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Jon Huntsman's Little Iranian Missile Problem

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Jon Huntsman's Iranian Missile Problem
by PAUL CONSTANT on MON, JUN 20, 2011

Jon Huntsman isn't involved with Huntsman Corp. anymore, but you can bet that Republican voters aren't going to accept that as an explanation for this:

Shortly after Jon Huntsman began his tour as President Barack Obama’s ambassador to China, an unwelcome letter from an anti-Iran nuclear watchdog group arrived at Huntsman Corp., the chemical company founded by his father.

The bluntly worded missive singled out a Tehran-based subsidiary — purchased when Huntsman worked for the company — for selling polyurethane that could be used in solid fuel for Iranian missiles, among other things.

“How can it be that Ambassador Huntsman could persuade the Chinese government to impose further economic sanctions on Iran when his namesake former company continues to do business in Iran?” read the letter from United Against a Nuclear Iran, a nonpartisan group founded by the late diplomat Richard Holbrooke and veteran Mideast envoy Dennis Ross.

Jon Huntsman's family business could be arming the Iranians. That's a little spicier than Newt's Tiffany's problem. This might even be considered...

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