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Ron Paul Mania In New Hampshire

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Ron Paul keeping it real,

Ron Paul keeping it real, "You the media did that to her", hah. Quit being a mob and act like adults...

Heres what really happened

@ Moe Joes quite pathetic and 100% BS saying it's Paul's fault -_-


Sleep, those little slices of death; Oh how I loathe them.

subliminal message in the Blitzer-Bash exchange

Sounds like Bash is saying that independents who support Ron Paul are really only closet Democrats who are also anti-war. So the implication could be that "real" Republicans shouldn't be voting for him.


Why are voters so pathetic!!!???

"If Ron Paul looked me in the eye and shook my hand, i would have voted for him?"

The future of the country is pending on whether Ron Paul will shake their hand or not?

"Wow, i like him. He's got a good shake of the hand, i think i will vote him as the leader of my country."

Are you serious!? People are dying overseas, Americans can be indefinitely detained, debt is swallowing the country up, the US can spy on every detail about you and you are not going to vote for him because he didn't shake your hand?

Honestly, that's probably the most pathetic thing i have ever heard.

Many Americans have a sense of entitlement

and a shallowness of thought about them. Simple as that I think.

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Because the average American

Because the average American adult is mentally like a child in this day and age.
They take politics nowhere near as serious as our grandparents did, they have been taught to blindly love America and not questions our policies and that is why they are obsessed with reality TV because it permits their brains to go back to sleep.

This episode reminded me of a scene from King of the Hill..

....Hank Hill meets George Bush.



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I thought the same thing when Iowans were so thrilled with Santorum visiting EVERY county. Who cares? What do personal visits have to do with candidates' ideas.

As for not getting a handshake - I think RP could walk up to me and punch me in the face and I'd still vote for him. haha. He's got the solutions. And the will to execute them. That's all that matters.


I think he should start using the punch in the face technique it might help wake some of these mush heads up.

RP... The terror

RP... The terror candidate...
Like the terrorist Founding Fathers who almost completely threw off the chains of the Motherland England.

We went backwards in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act, resulting in the debt slavery & tax bondage of the FED/IRS Complex.

But it's time to finish the job.

Look at this drugged-up slave, Krauthehammer protesting the legalization of liberty. Talk about a spiritual black hole.

VIDEO: http://dailycaller.com/2012/01/08/krauthammer-ron-paul-is-no...

How about we email bomb CNN to say thanks?

How about we email bomb CNN to say thanks? We're good at it when they give us negative coverage, how about we thank them for giving him good coverage. Anyone got the email addresses?


That ending segment cracked me up. her evil grin under, ' just like i am just like i am just like i am...' Ty

Our country needs to do as Regina did. Listen, look, and vote

Thank you Regina, you made a wise decision!!

i dont like that heller kellen girl

complaining to the cameras when she knows paul is going to meet with her and her family in private.

She's a liar

Attention whore alert! She lied about her mother just coming up from Florida to meet Ron (she was at a Santorum event the previous Friday!) and she lied about herself having voted for Obama in the last primary. There are news photos of her riding on a Segway with her daughter with a big McCain sign, for crying out loud. Google "Karen Heller" Manchester and search images. She's in Getty images from 1/08. One of the images was also in a Boston Globe slideshow.

Wahhh, wahhh look at me. I think that lady acts like a psycho and I hope she doesn't get close to Ron again.


just an attention w ? whichever candidate strokes her ego the most gets her vote ?
i am concerned about her children !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

This is fucking amazing.

This is fucking amazing.

That's the fairest coverage of Paul...

...I've ever seen CNN give. Bash repressed her bias and she and Blitzer actually gave a fair report of the days events and the Paul surge, especially among NH independents. I think they might have realized that their heretofore insufferable anti-Paul bias has not been good for ratings.

They failed to mention

Mrs. Paul being shoved by the media. If that happened to any of the other candidates wives it would have been plastered all over.

They also left out that Paul would me with the woman privately that was upset that he left the restaurant early.

It is the information they leave out that can give a better picture and they do that on purpose.

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