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Is the Money Bomb from the Campaign?

I am getting alot of people telling me on facebook it isnt real, and then some saying it is, for all those who dont know, has anyone confirmed this with the campaign and found it to be a real money bomb going on?

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Please check your email to see the official email sent out by the campaign.

Don't listen to haters.

Listen to the campaign.

Email Snippet:

So please, mark January 14th on your calendar right away and pledge to contribute as generously as you can to our Money Bomb to ensure we can make a strong final push in South Carolina.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. New Hampshire will make its choice for the Republican presidential nominee known just a little over 24 hours from now.

Thanks to your support, I'm confident we will have another strong showing tomorrow night.

But with South Carolina's primary coming up fast after New Hampshire, and with the establishment doing everything it can to halt our momentum, it's critical I know I can continue to depend on you and your fellow grassroots patriots.

My campaign is holding a Money Bomb this Saturday, January 14th, to help fund our final push in South Carolina.

I hope you'll pledge to give whatever you are able so we can finish implementing our strategy in South Carolina and make sure the voters know the truth about my consistent, conservative, constitutional record.

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

READ who paid for the banner ad

At the top of this page.

I was about to post asking

I was about to post asking the same thing because I was worried about the domain name. The URL is http://ronpaul-2012.org/mbpledge_sc.html but Ron Paul's campaign domain is ronpaul2012.com not ronpaul-2012.org. But I double checked the email from the campaign and it goes to this URL, so I think it's legit. I think it's to spread the load of the largest number of visitors to the website they are now getting.

Too bad 'we' didn't trademark 'Moneybomb'


(strange... I could have sworn I replied to a thread about Santorum having a money bomb... time to hit the back button and see who is crazy [update: I'm crazy - clicked the wrong link])...

Anyway, there is a moneybomb for SC:

"My campaign is holding a Money Bomb this Saturday, January 14th, to help me make the final push in South Carolina."