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Trump dumps Paul: insists he can't beat Obama...the day a poll reveals he can

Earth to Greta. Get over his hair.

Despite a prime-time panel chair on the FoxNews American-Idol-meets-Murdock's-Favorite-Candidate love fest, Donald Trump clearly has no political savvy.

Or, apparently, any ability to make up his mind.

Speaking Monday night to Greta van Susteren, Trump hints that he might soon endorse a candidate. (Huh? Didn't you just declare yourself an official independent and "fire" all the candidates, Don?)

The Donald now insists that he actually is preety excited about someone in the running.

Nope, he won't name names before NH...
Well, but actually, Romney and Newt would be competitive.
Oh, and by the way, Ron Paul has no chance at all.


This is the same narrative Donald espoused in the pre-independent, "Ra-ra Republican" phase of his primary meddling, when Gingrich was rising an inconceivable wave of support and Paul was still cruising--albeit with a steady base--below the media radar.

But now, Paul is a Romney-grade competitor with the President, neck-and-neck with Obama in a new--shockingly CBS--poll.

And Newt? He's slid into post-apocalyptic Perry territory when it comes to viability alongside the incumbent.

Maybe the reality star should get back to vetting celebrities...
While the country moves in search of a real leader to take out the Celebrity-in-Chief.

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“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Did he have

that crazy looking wild squirrel on top of his head again?