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Will the Gender Gap Help Ron Paul in S.C. Where Female Turnout will Play a Big Part?

Ron Paul’s been playing to big crowds in Iowa and New Hampshire, but there’s something striking about them — there are usually way more men than women at his events.

That gender gap was evident in the voting in Iowa, too, where entrance polls before the caucuses showed he won a larger percentage of the male vote than the female vote. The gap is persisting into New Hampshire, where The Washington Times/JZ Analytics poll released last week found a 12 percentage point difference between his support from men and women.

Following Iowa’s voting, his supporters took note.

“Huge gender gap! We are not getting women voters!” read the headline on an active discussion on DailyPaul.com, an independent website that has become a must-read forum for his supporters.


But this year, Rep. Ron Paul and Mr. Gingrich appear to be making pitches that resonate more with men than women.

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Close the gap!

Close the gap!

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Political analysts say a

Political analysts say a gender gap is common between Republicans and Democrats in general elections, but it is rare for candidates in a primary, where voters are usually more ideologically homogenous.

But this year, Rep. Ron Paul and Mr. Gingrich appear to be making pitches that resonate more with men than women.


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Reassurance and, to use a real estate term, "staging"

I'm female and RP's message resonated with me instantly. I still have a lot of learning to do, but it has been a joy. Here is my theory for the gender gap: it's the libertarian lack of safety net. One female friend of mine said this when I told her about Ron Paul a few months ago: "You mean the crazy one? Isn't he the one who said we should just let people die in the street? Churches aren't going to take care of people." Healthcare was her big issue. She is a democrat, so I'm not sure how republican ladies might be different. But the libertarian system has been characterized as barbaric and uncaring.

Education can solve this. I'd take on healthcare- and how the government screws up supply and demand. And how health insurance should only be for serious illness and regular visits should be paid for with cash (fully tax refundable until the elimination of the IRS). Prices for healthcare would drop without all the middlemen. It also must be part of a bigger picture- life wouldn't be hard if our economy wasn't being choked to death by corruption and overregulation.

This weekend when RP was asked what his vision is for our country he went into a lesson plan and didn't paint a picture for us. I think he doesn't want to make promises he can't guarantee (since it's up to individuals to make this country a success, not the president), but he could still say how he envisions it. Get a vision out there of what it could be like because it is new and dramatically different and most people DO NOT have good imaginations. Picture this: New companies opening up all over the country. Existing companies hiring more workers. People have jobs and job security. Food and gas prices drop. Money put in the bank and in investments dependably earn interest instead of jumping up and down erratically. No more income tax means you can work 3 months less a year, or have more cash to spend, give to charity, or save. The cost of visiting your doctor will be similar to getting a haircut. Anymore suggestions for what life will be like with a Ron Paul presidency? It will be reassuring to hear even if we make it explicit that there are no guarantees.

A house is easier to sell with furniture in it. People have a hard time imagining what it will be like living in a house without the furniture. They know the furniture doesn't come with it, but it makes a big difference in how people feel. Americans are shopping for their next president. Let's not show them an empty house, let's paint them a picture of what it will be like when RP is president.

CNN says Ron Paul got 20% of the female vote in NH

and Romney got 40%

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Let's do better in S.C.

Let's do better in S.C.

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I'm tellin' ya, start a

I'm tellin' ya, start a woman-targeted campaign.

For the single types: "Freedom is Sexy." (concentrate on individual liberties with a rebel attitude)

For the moms: "Love your kids? Love Ron Paul!" (concentrate on the debt burden and being sent off to fight police actions in undeclared wars.)

Love it

Love it

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I am a woman and this is my opinion.

Women like men are very diverse in thinking, age, life experiences, background, family, culture and religion all play a part in how we form opinions. Schools, media programming and social networking also play a part in our critical thinking skills.

When I first heard Ron Paul speak during the debates in 2007 that short 3 or 4 minutes he had me sold in wanting to learn more about him. After my son showed me how to use the computer I soon discovered the Daily Paul and what an education it was. The good people here really opened my eyes to what was going on in the world around me and the discussions were deep and profound. I loved every minute of it because it was so different than the usual lame banter I have with my friends. It challenged me and my beliefs and it was also very depressing, because there were some very painful truths that I had to acknowledge so I could grow as a person.

The best way to get more women, is to listen to them, when you learn what concerns them bring them articles and videos that address their concerns. This is how I got my husband interested in Ron Paul. I knew what concerned him and I would print out an article and take it to him while he rested in his lazy boy chair. Slowly, I managed to get him to the computer and from there he and I discussed everything and began reading books etc. "If you want respect you have to give respect." It also helped our relationship because we knew we had only each other to depend on.

I personally don't think it matters what we think about certain issues like abortions or war etc. because those in control are going to take us where they want us. The only thing we have is the ability to listen, where and what the trends are and try to figure why and what control they will get from implementing them.

