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A Prayer for Victory

Please take few moments to pray for Liberty, pray for Dr. Paul's health and success. Pray to open the minds and hearts of the people of NH to vote for liberty and freedom. Pray for the people of NH to find the courage to convert their neighbors to save our freedom. Pray for the voters to make the efforts and cast their vote to help our victory. Pray for the people who are in charge in counting to do God's work and report things correctly. Prey for delegates for Ron Paul.


Please vote it up for more people to see it and pray for our victory.
Let's keep this up and on the front page all day until the ballots close..

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I haven't prayed in over a

I haven't prayed in over a year, but I did today.

I always keep Paul in my prayers and his family

He needs us to keep praying for him and his family and that the evil ones will be exposed and pray against any voter fraud and that the angels of almighty God be around him to protect him.


thank you. we need to do

thank you. we need to do everything we can, including prayer, to help our cause..