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Excitement surrounding Ron Paul is palpable in New Hampshire

Excitement surrounding Ron Paul is palpable in New Hampshire
Kevin Kervick, Manchester Independent Examiner

Congressman Ron Paul has been consistently drawing huge crowds in New Hampshire leading up to the New Hampshire Republican Primary. The public response to the other candidates has been mild by comparison. If crowd size is any indication of the votes that candidates will get at the polls, Congressman Paul should do very well tomorrow.

The exuberance for Congressman Paul in New Hampshire provides a stark contrast with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who is drawing relatively modest crowds at his events. While Paul is drawing from more passionate voters who are inspired by his independent message, Romney’s support is coming mostly from practical Independents and traditional Republicans who believe he is the best candidate to beat President Obama in November.

The scientific evidence appears to support the notion that the momentum is with Congressman Paul. Governor Romney has dropped ten points in just five days according to the Suffolk/7News tracking poll. Congressman Paul has gained four percentage points in that poll during the same time period. Paul appears to be in a solid second place in New Hampshire, ahead of his chief challenger Rick Santorum by ten points. Governor Santorum appears to have conceded New Hampshire to Paul and Romney. His public statements today were about South Carolina and beyond.

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Governor Santorum?


Good article though. So great to be in contention for FIRST!!! No matter what the voting turns out to be, we've come SO FAR from 4 years ago!

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

I love the last line in the Examiner article:

"If there is significant late-breaking support for Congressman Paul, he may be able to pull out a surprise victory."