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"Ron Paul is wrong about Israel, but I'm voting for him anyway!"

From the comments section of this "Jeremiah Wright" article:

by Henry Throeau (his username):

I agree with the article's facts, but not the conclusion of the author.

Paul's comprehension of Islam seems to start after Thomas Jefferson's attack on the shores of Tripoli. There is a millennial blind spot in his understanding of Islam. It's almost mind boggling. As a Roman Catholic, it's engrained into our DNA what Islam is and what it isn't. It is not, and never has been peaceful. Their Prophet personally beheaded 600 Jews(conservatively), killed his own family members, and raped a 9 year old girl. And that's just while he was transcribing the Quo'ran.

But! What's the worst thing that can happen if Ron Paul doesn't involve us in wars where a Country is not attacking us? The absolute worst thing?

We don't go to war, and if any Americans want to go defend Country X from muslim invasion, then they can do so.

And so, that's it. Unless I'm missing something. Please let me know if I am. I don't go up to muslims in the checkout line at the grocery store and punch their teeth through their face, even though I'd like to. Why? Because they haven't attacked me. You don't whip it out unless your life is threatened, and you intend to kill everything that threatens it. Rule one of carrying a gun. This "hearts and minds" preemptive strike BS doesn't work, it never has worked, and will not achieve anything but weakening our military for when we are attacked.

The President of the United States upholds and defends the United States Constitution. He doesn't preemptively attack Nations that haven't attacked the USA. I'm OK with that. Am I OK with Ron Paul's non-existent grasp of islamic history? No. But being stupid isn't a problem if you follow the supreme law of the land. And he does that.

If Israel is attacked, hell, I'll take a plane ride and help them my damn self. That's my choice. It's not the President's- because he isn't the President of Israel, Bosnia, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. He is the President of the United States only. Once you grasp that extremely important concept, you'll edge closer to Natural Law and Constitutional Law. There's another benefit to this. Freedom to be charitable without the government stealing your money to do so.

That last paragraph is brilliant, IMHO.

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Well, this guy is a total bigot

and I'm not surprised, since he lurks at World Net Daily.

I don't go up to muslims in the checkout line at the grocery store and punch their teeth through their face, even though I'd like to.

That's pathetic.

But if he wants to join the Revolution, that's good, maybe we can help him be less hateful.

I always love people who toss around an assumed expertice

in "History". This author obviously has a full understanding of the millenium that Paul is unaware of given his full discussion of Catholic interactions during the Crusades and the fact that the Crusaders killed EVERYONE when taking Jerusalem while Saladin allowed safe passage out of the Holy land when it was he with the upper hand.

God damn that religion ain't peaceful and I'd like to punch it in the nose!

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Forgetting one thing

I am a Catholic that supports Jews against Zionism. When the Rothschilds created the State of Israel they wanted to get people with Jewish blood to move there. Many Jews refused, there was a reward of $600 for each person that did not return to the state of Israel invisioned by the Rothschilds.
"They say that they are Jews, but they are liars they are the synagogue of Satan".
Our tax dollars are pursecuting real Jews because we are keeping the Zionist state of Israel alive. They don't want or need us interfering. All we do is prop up dictators and destroy peoples rights to protect themselves.
Ron Paul is right about everything especially this.

Golden Rule

THey do not practice.


The Bible & Ron Paul video series

Paul is not wrong about Israel or Islam...please see segments #9 and #10. Learn them, regurgitate them, spread them. This underlying assumption about Paul has got to be stopped. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0E27AFB852E14B16

I haven't logged in to this site in years, but...

I have to point out that the author of that article is an absolute idiot. I could judge him as a Catholic by the Albigensian Crusade based his logic. I really don't think having this article pop up on one of the most popular Paul sites on the internet is helpful. It's akin to posting: "Hey, awesome! A crazy person supports Ron Paul!" Should we really be posting things like this?


Are you referring to the writer of the article, or the commenter that I quoted?

In any case, in my view the cause of liberty should have no bounds. This guy is adamantly against Dr. Paul's views of Israel, and still the good doctor's views of liberty and the Constitution trumps those views in his mind. I find that fascinating, and it opens up many new doors to support for Dr. Paul.

And another thing. His support for Dr. Paul is obviously a recent phenomenon. How long before he really starts to understand the bigger picture, now that the camel's nose is under the tent so to speak?

Calling someone an "absolute idiot" isn't going to win many brownie points with people who are still on the fence either.

Ron Paul is not a historian

Ron Paul is not a historian of matters that are not the USA.

Learning the history of some other region and only to hate those people is not something RP would be inclined to do.

Most of things RP has mentioned that he reads deal with government, politics, economics, monetary and general USA history.

On the contrary, I think Ron

On the contrary, I think Ron Paul actually knows more about other cultures / other countries than most Americans.

Who knows if he is an expert, but reading his books you get the idea he does study history of other areas besides America.

For example, Iran - he knows quite a bit about that whole situation because he has studied the history, and the other candidates just don't get it because they don't have that info.

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

too bad he loses credibility

There are some good points in that comment, but it is tainted with his lies & propaganda about Muslims, greatly weakening his credibility.

But some people start off supporting one part of RP's vision, and eventually the rest sinks in as they read & learn more.

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

That's What Happened With Me

I was first drawn to Dr. Paul for his foreign policy views, then as I heard him speak I realized he was right about a lot more.

My brother sent me Economics In One Lesson and it came together even more.

Now I have found this forum and have learned so much from all of you I can hardly describe how thankful I am.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard