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NH 2012 Primary Results: Paul Second With 23% - Paul's Victory Speech for Liberty

Thanks to SaveOurSovereignty for the video:


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It was probably

the erectometer at Grinch's camp.

Ron was fired up! That man is

Ron was fired up! That man is an inspiration.


"I ain't the dying type."

Reader, writer, soldier.

Its Now in God's Hand

This country was founded (my belief only) by devine intervention. If it is GOD's will, then we will have Dr. Ron Paul as our next POTUS. If not, then I am moving to some other banana republic where at least they admit they are lying and eveybody is corrupt. If you are going to rape me, just be on the up-and-up and don't sugar coat it. Give me Liberty or I'm leaving.

Hillsborough county

looks like Mittens got most of his lead from there. also the same place that CNN were saying they were doing a re-count.

i'll eagerly be listening to the noagendashow tomorrow to get their deconstruction & analysis of the biased media coverage of events in New Hampshire and the ongoing Survivor style reality show that is the GOP primaries.

these guys give Ron Paul a fair shake...


the 'media assassins'

Great speech!!!!!

It looked very exciting to be there! I was inspired to go out and place signs in Florida tonight!!!!

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Wow. Just wow.

Just watching this video gives me the chills. This is history we're seeing.

NH speach in wide-angle HD


If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

really nice!



Michael and/or mods please consider embedding this video, and not the sub-par, cutoff video. Thank you.

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

Yes much better

You get to see Carol Paul standing there too.

It' time

somebody told the GOP already that if Dr. Paul is not the candidate, Romnie ain't getting Paul's votes. So, they are wasting another election. Actually, the GOP would probably want Obama to win before the Doctor.

Amen. It is a write in, worst

Amen. It is a write in, worst case scenario. Mitt is not getting my vote, no way.

ecorob's picture

I am excited for Dr. Paul...

but I am mad that votes were probably stolen.

With the pre-primary crowds and level of support you would imagine 28-30%.

I'll go to my grave believing one of two things: Either the machines stole 6-8% of our vote and gave it to mittens and huntsman OR the sheeple of America are some of the stupidest people in the world!

I'm holding out for thievery because I just can't accept that Americans are that stupid.

NOT in the LIVE FREE OR DIE State!

I think we ALL know that, yes, some people are very "manageable" but mostly, I truly believe, votes were stolen. Tens of thousands of votes were stolen.

Most people can't comprehend the sheer magnitude of the numbers. Most people, I said. These thieves, the ones behind Diebold, steal trillions. A few hundred thousand is peanuts to them!

The convention is where we make our stand! And every stop along the way. Through South Carolina, the crowds will grow. Through Florida people will cheer. Nevada, Texas, Dr. Paul will OWN them. The crowds will swell and the national media will still ignore him. The international media will be going bananas. Not the state-owned internationals but everyone else. The steam roller rolls ON.

Our crowds, our mass of Americans will propel the good Doctor ALL THE WAY to Tampa! In Tampa, we SEE the numbers and they SEE our numbers!

Ron Paul
I love the smell of orange juice in the morning.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Now they are doing

a ballot safety propaganda on CNN.

Last time we all know, there were no chain of custody and some boxes were opened.

So they obviously do this show to make people think, everything is dandy.

I´m pretty sure they cheat if they can, after all that is what people like that always do, if they can.

How about they show the easy hacking of machines or the opened ballot boxes of 2008. But ofc that they won´t do.

Also all they talk about is how that Ron can´t win, these people are so in their own universe it is baffling.

I guess they call it denial, in psychology.

If you want to call any American 'brave', tell it to Ron Paul.

Do it. Then call yourselves brave because you deserve that stature. He, you, we have come so far.

Romney, we're destroying your enemies, but ultimately we're coming for you.

Obama, you should be scared. No amount of money will save you.

America, for a huge part, the sleeping bear is no longer slumbering. Rather, it's hungry and awake looking for a meal.

Get on the right side of history. Or else. :)

I Never Dreamed of saying this but...

Ron Paul has just surpassed Thomas Jefferson on my list of greatest people of ALL TIME!

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

The field

has been officially reduced to two candidates. I hope that Perro Grinch and Obamaclone (Huntsman) drop out already after tonight. But, somehow I feel the'll stick around so that the Doctor does not get any extra debate time.

According to their speeches,

According to their speeches, nobody is dropping out yet.

The establishment has to make a decision soon, however. Keep everybody in and risk Romney not getting 50+% of the delegates, resulting in a brokered convention... our encourage others to drop out, risking the possibility that Paul gets to 50+% before Romney does. This is getting to be fun!

Haha! Almost forgot ... The

Haha! Almost forgot ...

The other day, one of the talking heads was talking to another talking head, and yapping on and on and ...

They were talking about how Ron Paul said he wanted to influence the Republican Party platform at the convention and ...

One of them said, shocked and in utter disbelief, "He actually has a PLAN!"

OMG! Nooooo. Not a plannnnnn! LOL.

ecorob's picture

Did you say brokered convention?

