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Great pro-RP article on American Thinker blog

I have never posted before, but wanted to share this article that I came across. It rebuts various arguments against RP.

I am a Republican of many years who became inspired by RP after one of the earlier debates, as he was the only one talking about civil liberties. I had heard Rush Limbaugh say that the economic statistics (which can be manipulated) were going to suddenly get better just before the election, which would obviously undercut any Republican campaign based on the economy as the main issue. At the debate, only Ron Paul presented a defining issue that cannot be chipped away at, and that I believe is the most important one to this nation -- protecting freedom of speech and other civil liberties. I am now reading the Daily Paul Liberty Forum and following his campaign with great interest. Thank you.


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Congrats on your first post

Its a winner. Great reading material and a solid argument in support of Doctor Paul.