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Log out of DP tonight?!

Unless you're reporting ground activity and useful info I would suggest logging out of DP. From what I understand that will help conserve the DP resources and hopefully we won't be crashing tonight.
I don't think most of us could handle another crash like last Tuesday. Plus, I think it's important that the NH voters and campaign troops/volunteers be able to resource the DP..

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voting up

logging out

Logging out

I hope this problem can be found and fixed soon. I 'need' to connect with other supporters during these (usually) frustrating debates... :)

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I'll log out

It's good to remind people of this.

Holy crap, we've got over 700

Holy crap, we've got over 700 members on right now. That's up by about 100 since I logged in about an hour ago.

As far as this crashing problem...do we need to raise a little money so the DP can upgrade, get more bandwidth or whatever? If so, Michael N. should let us know and we'll do a moneybomb.

As far as I'm concerned, the organizations of importance for the r3volution are, in order: (1) the official campaign, (2) the Daily Paul, ....

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Nystrom has said that

the servers have plenty of capacity but there are bottlenecks in the system that have to be found and fixed.(paraphrase)



"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

bump Not sure if this is

Not sure if this is still recommended or not but I'm out....!

Another Room for times such as this

I say this only because of the situation and NOT to deter anyone from coming back immediately after tonight's event.

We have an irc room on freenode called ##RonPaul2012. You're welcome to surrogate there if you wish. If you do not have an irc client then you can find the chat on http://eggage.info/ronpaul and it is right beside the vid player, just make up an original name and enter.

Me either, but Ronpaulforums

Me either, but Ronpaulforums has a huge chat room and their software does not do this so it is also a good place to hang during a debate..I find it not too much fun if you are logged out because then you can't say much..lol

Just a quick bump

Conversing with Daily Paulers is worse than any terrible habit I have. You people are awesome!

Okay, off I go. Can't wait for the NH results.

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Does this mean we can read

Does this mean we can read and look at the DP, but if we do NOT log in it does not use any bandwidth?

I'm getting off the bus now to make room for the

evening rush.

Here's to the Daily Paul, to Ron Paul and to all of us.
Whatever happens tonight..... WE ARE CLEARLY(!!!) MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THIS COUNTRY. Who would have ever predicted this day!

Adios amigos!

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I strongly disagree...I hope the Daily Paul is jammed with traffic...nothing draws a crowd like a crowd...I will now log out

walter whitt

Will do.

Let's keep this baby running for our NH friends!

Is there a way to determine how many people ...........

are on the Daily Paul at a given time? [not how many are logged in but how many total viewers]. Anyway a total current viewership counter can be placed on the site? I will make sure I am logged out, but it sure would be cool to see the total viewers that the Daily Paul is drawing at any given moment.

very small box bottom of page.

5000 online right now.

Lower right-hand corner

My browser shows the count in the lower right-hand corner of the window. It is now between 500 and 600. On caucus night, I saw things bog down at 930. I missed the crash.

Probably a good idea

I'll log out after typing this. I like the chat on these important days but I can sacrifice that lol

I always log out if im not

I always log out if im not posting.
I have noticed that since CHAT that the web page seems to constantly hit the server. (bottom of browser activity status)
It drives me nuts :) So I simply log out.

Is this right?

I did not think you can bog down a server for leaving a website open but not accessing pages. Regardless I will stay off DP in the "peak" hours tonight

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Will do....

Go get em team!

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If it helps, consider it

If it helps, consider it done!

OK I'll do that.

OK I'll do that.

What's the difference between

What's the difference between logging in and just visiting the site? Don't both use just as much bandwidth?

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user vs visitor

A User (someone logged in) consumes much more server resources, due to the features offered to users, vs visitors (not logged in)

It's not a bandwidth issue - I'm sure we have plenty of that.

The site apparently starts stalling at around 1,000 simultaneously logged in users.

It can easily handle +5,000 visitors.

Logging out now

Heading to work-- and hoping for the best!

Not sure this can be programmed - time-dependent login

But a time-dependent login for busy days would be ideal.

This would allow people to log in and make a comment, and then the program would log them out after say 10 min.

If a person later wanted to make another comment, they would simply log in.

This time-dependent login could be reserved for busy days.

A lot of sites, like stock trading sites, have this feature, so it should not be too difficult to implement.

Of course, not for tonight. :-)

maybe we should divide up

and use the TV networtk chats. See how many they can hold. Free chat rooms? maybe we can use peoples Justin TV accounts to chat on. Maybe its time for DP #2 for chat and call it the DP News.

Also how do I turn off chat room. I never use it.

I'll be logging out shortly as well

I do want to suggest to possibly make the only thread visible the primary one and have someone make periodic updates if that is possible..

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Yes, I just logged in to say that I'll be logging out in a minute. I am determined to stay logged out until tomorrow morning. There is NO WAY I could handle another outage like we had the other night.

Everyone FIGHT YOUR ADDICTION to the Daily Paul! Self-discipline ourselves into VIEW MODE ONLY.

LOG OUT for the cause of LIBERTY!