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New Book: "A Hayekian Worldview"


I recently published "A Hayekian Worldview: Natural Selection and the Evolution of Life, Society, the Economic Crisis,Hip-Hop, and F.A. Hayek's Coming Intellectual Revolution" and wanted to let people here know about it.

As the Ron Paul revolution continues to grow and more and more people stumble upon the Austrian School of Economics, the more they will inevitably stumble upon F.A. Hayek. And the more they stumble upon Hayek, the more they will stumble upon his evolutionary ideas that help explain how the entire world works. The central theme of the book can be summarized by the following words Hayek wrote:

"We understand now that all enduring structures above the level of the simplest atoms, and up to the brain and society, are the results of, and can be explained only in terms of, processes of selective evolution..."

The task of “A Hayekian Worldview” is to provide the layperson or motivated high school student with the necessary knowledge needed to fully comprehend Hayek’s quote and thus fully understand how natural selection and “processes of selective evolution” are they keys to understanding how the world works. After the introductory chapter, the book’s second chapter briefly discusses how natural selection evolved the mechanism of biological evolution and genetics as a way of creating biological orders and what we refer to as living things, the third chapter(intro to Austrian econ) explains how natural selection evolved what economists refer to as “the market process” and how “the market process” via things like money, prices, interest rates and competition creates the socioeconomic order or what British philosopher Herbert Spencer referred to as “The Social Organism” . The fourth chapter discusses how natural selection has shaped and evolved things like our culture, laws, and religion, and just as importantly how their evolution is intertwined with the evolution of the market process and the growth of the social order. The remaining chapters discuss the many ways in which governments screw things up, important bits of history like WWI, WWII, and the birth of the state of Israel and some of what grows out of it and a whole lot more. The Hayekian intellectual revolution is about to explode, not only thanks to people's interest in economics via the Ron Paul Revolution, but also due to the works of biologists like Matt Ridley(see his great book "The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves")

Via amazon.com's "look inside" feature one can read almost the first two chapters and the TOC. If you own a kindle and also have amazon prime you can read the book for free.

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