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UPDATED - Imus to John Stossel: "I'm Warming Up to Ron Paul"

This morning's Don Imus show on WABC featured another heart-lifting moment, as John Stossel was a guest.

"John, you do know I'm warming up to Ron Paul, don't you?"

Stossel responded, "That's great!"

Imus qualified it: "Well, he could use a sense of humor, and is still kinda squirrely and all that, but I like what he's got to say. He makes a lot of sense."

Stossel agreed. "And more people are thinking the same way about him."

The SOUTH CAROLINA race needs to get more positive Face time for Dr. Paul. Let's have Newt Wage WWIII on Willard, let Santorum and Perry fight one another for the bones, and work as hard as possible to get Dr. Paul's can-do goals out to people.

Just to recap: Back on Monday, the program opened the 8:15 news segment with a New Hampshire report where Imus' in-studio announcer committed the usual media bias by stating:

"In New Hampshire polls, Romney continues to command a very wide lead at 38 percent, so the race really is for second place. Jon Huntsman is currently in third at 10 percent, just behind Ron PaulANYWAY..., Huntsman's betting all on a top three finish in that primary..."

So, it seemed like a typical report excusing Dr. Paul althogether. But a few minutese later, a report by Imus' associate changed all that.

"Now Ron Paul's been accused of making racist comments in old newsletters, and he denies knowing anything about them, you know. But the talk this week is all about what he said at the debate over the weekend."

Call me shocked.

They played the whole clip of Dr. Paul explaining the injustice of our legal system when prosecuting blacks and minorities far more severely for drug crimes than "rich white people." (No mention was made of Lindsey Lohan.)

To paraphase the next exchange:

"He didn't answer the question about the newsletters," said Imus.

"Well, he was contrasting them with this point, you know, and its really gotten a lot of attention. Its what's being talked about this week, and people are thinking about it a lot."

Don Imus chimed in, "You know, I'm starting to warm up to the guy."

"Ron Paul." said the associate.


"That's good, chief," the associate remarked. "Cause up to now, you've savaged Ron Paul as a wacko, a total nutcase, a weasel, a little weasle, a crazy man. But the I-Man's warming up to him. That's good. Cause Ron Paul's making sense. If you listen to him, if more people just listened to him..."

Imus closed the topic by stating, "I still support Romney."

"Well yeah. But the I-man's warming up to Ron Paul. And that's a good thing."

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I find it hilarious

That imus calls Ron "squirrely" apparently imus never watches himself on film!

Oh nice, I was listening a

Oh nice, I was listening a litle b/c I heard Cavuto on this morning. Not one mention of Paul from Cavuto.

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT

Cavuto doesn't talk Paul unless someone forces him to

Cavuto doesn't talk Paul unless someone forces him to, it seems.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"