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Ron Paul Finds Supporters Among Medical Marijuana Advocates

By Mark Ranzenberger, Morning Sun - Monday, January 9 2012

While traditional Republicans were meeting at Clare’s Doherty Hotel, a volunteer for presidential hopeful Ron Paul was finding a largely receptive audience a block away before a very non-traditional audience.

“Conservative government, smaller government, less intrusive government,” Paul volunteer Race Williams told members of the Clare County Compassion Club. “That’s what we need.”

The compassion club is a group of medical marijuana patients, caregivers and supporters. They meet twice a month at the Pere Marquette District Library in Clare to discuss the issue and offer insight and support.

“He is not saying he’ll legalize drugs,” Race told the approximately 50 people gathered for the meeting. But the Republican Texas representative and one-time Libertarian Party candidate for president is highly skeptical of the long-time “war on drugs.”

“The drug war, prohibition, it’s clear that doesn’t work,” Williams told the patients and caregivers.

Michigan voters approved the limited cultivation and use of medical marijuana under the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, passed in 2008. But Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette – who was the keynote speaker for the weekend’s 4th District Republican Roundup at the Doherty – has made strict enforcement of the act one of his priorities.

Many of the medical marijuana supporters said the enforcement is too strict, and oversteps boundaries they say should govern law enforcement.

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I am a medical marijuana patient and have seen too many

Dispensaries raided by local and federal agents. We NEED Ron Paul at the head so that we can finally end the drug war.

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