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Saturday 14th! South Carolina Money Bomb!

The campaign has set up the next moneybomb. Saturday 14th!

Let's make this a big one. Here is the pledge site:


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Just to be sure: it's 100%

Just to be sure: it's 100% real, they already wrote one week ago to me they are planning to organize a moneybomb on the 14th of January.

Everyone has a hang up / things they won't do for paul

I even have one myself, if you read the comments i posted below I worked for an internet security company, the one thing i will not do for Paul is,,, sign up for a social network site.

My number one rule is to never give my real name over the internet to sites like that.

But, i will pledge money to a site that is working with the official campaign.

Has the pledge site..

Been confirmed by the campaign or not??

I have been here for years, I would not tell you a fib my freind

This website is the Ron Paul campaign, there is no donation taken, only info supplied to the campaign as to how much money they may take in to help the fight. This information is vital for them or they wouldn't waste the time doing it.

Yes, confirmed! It was in an

Yes, confirmed! It was in an email I received from the campaign. You can't get more legitimate than that!!

Yes I also did get the email from the rp campaign

Dedicated staff and volunteers in South Carolina have been working around the clock for victory, but they'll need all the reinforcement I can give them in these final days before voters head to the polls, so it's crucial you pledge to make your most generous contribution.

It came from ron.paul@ronpaul2012.com

and it in fact is that link provided.

Only donate to campaign site

Only donate to the campaign site, otherwise you dont know where your money is going. there is no reason to set up a second site. I have gotten no emails from the campaign about this.

The site is for the campaign

This site is not a donation site, it is just a pledge site there is no donation taken.

You are correct, only donate to the campaign site I agree with you on that, but you can pledge at this site to show the campaign that you plan to donate, at this point ever dollar matters to them and they need to know if they can spend money on things they need or keep it for later..

Setting up another site to do this is a must, the campaign needs to keep their server fresh so if it gets hit with a huge amounts of people it can handle it, it is a tech way of doing things, many websites do this.

If you click on the pledge button and any form of payment is requested get the heck out of there.,

Read who paid for the ads

Banner at the top of this page

Yes i have read that..

But, i still would want confirmation from the campaign, alot of uncertain people about it on facebook

I would only donate to the campaign official site

Its sketchy a sudden new site is up for donations. We wont know where our money is going!

It is legit

I may live in the U.S. but i worked for an internet security company in England for over 4 years. One that protected people from bad people on the internet from the people that want SOPA to be passed. It is important that the Campaign get these pledges in advance to help them in planning.

i got an email

cant help you