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CNN Just Admitted This Is Quickly Becoming A Two Man Race Between Romney And Protest Candidate Ron Paul.

Erin Burnett was interviewing several analysts and they (paraphrased) said that if Santorum finishes 4th or 5th in New Hampshire he is a one state wonder.

If Gingrich finishes out of the top three in New Hampshire and / or South Carolina then he's basically done.

THEN THEY SAID THAT... This Is Quickly Becoming A Two Man Race Between Romney And Protest Candidate Ron Paul.. Bam!


THIS THEY ARE ALREADY ADMITTING--They know Paul is high #2 in New Hampshire and this clearly sets the stage for a two man race after New Hampshire.

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You have to question the seriousness and intentions of several candidates, Gingrich, Perry and Huntsman. All three did not qualify for the Virginia primary ballot. Huntsman didn't get on the Illinois or Arizona ballot!! What is saying to his supporters ? I think they're shills just trying to distract/attack Dr.Paul!

nomad, can you provide more info on the party change in Mass. I've been looking everywhere but can't find the specifics. Anyone else in Mass. know the party change rules and deadline. Please hurry, thank you.

Yes , It's not "Who is the Anti-Romney"..

That's just a cover, a false-flag op to attempt to "block" Ron Paul..they are, in reality, "Anti-Paul Candidates"

The Anti-Romney is as relevant as the Anti-Christ, what a joke!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Two man race since Paul announced....

This has been a two man race since Paul announced he was running...

A two man race between Paul and Obama.


None of these other paper candidates have a shot at the "anti-Romney" vote. And Romney? He'll do worse than any of the other contenders against Ron Paul.

This is a marathon. But its a two-man race already, and after Florida there is an avalanche teetering precariously, waiting to break free.

I don't mean to be overconfident, but I can't see how we lose at this point. Vote fraud and delegates are our major concerns from this point on. And that will be enough to handle.

John F

yet they still have to

yet they still have to marginalize Dr. Paul by labeling him a "protest" candidate. And of course that is part of Paul's appeal, but there is so much more real substance to Ron Paul it just annoys me that he's always called a protest candidate.

IF there is anything resembling honest vote counting, Dr. Paul will do no worse than second in New Hampshire. I'm trying to stay optimistic but New Hampshire has electronic voting machines I'm told. As long as those exist anywhere there is no way we can ever know if a primary or a general election is stolen.

If the manufactured "Huntsman Surge" results in Ron Paul finishing 3rd in New Hampshire, then the writing is on the wall regarding vote fraud. I do not believe the conventional media 'wisdom' that there are so many undecided voters 1 or 2 days before a primary. People who are still undecided that close to an election are people who aren't paying attention at all and probably aren't going to vote.

I HOPE it isn't true but I found this blog interesting and thought provoking: http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/paul.html

The question is... if this pattern continues and it becomes apparent that we don't really have elections in this country.... THEN what do we do about it?? I don't know the answer yet.

Hearing that on other stations too

I'll believe it when I see it.

Frankly, I feel like I'm being strung along.

Also, I still think that Huntsman will have a strong showing in NH.

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This is truly the tipping point.
Come on NH - Live up to your motto.
Then; let the MSM try to spin it. Good luck!

"I just want to live in a free country" - Dr. Ron Paul

Remember the fraud of '08!!!

I recall reading here on DP (because it never made the MSM) about an extended family in NH that all got together at Grandma's house to watch the election results...together in the room was around 24 votes for Ron in that township...the results came across the TV screen showing Ron got a total of 7 votes! They all jumped in the minivans and headed to the election center to cry "BULLSHIT!" The fraud is rampant folks...Ron may win the vote of the people, but will be scammed out of the victory...UNLESS...there is representation of honesty (aka watchdogs) in the counting room. Where do we stand on that? Is the GOP gonna move the vote counting to another undisclosed location? LOL Does anyone know the procedure in NH for accountability?

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

Unless Paul begins to WIN primaries, then this 2 man race

will be a series of landslides in Romney's favor.

Mind you, I don't want that to happen, but that's how it will happen.

The media will NEVER give Paul his due.

They will denigrate and ignore him as much as possible.

Once it is down to him and Romney, they will declare Romney the inevitable nominee and promptly move on to other topics instead of covering Paul and any future primaries.

Paul needs a FIRST place to have a shot.

Without it, they will marginalize and ignore him.

There are too many GOP voters who are of the mindset "well, I can't stand him, but I guess I have to go vote for the eventual nominee anyway because he's already winning."

I don't have to tell anyone here just how asinine and stupid such a mindset is, how utterly vacuous and self-destructive it is, but it is there and it isn't going away.

The key to winning this nomination is to WIN primaries early so you capture this "I guess I'll go vote for the one already winning" crowd as soon as possible.

Once the media settles it for the rest of us, that Romney is the inevitable nominee, those votes will go to him.

Paul can continue, but he'll never get above 30% after that. (with maybe a few exceptions, but win he will not)

If Romney is the chosen one,

If Romney is the chosen one, then the revolution begins. It looks like that's what they are pushing for. If all of Ron Paul's supporters went Gault, it could be a peaceful revolution

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I'm sorry, but in many ways

I'm sorry, but in many ways this is really silly. We are in primary #2 after tying for first for delegates in primary #1. We have 49 states to go. You have bought into the MSM propaganda that a primary is decided in the first three states. This is wrong. This is not a sprint, it is a marathon, and that definitely works to our favor and we must use it to our full advantage. Further, the fact that primaries are (by and large) no longer winner-take-all also works vastly in our favor, because it is virtually impossible for a candidate to get so far ahead of #2 Paul to write him off.