Take for instance universal healthcare. Ordinary people think great this is wonderful but it is ALL about money & control. These people don't give a flying leap about us. First it will be choice then it becomes NO choice. My Chinese friend who's family escaped China and then Viet Nam told me how they would check girls underpants every month to make sure they had their periods. I recently read an article that said the hot item in China was false pregnancy bellies because these people would like to know what it would be like to be pregnant.

Don't get me wrong while the controllers implement and encourage everyone to get on board good things can also come at least for a while. About the only thing in our power is to pay attention, when they give something a good name like Patriot Act, their goal is the opposite.

Not everyone in government is bad just the ones making the decisions. Also, the ones who say I was just doing my job. This answer is to simple it is much deeper and complex to say in two sentences but it is my hope you take the opportunity to journey down the rabbit hole and discover a whole world we did not know existed.

Love one another and be kind, at some point that will not be tolerated. Good luck

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Ya. The women will not be so

Ya. The women will not be so happy if Obama wins and that Obamacare goes through, I can assure you. It starts a NEW military to police Americans in non-emergency health care issues. Vaccinations? Can you be forced to take certain medicine or required to have surgery? Sounds like it to me..Plus 9 government agencies including the DMV will have instantaneous access to your health records..very scary, indeed. I have seen a lot of female RP supporters, and hope we get lots more..

Great comment

I think this deserves to be its own forum post.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

NO WONDER there aren't more women supporters for RON PAUL!

These ignorant, women bashing threads do nothing to entice us females to support Ron Paul. The public reads these you know! Just remember how uspsetting it for all of us to be marginalized by the MSM as Ron Paul supporters. Now LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

What specifically bothers you?

I think most people here are just trying to get a "pulse" reading on why women support Ron Paul so much less than men do.

"pulse reading" ... Yeah my pulse was racing!

It's great to pose the question if it's your intent to bring more women to Ron Paul's side. There are many worthwhile opinions here from women and some men too. These hot button issues like the very personal pro life, pro choice beliefs (coming from men) will only inflame potential voters. Suggesting women are superficial by voting on looks - not good. There are many on the fence, trying to determine if they can relate. I've enjoyed reading the DailyPaul. It's a gem for information. I try to stay away from forums and these comments. Kind of reminds me of highschool. Never much for crowds. I'm 50+, GOP, Grandma, married 33 years and vote in every election. Don't like to be told what to think or why I think it. I'm voting for RP this year even if I have to write his name in. Why? Because I'm tired. Tired of the wars, cradle to grave mentality and the lack of personal responsibilty. I'm tired of the media and lying politicians.I'm tired of being judged as a "group" instead of as an individual. The most attractive aspect of Ron Paul's campaign is the diversity of his supporters. The common factor being liberty.I'm excited to vote FOR someone instead of AGAINST another! Maybe in the end the anatomy of a Ron Paul supporter is more about a thought process (personality type) and less about what is thought! "L"

I actually don't think beauty is a "superficial" issue

and both woman AND men take it into account. I just think it's a bigger issue for women. I know a LOT of women who openly admitted they were outright in love with Barack Obama. That had to be ONE of the factors in their decision of whether or not to vote for him; I'm not suggesting it was the only factor, but it can contribute to a bias.

Again, everyone thinks differently

Don't you try to look deeper into a person before judging them? This is serious. If you had to have surgery would you pick the prettiest or most handsome doctor? I'd hope you'd do research. Now, if your point is attractive, well spoken politicians get noticed easier by both sexes, then I agree. Not ultimately a factor on how women vote though.


Now, if your point is attractive, well spoken politicians get noticed easier by both sexes, then I agree. Not ultimately a factor on how women vote though.

Of course it's not the ultimate factor...if so, NO woman would vote for any candidate but the generally-perceived best-looking one.

But Ron Paul still bring in a LOT of women. Which proves that women aren't homogeneous. I was never suggesting that, only that it's a factor for many women, and thus he'd probably get more female votes if he looked like...Scott Brown, for instance.

I'd vote in a monkey

If I could trust one to follow the constitution.

Collectivist thinking in this thread!

What is with this thread and the blatant stereotyping of women (prolife, prochoice, mothers, single women, etc?) Women are individuals, just like men are individuals. Stop all the collectivist thinking! Women aren't picking the "hottest" candidate, they aren't all blindly voting on one issue or anything else. They are each making individual decisions, whether smart or dumb, based on the information they are provided, just like men.

Maybe instead of blaming women for not supporting Ron Paul, we can look into ways the campaign and grassroots might have failed to reach out to women as a demographic. Are we hanging out in websites predominantly dominated by men? Or do we post about Ron Paul in forums that women and mothers predominantly hang out as well? In real life, do we spread the rp message in places women spend time in? If you don't, is it any surprise that the message doesn't spread to them?

