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Video: Frank Lutz-Rand Paul- Ron Paul's #1 Priority is National Defense

Frank Lutz explaining why Ron Paul is popular with Rand coming out to explain Ron's positions :)


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I'm so let down!

Rand continues to make me feel uneasy. He does not have the gumption or the character to face questions and explain things without falling for the temptation to appease.

The desire to win people over is what changes a man from a statesman to a politician. I think Rand has been drinking a littloe coolaid. Someone needs to slap the cup out of his hand (kindly, but firmly).

Such a disappointing performance in the face of such a great opportunity!

I actually had more respect for Frank Luntz' performance than I did Rand's! And that hurts me to have to say it.

History shows that too often, the pioneers and warriors turn out sons that are too feeble in character to fight the wars their fathers have fought.

Hopefully, Rand's not through growing up. Hopefully, he is not just watching his father's success and longing for the crowds to cheer him like they do his father.

Freedom is the ability to do what you want to do.
Liberty is the ability to do what you ought to do.
"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." 2 Corinthians 3:17

I can't believe even Rand

I can't believe even Rand doesn't understand what the crux of the foreign policy issue is.. It's the fear of a perceived national security threat induced by the corporate media propaganda. Period.

All he had to tell them is that if they are afraid for national security under Ron's presidency, their fear is baseless because if there ever was a real threat, Ron would present the evidence to the congress, if they agreed it actually was a threat, asked them to declare war, fight it, win it and get it over with. And that's all he had to say.

I find this just so unbelievably frustrating. :( I mean, can't they hire a PR firm that would find out why people feel this way? I mean this crap is politics 101?! Fk I wish I could talk to Benton just for 5min.

i can't believe you don't know the 101 of "how to start a

conversation".. i wonder how you sway voters on paul's behalf and whether you have succeeded doing any. rand is talking to a bunch of die hard neo-cons out of which only 2 agreed with paul's foreign policy. he was trying to tell them what they wanted to hear within the confines of paul's foreign policy non-interventionist principles. you don't tell someone something he can't understand in 15mins, if you only have 15mins. he's not answering a quiz question. i can't believe someone can make a stupid statement like 'i can't believe he doesn't understand the topic in question', based on a reasoning 'because point A, B, C weren't mentioned' are you a high schooler or something..

TWO DAYS before an election and you're going to use 15mins to tell someone in his 50s or 60s "all your past has been living in a lie" and he's gonna go "DING! light-bulb, oh i get it, thanks for overturning 60 years of my thoughts that are already set in stone under 15mins" not sure who's more amazing.. the stone-hard stupids or a genius like you that think it is possible to turn stone into gold under 15mins.. almost laughable

I feel like you didn't even

I feel like you didn't even read what I wrote or if you did, you didn't fully understand my post.

I didn't say he didn't understand the question, I said he didn't understand why they object to his answer. Why they FEEL Ron's foreign policy is dangerous.

And it is because they PERCEIVE a (corporate media driven) threat to our national security posed by Iran and FEEL like Ron wouldn't properly address a real threat if one existed.

So instead of getting suckered into debating and trying to convince people Iran isn't a threat, you have to first tell them that: "No, Ron would deal with a potential threat, by doing this, this and this" and then you can add "but he doesn't think Iran is a real threat just yet and would try to solve the problem with diplomacy and trade."

Like I said, this is such a simple issue to solve, if you just understand human nature and how it works. Clearly Rand completely failed since he didn't convince almost anybody.

I agree

Rand is way too much of a politician and likes to walk the tightrope on issues eventhough his father needs as much support as possible. He's actually in a way helping the otherside. its time for truth, not pandering.

while he may be only 60% "Ron Paul-ness"

but think of it this way. This would be like President Ron Paul talking to Iran.

It's diplomacy. the reality of diplomacy entails actually talking to your enemies, be they real or perceived.

