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The Huntsman "surge" continues

At 9:20 tonite I'm listening to the radio and an American Research Group poll is cited putting Huntsman at 18% and RP at 17%.

Here is the alleged poll:


At last check earlier today Real Clear Politics had Huntsman's average at 11.5%.

The setup for "a great showing by Huntsman" continues so don't be surprised if it happens.

Then I can see the establishment reviving Rick Perry for a strong showing in SC.

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Have the campaign made any Facebook ads at all?

That´s probably one of the best ways to reach voters nowadays because you can target voters by state and even by city.

What about sms donations? Is the campaign accepting donations by sms?

NH is liable to do

NH is liable to do anything...they voted for McCain, right?

Just called in to a radio show

Jim Bohanan. WWW.jimbotalk.net. I tried explaining the concept of the media using hype to pump up hopeless candidates as pawns to create inconsistency in Romney's competition, thereby protecting him.

He argued it's sad to think people are driven to support candidates based on what everyone else is doing. I replied, "they're out there". He continued to suggest it's unfortunate, blah blah blah. But that doesn't change the fact the phenomenon exists.

Why Ron Paul actually beat Mitt Romney in Iowa.

By Lou Lippincott

COMMENTARY | The Santorum Surge -- born from a perfect storm set up by the media and those worried about Mitt Romney's ability in Iowa -- is over. The caucus was moved up to the first business day after a long holiday weekend, voting college students are still away on break, and everyone is taking that weekend to relax at home after the busy Christmas holiday.

It was a very cold weekend with nothing to do but watch the news in the warmth and comfort of home. Monday the high was 19 degrees and the winds were a painful 30 mph (in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area where I was) and no one was outside where I was driving and walking around.

The voters in Iowa got hours and hours of only positive Santorum media on the last few days before the caucus. It was intentional to break up the anti-Romney vote away from Ron Paul. Take a look at the Iowa results on a county map and you'll see that the center of the state that Paul was poised to take just weeks before the caucus would have given him a massive victory, an Iowa mandate. Paul took more 2008 Romney counties than he did 2008 Huckabee counties. If Paul was left alone to be the Christian/anti-Romney option, he would have likely won in a landslide -- and the media saw it coming about a week ahead of time.

I first heard the news of the "Santorum Surge" when Santorum went from just 7% to 9% in Iowa, and I was thinking, what surge? The media kept reporting it over and over and before long he was polling at 16%, and then at 20%.

The fact that Paul garnered the same percentage of votes as his RCP polling average, shows that Paul can build and maintain electability and is the anti-Romney candidate. Paul didn't lose support, his main rivals predictably gained support by a huge amount of free positive media in the final days in Iowa -- no real mystery there.

Santorum won't have the appeal he had in Iowa for long. It's an appeal that can only be obtained by not knowing much about him and the results of the next contest will prove it. Iowan voters who decided who to vote for in the final three days before the caucus should feel duped by the media for pushing Santorum. Which begs the question: If most Republicans feel that CNN is an example of liberal media, why do they let CNN tell them whom to vote for? It seems foolish to let your opponent pick your candidate for you.

Casting a vote should be an informed decision, not one similar to a college student deciding which shirt to wear when all of their clothes are dirty. In the end that is what Rick Santorum seemed like to undecided Iowans on caucus night -- the least dirty shirt on floor.

Total bull.

They are planning to stuff the ballot box for Huntsman to make the surge look real. We can't let them get away with this. Huntsman is barely in double digits. The people of New Hampshire have said they don't want him.

If Ron Paul gets cheated out of a strong second in New Hampshire...I think we ought to get real outspoken about these fabricated "surges" and the obvious cheating and vote fraud.

John F

Agreed. And of course the

Agreed. And of course the "surge" will be credited to a "strong debate showing" when for awhile on Sunday it became The Jon Huntsman Show.

Suddenly we are to believe the public really has a bona fide interest in Huntsman's platform but only 72 hours ago this guy couldn't get arrested if you sent him to Arizona, dressed him up as Speedy Gonzales, and had him break into Joe Arpaio's house.

All other candidates are RP "spoilers"

It is SO obvious now. There is NO DOUBT about it. Ron Paul is THE THREAT.

The GOP is CORRUPT to the core. The spoilers will continue to follow us around like mad dogs...from one state to the next.

The MEDIA is their accomplice.

Instead of the FLAVOR of the MONTH, it's the FLAVOR of the STATE.

The GOP counts the votes & will commit fraud. They are already "preparing" the public for a FAKE HUNTSMAN win. What traitors these people are.

The MEDIA is BENEATH CONTEMPT. They NEVER HAD A DROP OF COVERAGE of Ron tonight, until LATER in the evening a brief interview on Greta's show.

We CANNOT win this election if the GOP commits VOTER FRAUD, and I assure you they will stop at nothing to keep Ron Paul from winning 2nd in New Hampshire. It's not right. It's not nice. It's NOT fair, but it's what they are plotting, and you know what? They have the DIEBOLD ELECTRONIC MACHINES where they can flip the votes to do it. WE ARE NOT GIVING THE NETWORKS THE PLEASURE OF WATCHING THE RETURNS TOMORROW NIGHT. THEY CAN STICK IT.

What Is A Facebook Ad?

And how do I make one.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard


I thought New Hampshire people couldn't be led around like sheep? Lets hope not!


This is FUCKING BULLSHIT and this time it WILL NOT WORK.

Facebook ads Everyone!

Jon Huntsman supports NDAA, target New Hampshire voters!!!