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Can Ron Paul Truly change Washington if Elected President?

Can Ron Paul truly change Washington if Elected? A lot of times when I speak to other people about Ron Paul, I get a feeling that others have simply lost hope for any candidate and the government, which I don't blame them. Some of the frequent responses I get even from people who like Ron Paul the most out of all the candidates, is that they believe that even if Paul was elected, there's no way that he can change Washington and the corruption, they simply won't let him. With frustration, I had thought about that statement and I asked myself, "what could realistically change Washington?". I came up with three answers

1st. HONESTY and STRONG principles that are not easily corruptible. Without this, the following two are not relevant.

2nd. Understanding the core issues. Without understanding the sickness there is no way you can provide a cure or a solution. And the

3rd. is a MOVEMENT of people who are willing to fight for something greater than themselves, not because their support is superficial based on his or hers sweet talk, slick hair or the color of his/her skin, but because they understand what they are truly fighting for, FREEDOM and LIBERTY. I am certain that this combination can go further than just changing Washington, it can Change the World.

Ron Paul is the only one who can provide the Bridge for this MOVEMENT to change Washington. He even stated before in his speech that "Presidents come and go, but a movement can last forever". We have been enjoying the fruits from the movement of our founding Fathers for a long time.

This is what frightens the establishment more than anything, and this is why both Ron Paul and his supporters (us) are painted as dangerous and crazy. (No Doubt we pose great Danger to the Establishment) So the next time someone tells you that Ron Paul can't possibly change Washington, remember " He wont alone, but the movement can, through him".

Imagine what we have accomplished together without much help from the MSM and their Presstitutes. Now imagine what we could accomplish if given a real Chance and Opportunity. I believe we can and should be the example of whats possible, in our Homes, our Communities and most importantly, within ourselves. As Mahatma Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in the World". So have faith, be strong and Believe in LIBERTY.

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Coalitions not Compromise!

I want a strong ad from the campaign focused on leadership and how he will get things done.

A telling quote from a lady after RP townhall in NH on Cspan said "I hope he can get done all the great things he talks about..."

The power of

the commander in chief is incredible. That is what they are so scared of. He can call our troops home. Do you understand how powerful that is.

That's a good point. Electing

That's a good point. Electing Ron would be just the first step in a long battle. An organized movement like ours could be deadly to status quo politicians, though. Imagine the call ins to every congressman who is giving President Paul trouble. Imagine the money bombs that would go to his primary opponents when he won't tow the line. And you can bet every single one of us will vote in those primaries. And it doesn't take many voters to change the result of a congressional primary. You're typical wussy congress creature would be in terror of us.

With a leader, we could truly become a force to be reckoned with.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” William Pitt