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The Ron Paul Power Play

Why are young voters so attracted to Ron Paul? Many believe his ideas are so radically different from his colleagues that they actually appeal to generation X. Many of his ideas take them back to a time when they didn’t exist – they also yearn to know more about the gold standard. Many young people don’t favor America’s military interventionism and believe, as Paul, that we should become more non-interventionist around the world. In other words, it resonates with the younger generation that we should mind our own business. Obama’s campaign platform was ending the wars, yet he has only recently initiated the steps to honor his promise. Many young people see this change as a reelection ploy rather than a principled position.

An interesting storyline is beginning to develop on the campaign trail of Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX). It may only be news to me, but if it’s true, I don’t like the power play one bit.

Pundits and reporters alike across New Hampshire are dutifully covering the nuanced moves of every candidate. And while Rep. Ron Paul is busily vying for a granite state win, some are suspecting his moves outside the state are angling him less for a GOP acceptance speech later this year in Tampa, and more in anticipation of a successor-in-waiting.

Some are speculating that Rep. Paul is aggressive on the campaign trail not because he actually believes he can win the nomination, but more to position his son – Kentucky Senator Rand Paul – to eventually become a viable presidential candidate himself.


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Bunch of garbage!

Operation Mockingbird is very much alive.

This Townhall article is a piece of TRASH,

written by someone who said:

"Paul can’t win the 2012 nomination, but he has a cause and a collection of followers looking for its next genuine leader. Perhaps his son is the right person to step into that role. Only time will tell."

This is just another hit piece designed to make sure people don't vote for Dr. Paul.

I found it to be interesting.

I found it to be interesting.

It had no influence on my vote for 2012

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Think for the future

Ron Paul is not going to be in office forever. And to move this nation from where it stands today closer to what Ron Paul ideologically would have is quite a distance off. Most likely not within two terms. Getting the people to shift to consider Ron as a candidate is tough enough. You think they'll automatically stand up and demand from their Senators and Representatives that they shoushrink government more than what RP is suggesting with this plan for the country? That's a huge shift.

Look forward. By the time Rand takes office, a new army of Pro-Constitution candidates will be joining Congress. This campaign is about change. REAL change. And electing the instrument of that change. Once he takes over and alters the political landscape, tyrants like Obama, Bush, Cheney, Reid, Pelosi, et al will have no place there and will go the way of the dodo and will no longer exist, politically.

Rand has a long way to go

Rand is so far disappointing. He's not like his father.

As to the army of pro-Constitution candidates- that supposedly happened with 'Bag party and their nonsense.

Very, very few seek elected office to help this country. The majority are only interested in power and getting brides and they do see themselves as "rulers" and "leaders" (much like Captain Ahab led the crew of the Pequot to their end).

Disappointing? Ah, but more

Disappointing? Ah, but more powerful as a senator

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