That is putting it mildly. As we say in Tennessee, your fixing to see a show in Tampa...whether its inside the arena or outside, there will be an event in Tampa that will make Chicago 1968 look tame.

The American people are war weary and tired of elections being stolen from them.

The establishment is in a terrific Catch-22. They can't narrow the field because they can't narrow Ron Paul. They'll be rerouting money to the newest flavor of the week and sustaining ALL the candidates because they can't have mittens, or anyone, standing up to Dr. Paul. Look for new billionaires to fund huntsman or sanitomb, and, well, the grinch already had his billionaire step up so he has already been counted.

We are steam rolling so I do agree with you, sreams, this is getting fun!

We are holding up just fine in the early rounds.

Keep your guard up, Dr. Paul, and stay on the offensive.

The truth is NOT an attack!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

SC gonna be a slug fest

Gingrich Perry and Santorun are goin' after Romney hard -We could make an end run and take it all.. Go Ron Go!!

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007



What, no telepromter

Ron has the fire in the belly now! The MSM ain't seen nothing yet! Dr. Paul is going to tear them a new one. Peace, Liberty and FREEDOM! Oh, and by the way, you are the Remnant! Google it! http://raymondpronk.wordpress.com/2011/12/19/the-remnant-is-...

Truth from CNN ... LOL

David Gergen over at CNN says, seeming puzzled, "It's almost as if there's a quasi-party within the Republican Party, the Ron Paul supporters." (Gee, ya think?)

Anderson Cooper says, "And the Republican establishment would like to ignore that." (Bingo! Truth on CNN finally comes out!)


Gloria Borger pipes in, "And it's not only that, but it's Ron Paul ... or nobody else ... or manybe Barack Obama."


Right now, the Republican Party is still trying to ingore Ron Paul, and Mitt is discounting him because he feels he has the Republican Party establishment in the bag.

But what SCARES them is "Ron Paul and the message of liberty ... or YOU LOSE THE ELECTION. PERIOD.

Our Primary experience!

Interesting day in Derry NH!!

We went to vote across the street from our apartment at my son's school, and found about 8 people holding Ron Paul signs compared to 1 Romney supporter.

We were told that we were at the wrong voting place (even though it was right across the street).

We went to the correct place to vote (about 5 min away).

A few Ron Paul demonstrators and again 1 Romney.

We voted and then when we were leaving a reporter approached from the National Reviewer and wanted to ask a few questions (he actually liked Ron Paul)!!

Great conversation!!

We were told that Ron Paul was going to come to this site in around 30 minutes so we decided to stay.

Reporters and an entourage of Ron Paul supporters arrived in anticipation of his arrival.

Got to see the people voting for Ron Paul at this site (probably 50%+)

Got interviewed by a Politico writer, and watched 2 interviews conducted by Fox (both Ron Paul supporters, and one young girl and 1st time voter)

Once she said that she thought that "Romney sucked", we knew that she wasn't going to be on the 6 o'clock news ;)

The Fox reporter commented that it seems that a lot of Ron Paul supporters are outside as well as voters in this district.

Froze our butts off for about an hour and a half waiting for his arrival.

Met a lot of great people and really enjoyed ourselves.

Apparently Dr. Paul went to another site first, so we took off.

Great Day!!!!

Viva la Revolution!!

Are they shaving..

I have been tracking the 3 way match between Romney/Paul/Hunstman throughout the night
Ron Paul has declined steadily from 32.2% to 29% whereas Romney has increased steadily from 45.8 % to 49.6%. Huntsman has been steady within 1/2% of 21.5%

This is similar to what happened in Iowa where Santorum gradually shaved votes off Paul eventually taking the lead.

I wonder what the statistical likelihood of this is and whether there is some non conspiratorial reason why higher Ron Paul vote counts complete first. Any ideas?

My distrusting Liebold gut feeling says there could be some vote shaving going on to get Romney to 40% and place a more comfortable 17%+ difference to Paul so as to stem interest going forward. Consider if the vote were really 36% vs 27% for instance. Just thinking aloud.

I have noticed in many

I have noticed in many elections, that the establishment candidate's votes get counted last -- in both parties.

I agree

This smells really fishy.
Exit poll was 27% now they take away slowly from Paul.
Now Mitten is 40% after 90% open. What a joke. At least we got the second place. It could be worse. I believe Ron Paul was way higher than 23% and this is all they can do.

Look at the history of vote count fraud

+/- 5% discrepancy between exit poll data and final results in Ohio in 2004 gave the election to Bush, a 200,000 vote swing. Its easy to mask/hide 5% without alarm bells ringing despite that we have taken countries to UN screaming fraud on lesser discrepancies. Same happened there too, the vote tally gradually crept during the night.

"I Didn't Know You Were Out There"

I did not read all the comment so maybe it's been stated already but it was so touching when Ron said "I didn't know you were out there."

He was so happy and buoyed up on this victory over all the smears, dirty media tricks, etc.