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Art Money bomb- Update


I need to do my part to get Ron Paul elected with an original oil painting. This fight is not over and freedom is already spreading more and I ever thought possible thanks to Dr. Paul and sites like this. Help me raise some cash for our favorite hero.


I originally had this on ebay but since it was a new account they thought it was fraud. A bit suspect since it happens to be an image of Ron Paul that they took down. So screw ebay I'm took my free market choice to webstore.com. I hope some here will find this interesting and worthy enough of a donation. All proceeds go to Ron Paul 2012 or Revolution PAC(depending whether I max out or not on individual contribution)

You can see more info on the painting here:


Can you guys help me spread the word? Thanks in advance.

Go President Paul!

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ebay suspended my account

what a bummer. Ill have to fix this and get it back up. sorry.

Images for a free society


On webstore.com now. Go Paul!

Images for a free society