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WaPo Poll... "Who will come in second"

MSM has started early today... "Who will come in second in the New Hampshire Primary" is the poll today. Hmph... second indeed. I voted "Romney", just out of spite. The poll is trending toward making it out to be a battle for second between Paul and Huntsman. Personally, I think it's a battle for 3rd between Huntsman and Santorum, with Paul licking at Romney's heels all day today.


Get out there and vote if you live in New Hampshire!! (I'm heading out to my polling location shortly).

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Don't fall for it.

If they say 2nd they will try to put him in 4th.
Remember going into Iowa? Paul was trending a possible win!
but instead magicaly ended up in 3rd. I'm just saying don't trust the disinfo machine. There is a lot at stake and they
know it.

In Liberty


i like the whole.....

3rd in iowa......

2nd in new hampshire......