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9000 US troops sent to Israel?

I just heard this on a radio show is this right. I see it in a lot of overseas news articles but does anyone else have any info on this?


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the US has pulled troops from

the US has pulled troops from Iraq and put them on the border of Jordan and Syria. We have way more then 9000 troops heading to Isreal. Supposidly this is for a training excersize. I still have a feeling that the September/October time is when the war starts.

Anytime time before the

Anytime time before the election for sure. Scary times no doubt.

Everyone but the orthodox spends two years in the military

Israel is an industrial complex, and the USA sends folks there for training because Israel doesn't need us, we need Israel.

Looks like we are going to war.

We have to stop the madness before it's too late.