It's just true: the better-looking candidate always wins.

If Ron Paul still looked like he did when he was younger, he would bring in A LOT more women.

Yeah you.............I just voted you down.....

women are not quite as shallow as men. Seriously, we give birth and nurture children. Do you really think that "looks" mean much after we have cleaned poop out of any place imaginable, pee off of our faces and other places (gotta love little boys), late night pukes, projectile vomiting, etc.........that we CARE about looks? Come on now. Give us more credit than that. Women, whose "eyes and ears" have been opened LOVE Ron Paul. Unfortunately, women often follow their men. There are a LOT of shallow men out there too.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

I disagree that stating what actually happens in real life

elections is the same as making any commentary about women being shallow. The objective fact is, the better looking candidate always...or ALMOST always...wins.*

Neither gender is more shallow than the other. I don't know many women who just follow their men when voting. I know a lot of men who complain that their wives aren't "on board" the Ron Paul Revolution.

*Except when Carter beat Ford, but that's because when people looked at Ford, they saw Nixon.

Regarding abortion...........

It truly should be between the woman and God. Judge not lest.....

~Your perception becomes your reality~

One thing is for sure

He was easy on the eye when he was younger ;-)

Mark Twain calls on the DailyPaul to tell tales of Ron Paul.

I come to visit by & by. Come & join us for a spell. If you have a good story to tell about Dr Ron Paul, share it here. I am delighted by a well told yarn. Ron Paul events are superb material. Have a go at it yourself. Bring a friend...


Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

i got into an argument with my mother a couple days ago

she is a converted ron paul supporter and she of course says she is pro-life.. how you gonna tell your son you are pro killing baby? but i do believe that part of her is sincere even though she's a former democrat, simply due to the obscenity of the act, and the fact she never had to deal with this issue anyway.

but when things got heated and she became angry out of the argument we were having, she just said 'ok well i'm pro-choice now'.. these are the genre of people we're dealing with. i don't know whether "ron paul never flip flops or says things he doesn't mean or lie" even mean anything to them.

just want to add that

i know those of you here are head and shoulder above the crowd.. don't want to start any rift on election night, just saying i'm disappointed in the rest.

Ain't got any recollection of winning an argument w/ my mother.

Don't recall anyone else winning either.

I do recall a hickory switch that my father sported. It was mostly for show. He was a Judge. He mostly pounded a gavel on a bench.

    CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE, November 21, 1909, p. J22
    By E. H. Smith

"Wonder to me that the fellows that delight so much I writing stories about 'Mark Twain' never give a thought to Sam's father, John M. Clemens," remarked Col. John L. RoBards, a close friend of Twain, although some years his junior, the other day. Justice Clemens stood high in Hannibal as a most conscientious magistrate and a man of unusually good sense. He was studious and took his position with much seriousness.

"Most cases then ended in the 'squire's court, which was a tribunal of importance. Justice Clemens righted things outside of court as well as in it when the emergency demanded it. Two litigants, after a decision by the justice, went away quarreling. Once in the street, they went from words to blows, then clinched and soon were rolling each other in the dirt. Justice Clemens picked up his gavel and hurried outside. There he tapped each of the combatants on the head and commanded peace. The fighters looked up, and terrified at the sight of a court that might be in session anywhere, they let go of each other, apologized to the justice and went their way.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

I'm all woman here and a

I'm all woman here and a mother.

The two things that most worries me is what we are handing our kids: DEBT and undeclared unnecessary WARS. Why wouldn't that message be attractive to women?

You can't tell me that women don't want to spend within their means. The women I know care very much about what they spend and don't want to bankrupt their families.

Furthermore, I will fight tooth and nail to keep my kids from being sent off to fight police actions, nation building, civil wars, religious wars, etc., when our national interest and safety is not threatened. The war drum propaganda scares the heck out of me. Please ask these women who support war mongers to hand over their kids for the cause and see if that gives them any pause. Rick Santorum has seven kids (?)... would Mrs. Santorum please hand the kids over now to attack Iran? As a PA woman, I WILL NOT! I actually hope one of my children goes to the Navy, but with the itchy trigger fingers of the war machine in both parties it is a dangerous proposition.

I am a woman and think Freedom is SEXY ...and I am an angry mother trying to protect her kids.

I agree...

I have kids that are close to the "drafting" age. I mean I agree with Dr. Paul on sooooo many things (Dept. of Ed, Mandatory vaccinations, FDA regulations, property rights to name a few) but the one that keeps me awake at night are the issues about the current wars. My Father was Veteran...so I was born with the utmost respect for those that serve and why we should....but if you're going to ask me to offer up my child it's gotta be for a reason that makes sense.

I think there are lots of women that would support Dr. Paul if they actually knew him...but realistically it's only now that he is really getting any main attention. Prior to that it was edited sound bites and bad press or only talking about economics.