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Huntsman Not on Virginia, Illinois, nor Arizona Ballots

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he's perceived as conservative

even though he's liberal. In theory he takes more of RP's votes than Mitt's

They need to push this

I would make a big deal about this. I bet Paul would get more huntsman votes than Romney would.

Tim Maitski
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It's clear Huntsman doesn't

It's clear Huntsman doesn't intent to win. He is assuming Obama is going to win anyway and will run in the next republican primary season for 2016.

Huntsman in NH :: Santorum in Iowa

And what Gingrich's or Cain's role was supposed to be in SC (may now be Santorum in their stead).

Simply put: put a candidate between the "rogue" and the "front runner" to ensure Romney "wins" each state and that Paul never comes in 2nd.

It's all a ploy and a ruse. The only two candidates on all 50 ballots are Romney and Paul. That's the race.

Lets talk about electability!

Lets talk about electability! - Come on New Hampshire why waste your vote.