Also, Super Tuesday is a full month later this year (in addition to not being winner take all), which lengthens the national conversation about candidates.

We need to be reinforcing the facts, not the hype, and the fact is that we are far, FAR from anywhere near the finish line. This marathon just started and we are still settling into our pace. Relax, we will do fine in NH and SC, Florida will probably go poorly, and we will go from there. Just keep spreading the word to everyone you can and definitely don't further the "first three states" hype that the MSM wants you to buy. After SC, its 47 states left, and some of them are huge and likely to go our way (Texas, California).

We've got this.

This is Primary #1

The other was a caucus, and the delegates elected at the caucus haven't voted for a candidate, yet.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Absolutely. I stand

Absolutely. I should have said "state" instead of "primary." The fact that the delegates haven't voted is great for us, plenty of time to get the rest.

I would agree but

They keep showing polls where Huntsman is somehow magically catching up. I even saw one poll on CNN with Huntsman in 2nd place. I dont believe he has that much support at all.

He is getting huge support

They can try and spin it as a protest candidate but soon as numbers continue to RISE.... GOOD LUCK MSM

We will win this war!

The republic is ours!

Ron Paul for President

Bring Back Individual Liberty

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Haha "Protest Candidate..."

I find it amusing how the media tries any low blow jab tactics, but they always seems to work in our favor. Thanks CNN.


The "WOO HOO" is not because I'm surprised that Dr Paul is second rather because with all their polling, their pundits and scientific monitoring they are finally getting it. I believe their paradigm is so incredibly threatened they HAVE to admit it or become irrelevant. I'm sure these people have known for a long time, as have we, but, they are admitting it.. That's a milestone to victory... first they ignore him (us), then they ridicule him (us), then they fight him (us), THEN they admit a little of blantantly obvious truth then they lose.... Miller Time !!

Live free or DIE!



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Well they'll never be asked back


Two man race

It always was

losers have been put up in hopes of stopping Ron Paul
it doesnt work

now all the controllers can do is keep strawman
losers in there to keep it from looking like the total
rout it would be if there were no distractors who MAY have had BOUGHT votes with soros or rove under the gutter cash

This is a two man race BECAUSE this is the end of the millinea long cycle of TYRANNY
it has grown too big NOT to fail as all tyrannies do

we are living in a dynamic era where we witness the
crumbling of global empire

we are the core of the New Order we help to create as long as we have a healthy respectful exchange of ideas
and possible futures

For all LIBERTY lovers this is what we do

forward to the fadeaway of romney and the PEOPLES CHOICE
Ron Paul
vs the bammieO icon of the OLD TYRANNY

the final great battle to open the door to a new and better world

Ron Paul


I guess Romney's flash-in-the-pan is relatively recent, but Dr. Paul has been diligently preparing for a couple decades now. Their failure to make note of it before now does not make it a recent development....
And I like "protest" too. If he wins the support of a majority of the people, are his supporters still the "protesters?"
We are the Con-testers around here. Test to see if the Constitution still works..... She spits and sputters, stalls out at every stop light, but she still gets down the road....

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

It's good to know

that Erin Burnett is coming around. Makes my case for taking her as a concubine a little more sound.

"protest candidate"....sure.

"protest candidate"....sure. a protest is a redress of grievances, which means people want things to change, so we protest by voting paul. no doubt about that, but they're clearly still trying to downplay his popularity, loosely using the phrase.

Thankfully 70-75% of the GOP

Thankfully 70-75% of the GOP is trying to vote for antiRomney protest vote. Sounds like we have the upper hand :)

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One man race.

The only people who vote for Romney, do so because they have been "told" by the media that he is inevitable.
They don't really "like" Romney.

The only candidate that has a real following of the people is Ron Paul.
In the real world, RP would have no major challengers, and he would cruise to victory on the strength of his popular support
But in the corrupt world,there are many influences trying to swerve the easily-led voters to promote an establishment agenda.

I love how you always give us the bottom line


They are clearly trying to slam him with

the title of "protest candidate" but with an approval rating of congress at an all time low, Romney's inability to appeal to 75% of Republican's and Obama's weak numbers...the political climate is perfect for just such a candidate to take it.

So I'm smiling at that, let them say what they will. :)

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Most of the Nation is in Protest

so it's quite the compliment. I'm definitely NOT going to vote for a Keynesian. They (both D's and R's) are who got us into this mess to begin with.

Asking a Keynesian to get us out of this mess is like asking the Masters to set their Slaves free. "Centralized Planners need Centralized Workers (Unions are a good example), who is going to do all MY work for ME?"

I noticed that too

But they are having a harder and harder time marginalizing Ron Paul and us as we get actual votes.

Yes. The media loves to

Yes. The media loves to collude with Gingrich. "protest candidate"

This annoys me greatly, but it may very well backfire on them as many Americans (Tea Party, OWS, others) are completely pissed off and actually WANT a "protest candidate."