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FB Likes 855K and Counting {Updated 2.13.12}

Ron Paul's Facebook page exceeded 700,000 "likes" recently and is currently at 710,350. 105,670 people are currently "talking about this" which shows not only a huge amount of people following Dr. Paul's status but are actively discussing, sharing and posting information about the good doctor and Liberty.

These numbers are great and give some indication about how strong his support is. Young and old, black and white, conservative and independent, a great mix of people from all backgrounds and walks of life. I know this doesn't necessarily translate into votes but I thought I would provide some information about this medium and his support there to those of you who don't use Facebook.

Updated February 13, 2012:
Ron Paul: 855,099 Likes, 88,060 Talking About
Mitt Romney: 1,469,838 Likes, 114,933 Talking About
Newt Gingrich: 280,134 Likes, 55,428 Talking About
Rick Santorum: 127,849 Likes, 56,705 Talking About


Updated January 27, 2012:
Ron Paul: 802,802 Likes, 158,847 Talking About
Mitt Romney: 1,391,224 Likes, 106,451 Talking About
Newt Gingrich: 252,297 Likes, 63,581 Talking About
Rick Santorum: 90,715 Likes, 28,911 Talking About
Perry & Huntsman: Who Cares, They're Out of the Race


By Comparison January 11, 2012:
Ron Paul: 710K Likes, 105K Talking About
Mitt Romney: 1.3MM Likes, 116K Talking About
Newt Gingrich: 227K Likes, 28K Talking About
Rick Perry: 180K Likes, 24K Talking About
Rick "Santorum": 73K Likes, 47K Talking About
Jon Huntsman: 36K Likes, 13K Talking About

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16 Days Equals 92K More Likes

Gotta love those numbers!

Romney has 1.3 million

Romney has 1.3 million likes?! Seriously?

Yeah But Look at the "Talking About" #'s

If you look at the ratio of the number of "Likes" versus the number of "Talking About" it shows exactly what Romney's main issue is, excitement. If you compare those same numbers for Dr. Paul you will see a much higher level of excitement/sharing/discussing.