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Ron Paul walks off CNN interview, again


At least I got the first comment up to set the record straight.

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Well, Mrs Bash has been having a pretty clear a priori...

... a propos Dr. Ron Paul, for a while, already :


Interestingly enough, she just so happens to be married with Mr. John King to whom she was reporting on above link, and who, oh coincidence! also had a rather, say, "debatable" quality AND level of questions for our good doctor recently (e.g., re: "question bias") :


Coincidence, coincidence, really. Dang! What were the odds?

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Ron Paul got "Bashed"

The terrible reporter's name is "Dana Bash"... She's the "reporter" that said on live TV that "she's afraid of a Ron Paul win"...

I suggest that whenever Ron gets treated poorly by the media we give it the term being "Bashed".

This way her name is directly related to bad journalistic integrity and poor interviewing skills.

..and it was a very good one,

..and it was a very good one, too.