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Gubernatorial endorsements

Why does it seem that Ron Paul is not going after any gubernatorial endorsements? Is there a good reason for that? Is it not worth the effort?

Christie and Haley have both endorsed Romney and in the video below Haley says that every candidate contacted here EXCEPT Ron Paul.


Since both Christie and Haley were considered Tea Party candidates in 2010 it seems a shame that they are not backing Dr. Paul.

More to the point - it's very disturbing to see that they are backing Mitt Romney... quite possibly the most liberal of all the GOP candidates. What's going on here!?

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um because

they are part of the establishment... He should try wisconsins gov

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Tea Party Movement is NOT = to RP Revolution

While the Tea Party is certainly somewhat of a spinoff from the Ron Paul Revolution of 2007-8, many faux conservatives have attempted to hijack it and have successfully done so and these two endorsements serve as proof. I never have been on board with the Tea Party movement because in my mind they were a day late and a dollar short. My thoughts were, "Where the heck were you people when the Establishment was parading faux-conservatives up there in an effort to force McCain on their constituents?

While there are many true conservatives in the Tea Party Movement, many of them are simply opportunists - simply champagne in a tea bag (you know, like a wolf in sheep's clothing).

Remind me to not

support Haley next time around.

I don't like lying traitors.

2:50 on

FYI - She mentions that Ron Paul never contacted her from 2:50 on... the rest of the video is her talking up Mitt. (Not so interesting.)