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Earmark request - before or after appropriation vote

What is the correct sequence here?

Does requesting earmarks come before the appropriation bill is voted on or after? After, correct?

I am defending Paul's earmark position.

I understand the reasoning for having earmarks as a paper trail. However, I am being attacked with that, "Paul requests the earmarks.".

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Ron Paul does not explain himself...

... well on this issue. He is correct in pointing out that our representatives must appropriate revenues (call it earmarks, call it what you like), but then when the overall vote comes up for the approval of the appropriation bill, he votes against it... (and this is what he needs to add), because the appropriation bill far exceeds the government's tax revenues. Hence the vote against the bill is a vote against an increase in national debt.

Plano TX

Unlike Santorum, who has voted to increase the debt ceiling

numerous times.