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CSPAN - Voter just voted for Paul, says his flyer was good

1 vote for Paul this was a live interview

He was older voter

Said he voted for Ron Paul because he was honest, and Huntsman couldn't win nationally.

Anybody have a video

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One caller after another for Ron Paul on c-span!!

Two I heard identify themselves as African American.

I saw that too

That guy was cool, changes the image that all RP voters are young and getting their news from the internet. He was an old timer and read the super brochure!



true but I think the point is

true but I think the point is that this person READS campaign material sent out... whatever the source.

Note - elderly voter - said the flyers were good and that was

one of his sources of information. Did not mention the internet in his list. Said he reads the newspapers, debates, flyers etc.