDABLE EVERYONE and huge impact.



Everyone Needs To Focus..........

And start promoting the January 14th Moneybomb....

We need to raise as much cash as possible.........

Please keep this thread bumped at all times!!!!



This is a CRITICAL time for Dr. Paul's campaign

As I write this, I am watching Rick Santorum on CSPAN, once again barging into a crowded diner in search of a crowd.LOL

As I watch this phony, I am reminded of how extremely FORTUNATE we are to have a man of integrity like Dr. Paul to vote for. He is doing FANTASTIC job but let's remember-- he needs our financial help to get the job done!

Pledge Campaign

South Carolina

This link is for the campaigns pledge site

This site is not a donation site, it is just a pledge site


Only donate to the campaign site, but you can pledge at this site to show the campaign that you plan to donate, at this point ever dollar matters to them and they need to know if they can spend money on things they need or keep it for later..

Setting up another site to do this is a must, the campaign needs to keep their server fresh so if it gets hit with a huge amounts of people it can handle it, it is a tech way of doing things, many websites do this.

If you click on the pledge button and any form of payment is requested get the heck out of there.,

This pledge site is from the Ron Paul campaign

This is a legit sit so if you want to pledge please go ahead.

legit site

Here is part of the email I got from the Ron Paul campaign that linked to the page provided.

Dedicated staff and volunteers in South Carolina have been working around the clock for victory, but they'll need all the reinforcement I can give them in these final days before voters head to the polls, so it's crucial you pledge to make your most generous contribution.

It came from ron.paul@ronpaul2012.com

and it in fact is that link provided.


C'mon People.......

Start Voting This thread up!!!!!!!!!!

We need to ROCK THIS

Spread the word to your families, friends and communities. Spread the word on facebook, twitter, youtube and comment sections across the net.

Let's beat our record and move Ron Paul to the TOP where he (and especially his ideas and policies) deserves to be!



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

can we get the Money needed for the campaign?

6,317,064.65 is on the ticker now people, we can do this, I am going to donate, lets do this!

We need $10-20 million

above and beyond the current ticker. LEts make this moneybomb so BIG that it can be the last! The one that sets us Free!

It's So Very Simple..As I Have Done - We Must All Understand

Supporting Ron Paul for President Financially (for our liberties, freedoms and prosperity) is tantamount to Success. We wish to put forward this plan for securing funds (on a monthly basis) that will offer the campaign the opportunity to maximize Ron Paul's exposure to the masses.

The Plan:

Monthly Donation - $20.12

Number of Individuals needed - 1,000,000

The overall concept is simple we find one million individuals (supporters) that are willing to donate only $20.12 per month (that is less than seventy cents per day) to the campaign - Ron Paul would than be blessed with $20 million dollars per month. If you wish to share in this concept please

GO HERE: https://secure.ronpaul2012.com/

Please "share" this with your circle of influence - for your Freedom and their Liberty

bump you comment


Amen To That

LEt's go everyone....keep it bumped........vote this thread up


He told Dana whats her name that we didn't have the plan in Florida because we didn't have the 10-20 million in the bank and he was not going to Wall Street to get it. HERES YOUR CHANCE to act like a Wall Street FAt CAt, DIG DEEP and give your $$ to a VERY "Special Interest": Liberty!!!!

Tweet, tweet and post and repost on Facebook

RP has over 700K followers there now.

If you have twitter or facebook, please use to promote and share


Can you add a link?

This is real.

This is now.




Are we going to fund our campaign or what!!!?

Keep it Bumped






Here We Go......

Spread the word far and wide everyone!!

Ron Paul has called for a Moneybomb!!

Keep This Bumped At All Times!!!!