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Craigslist Ad ~ posted in New Hampshire Ad/Editor Bomb!

You know we started the EMAIL CALL CANVASS campaign, and now I think we should consider adding an EDITOR~AD to that as well. We need to be more creative than all the other candidates and a lot of people read craigslist and if each of us posted an ad in each of the early states on craigslist and backpage, as well in their smaller papers, this might get the word out faster than we are just by calling, canvassing, and emailing. Here is one sample of what has went out to editors and craigslist in New Hampshire and South Carolina:

Dear Editor:

As our money shrinks as to what it will buy at our local grocery store or how many gallons of gas we can get into our cars, and every time a bill comes in seeing the "federal service fee" located before the total, I could not help but notice during the debates that the presidential candidates; such as Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and John Huntsman, frivolously mention they would cut Social Security and Medicare. Newt Gingrich is unsure, he has presented his case all over the place on this issue, he seems to present a different case depending on whomever he is in front of.

All of those who have paid into this program their entire lives and now they are not going to get our due? Why would they cut a program we paid into without cutting first large federally run departments or overseas spending and foreign aide? We are hungry and the federal government gets bigger and spends more on their suites than what we receive in total in one month. Why is it that these departments keep getting bigger, such as the Department of Education, but in talking with one of our local teachers recently she stated, "Our teenagers cannot even write a sentence?" The Department of Education mandated at the federal level is not working. By most reports we are averaging 26th in the world, among 36 industrialized nations we are 18th, and other reports show us at 29th in studies such as science. Something is desperately askew here. Our children are not getting the education they deserve, not because our teachers are awful, but because their hands are tied with the paperwork of the federally run education program. This can be said the same about our healthcare system. We do not have lousy healthcare, we have a federal government involvement where it should not be and doctor's offices are closing because of it.

Our voices, here in New Hampshire and other states, keep getting smaller as our government run things very poorly at a federal level. This letter just gives three major issues for us that need to be addressed as we decide whom to choose as our next President of the United States. Again, we spend $12 million per hour on a war in Afghanistan that puts our youth in harm's way, while thousands are dying in a "drug war" on our borders of the United States of America. This affects New Hampshire. We have a current president who campaigned on getting us out of these wars and he has not done much, if anything at all, of what he has promised.

As Americans, we need to take a serious look at whom we support as the Presidential nominee. I love to listen to some of them talk and the media would have us believe that we have a good choice in a couple of candidates. Keeping in mind a lot of what is being said is "just talk" and we need to take a hard look at the fruit that these candidates have produced throughout their lives that newspapers and television do not always unveil. Did they take over a million dollars, that is considered unethical, as Newt Gingrich did with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, reporting as a so-called "consultant"? Did their people meet with Barack Obama on at least a dozen occasions, as Mitt Romney's did, to create ObamaCare, but deny it repeatedly as he campaigns across our beautiful country? Or, did he give back more than $100,000 of his Congressional Office Budget and a portion of their Congressional pay to the national debt? These are just a few of the questions we need to answer while making the complicated decision of who is in our best interest to not only feed ourselves but to give our children a bright future. Who is going to be the honest and ethical President? What are they going to do to help us here in our state? Who is telling the truth?

Personally, I have researched far beyond what the little black box sitting in my living room has told me, I have a candidate that I have decided on because he walks the walk and has the ethics we need, he will keep Social Security intact for those who have paid into the system and allows the youth to opt-out. I can only hope that you will take the time to do the same research. I respectfully ask that all Americans deciding to take a freedom walk to the primary will do the research yourself and not allow the media or other groups to make the decision for you. We are in this together and I believe we have more in common as individual citizens of this great country than that of the special interest groups lobbying in Washington D.C. or those special interest groups residing in our very own state.

Just my 1/8th of a penny
and voting for Dr. Ron Paul,

An American

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Good night bump!

Hope some will consider posting to the editor some of their thoughts before it is too late to elect Dr. Paul.