I 'get' that many in R3VOL were concerned that he talked to all the neocon psychos Bill Kristol, Levin, Rove, Savage, Hannity, Palin & Huckabee, as he kicked off his Senate run.

Now, granted, true, I'm a bit biased as if his last name were anything other than a "Paul," never in a million yrs would I give him the benefit of the doubt.

But, clearly his reaching out was more of 'keep your friends close, your enemies closer' to gauge what he's gonna have to deal with for some foreseeable future in politics, be it 6yrs or 12yrs in Senate.

He's acting as a bridge to 'infiltrate' and 'infect' their audience, not necessarily the talking heads themselves, though it can by proxy; it's like does anyone here thinks Huckabee would make a robo-call ad for Ron, as he did for Rand, or FU.Luntz hold one of his "randomly selected" BS'focus group' specifically for Ron, as he is doing for Rand, here?

Yes, he's politicking, unlike his father. The question I'd urge one to truly ask is, is he actually sacrificing any of his principles?

Is this a compromise, OR "building a coalition," as his dad always stresses? I'd say the latter.

At this point whenever Rand's on Sean's show, Insanity can't help but kiss his ass. Rand's been successful at softening up, where he'll have at least a chance to influence their listeners. No one gets to play, if you're not invited, right? It's like Judge Nap working at FakeNews. If he even introduces new ideas to even 10% of FauxNews watching audience, it would've been worth it.

What is encouraging is Rand's near perfect Constitutional voting record, so far. What's more important? He was there to vote against NDAA. His own record shows he has not compromised, one bit. Plus his rather more provocative bluntness keeps the neocon idiots happy, because it simply pisses off liberals, just in the mere manner in which he speaks on issues.

Saddest & most pathetic thing is, the same neocon loons who have no problem ridiculing, smearing, maligning, kindergarten namecalling Ron every name in the book, but almost NEVER do the same against Rand, for saying the same things, differently.

For all the 'bleeding heart touchy feely liberals' demagoguery that these neocons accuse progressives of, at the end of the day, they're the same: they want to be politically correctly spoken to, as long as the "politics" is the version they deem favorable.

Collectivist Statists, same hypocrites no matter which side of the political spectrum one hails from.

So basically, all that these psychotic, murderous, insecure, neurotic lunatic neocons want is to be pandered to, and spoken to in a way that won't hurt their feelings. As in, they want us to treat them the way that they always ridicule liberals: speak nice to me, with political correctness. awww boo boo.

In closing, Rand is not just a son of a famous politician. He is the son of a man who's led the uniquely American, Freedom Movement for the last 40yrs. Think of it this way, the son of Billy Graham, does not grow up and suddenly becomes a Muslim, or a Jew, or a Buddhist for that matter.

Rand's intimately aware of who all the players are, what Ron's views mean to the world. He's not just some politician's kid. I hope many would keep that in mind.

Sometimes one does have to read between the lines, and especially on someone like Rand, the context in which he hails out of.

He's solid, in my book.

PS. At the end of the day, all this proves to me only one thing: Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul is a once in a life time event. Appreciate him while you can, ya'll. Because I cannot foresee how anyone can possibly live up to his level of pureness, integrity, and fealty to his Oath. The man was born of Great Depression era. His dimeanor, his mannerism, his frugality, his 'my word is bond' old school male persona, is one that is not likely to be repeated again.

The man's set the bar so high, there is no way even his most heir apparent can truly live up to that. We can only hope in the proceeding years, public servants can truly match even 40% of who he is.

Ron Paul is truly an American Original. And, as God is my witness, he is a Force for Good in the world! .)

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Revolutions are won by pulling the opposition to your side

not by pushing against them.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

All the Rand Paul haters should watch this

All the Rand Paul haters should watch this and then tell me that he doesn't get it.

When did this air?.

It must have been a late night show.



It looked like

it was done locally with a Fox affiliate in NH.

This was good. Vote it up.

This was good. Vote it up.


that this passed peoples radar

That explains it.

I don't know how I missed it :)