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Ron Paul needs to praise older voters

In every campaign we hear Ron Paul talk about the young voters and the passion and their thirst for freedom, but seldom if ever do you hear praise for the older people.

By being inclusive to this older demographic, which represents the majority of voters, Ron Paul can really gain support.

Rather than always saying "I'm really encouraged by the young people...." he needs to also say something that praises them:

"The older voters are really encouraging me as this election goes on because as my support grows among them, it tells me that we have men and women willing to be challenged by different pro-American philosophies on the role of government and change their minds after so many years.

This excites me because it shows that the message of freedom can tear down any idea, no matter how long it was believed and it's up to us, the older generation, to leave our young people a better future - one that only freedom gives and that they, our founders and America wants and needs"

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